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Trisha’s Supah Ono Pea Salad

Trisha’s Supah Ono Pea Salad

• Equal parts of Sour Cream and Mayonnaise, enough to cover the bowl of peas you’re making with a thick layer
• Agave syrup, honey, sugar or any type of sweetener to slighly sweeten your sour cream and mayo’ mixture
• A dash of hot sauce (Hawaiian Chili Pepper water would be ideal)
• 1 bag of frozen peas
• 1 can of water chestnuts, cut into slivers
• Celery, slivered, enough to evenly mix
• Shredded Cheddar Cheese, enough to evenly mix and top the dish
• Sauteed crispy bacon strips, enough to evenly mix and top the dish

Begin by combining the mayonnaise and sour cream, agave syrup and hot sauce to achieve the flavor profile you like and set aside.

In a separate serving bowl, pour in the bag of frozen peas, unthawed, then add in enough cheddar cheese, slivered water chestnuts, slivered celery, and some of the sauteed bacon bits, then stir to combine.

Top with the Sour Cream, Mayo’, Agave and Hawaiian Chili Pepper Water mixture, top with more Bacon strips and cheddar cheese, then store in fridge overnight, which gives the peas enough time to thaw out.

Next day, serve and enjoy.

This recipe comes from Pomai’s coworker from Accounting, Trisha. Even if you DESPISE green peas, you will LOVE this decadently tasty “salad”! Just look at the ingredients!

The Tasty Island source: Diner KK’s Aloha ‘Oe Potluck Luncheon


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