A Bigger Wang… Chung’s

For all ya’ all Karaoke fans, you probably have been to, or heard of Wang Chung’s, a what was once a very tiny “wittle-wittle” bar in Waikiki. Well, they’ve since relocated to a much bigger space just a few doors down on Koa Street (off Kaiulani Avenue), right behind the Hyatt Regency Resort & Spa Hotel.

Cool beans. I’m all for having a BIGGER WANG!

As you seen in the map, Wang Chung’s is now located in the recently reborn Stay Hotel, just a few doors Daimond Head of their former location, which was just a door over from King’s Village Shopping Plaza. Specifically, Wang Chung’s is right inside the ground floor lobby of the Stay Hotel, at the end by the elevators. Can’t miss it.

Their former digs in the photo right above, was literally, as hole-in-the-deep-dark-alley-wall as it gets! And it was TINY in there. Yet, no matter what, Wang Chung’s always packed a crowd, and some folks say it was that really tiny space that gave it its comforting romance. I mean, you could literally wipe the sweat off the person with the sleeve of your shirt as they sang their Karaoke tune right next to you, it was THAT cozy-close.

What’s so awesome about Wang Chung’s though, is when you sing your Karaoke song, everyone joins as your back-up singer! It’s a total BLAST! And nobody ever “boos” anyone, no matter how off-key they or you sing. There’s always total “crowd Karaoke Aloha” at Wang’s!

While I don’t have square footage numbers on-hand, let’s just say Wang Chung’s old dive was about as big as a walk-in closet, while the new space is about as big as a 2-bedroom apartment, if that gives you any sense of comparison. Yet it still maintains the same cozy-close appeal, while having the same warm and friendly, aloha-spirited vibe that always made Wang Chung’s simply one of the best bars in Honolulu.

In fact, I’d easily place Wang Chung’s in the Top 5 “most hip” bars in Honolulu, joining the ranks of Mai Tai Bar, Duke’s and Side Street Inn.

Wang Chung’s has a quite an eclectic, usually very attactive crowd of every group, from 21 to 91. Heck, maybe some folks even older than that!

It must also be noted that Wang Chung’s is a Gay-friendly bar, so don’t be surprised to see or find guys checking each other or you out (as a man) there. Which doesn’t bother me, as I’m cool with that as a very confident 200% straight man, myself. Stop, girlfriend. Mary. LOL!

Also don’t be surprised to find a guy wearing a golden king’s crown serenading “You Make Me Feel Brand New” by the Stylistics to you in you ear. It’s that romantically inclined. Wang’s just is!

So Daniel, the 1000% AWESOMELY COOL owner of Wang Chung’s decided to create an eating challenge called the “Really Big Wang Charrenge”.

He actually should have spelled “Really”, “Reary”. lol  Anyways, it involves eating a FA-REAKING FIVE POUND BURRITO IN 24 MINUTES. Dude, that’s CRAZY!

There you see the “Reary Big Wang Wang Charrenge” Burrito measure a mouth-warping 12″ long, by 4.5″ in diameter across the widest width, horizontally.

The ingredients of the “Reary Big Wang Buritto Charrenge” is the typical stuff, including taco-seasoned ground beef, lettuce, tomato, jalapeno, grated cheddar cheese, sour cream and Tapatio Picante Hot Sauce. All wrapped-up in a massive, lightly-toasted flour tortilla, topped by a whole Jalapeno, which you must eat as well. Pretty much enough $%#t to light your @ss on fire. Which I suppose puts the “flamin'” in this bar. LOL!

Again, for the “Charrenge” you have to eat this FIVE POUND BURRITO in 24 MINUTES,to win a free “Bigger Wang” T-shirt and the burrito on the house. If you can’t eat it all in that time, pay up $18, buddy.

The man behind it all in the kitchen is braddah Randy, a super cool dude.

There’s Randy with some of his signature fresh-baked Cherry Pies, very fitting for Wang Chung’s!

And the “Pub Grup” at Wang’s is pretty cheap for a Waikiki bar, while the drinks are so-so, price-wise.

They do have Deschutes beer on tap, which I think is by far the best draft beer I’ve ever tasted, so huge points to Wang’s for offering that! And at $7 per draft pint, not bad. Cheaper than Yard House on Lewers, that’s for sure.

Back to da’ grindz, Wang Chung’s owner Danny asked for suggestion on their bar food menu, being I’m a food blogger and all. And I told him I’d ask you folks to suggest a menu. So I’m asking you, if you had this super-duper cool Karaoke bar in the middle of Waikiki, one of the busiest tourism destinations in the WORLD, what would you suggest he put on the menu? Note as you see, Danny has a full kitchen to his disposal, including gas-powered flattop, stove, open fire grill, deep fryers, walk-in refrigerator, as well as tons of counter space to work with.

Here’s my suggestion:


Chicken Wangs (already there)
Big Wang Fries
Wang’r Tots
Uncle Chung’s Poke
Chung’s ‘o Fun (sampler plate of all the above)

Daniel-San, owner of Wang Chung’s, is such an awesome guy, he offers complimentary bottled water to patrons when the bar closes. How cool is that?!!!

Oh, one last question: What’s your favorite Karaoke songs to sing?

Songs I’m pretty good at singing Karaoke are:
• Everlong – Foo Fighters (or pretty much anything by them)
• Blurry – Puddle of Mud
• You Make Me Feel Brand New  – Stylistics (I can do the high parts pretty good, but I’m better with the lows)
• You’ll Never Find – Lou Rawls

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