Ewa Beach Picnic Table Mobile

Oahu is getting so crowded, no matter where you choose to dine at, even at the beach park, it seems the seats, benches and tables are always taken. Not to fret, as you can now bring the seating arrangements with you with the Picnic Table Mobile!

The Picnic Table Mobile (patent pending) “prototype” was recently sighted at the 2014 Ewa Beach Christmas Parade by a good fellah I work with who lives there in that neighborhood just a block over.  Specifically, the 2014 Ewa beach Christmas Parade, which took place on December 7th, starting at Ewa Beach Shopping Center, then proceeded along Kuhina Street, then along North Road, then up Fort Weaver Road, back to the shopping center.

As you can see, the wood picnic table with integrated benches has been “Frankensteined” onto a modified quad-racer chassis. What you can’t see in these photos is how the driver is sitting up front on the right side, where he steers and controls it with a jerry-rigged “remote” handlebar. Pretty neat!

To much delight, one of Hawaii’s favorite comedians, Andy Bumatai recently produced a nice video for his show “Toolin’ Around” of the Ewa Beach Picnic Bench Mobile takin’ a cruise with him aboard to the Ewa Beach McDonald’s drive-through. Check that out here!…

Hilarious! That certainly does give a whole new meaning to “Meals on Wheels”. :-)