Bon Appétit Artisanal Mediterranean Cuisine

There’s this incredible new booth at the KCC Farmers Market named Bon Appétit, featuring “Artisanal Mediterranean Cuisine”. More specifically and significant than that, is the beautiful mother and daughter chefs, owners and operators, who are originally from Turkey, where they say many of their dishes have influence in the finest details of the recipes. Such as Turkish Pistachio nuts sprinkled on their Baklava, to name a few.

While I’ve been under the weather for pretty much the past month and not having much of an appetite, I really want to showcase their business in this post, as they’re some of the kindest folks who you can tell are really into what they do here. If you’re interested in having someone cater your party  — whether it’s just the 2 of you, or 4,000 folks — in exotic Middle Eastern/Mediterranean flair, with a Turkish touch, Bon Appetit, located right here on Oahu are the ones you should call.

Check it out…

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