Breakfast of Champions: SPAM Musubi & Rice Cake

SPAM Musubi $1.67 and Spicy SPAM Musubi with Egg $2.15

Having barely eaten a thing yesterday (Sunday), I absolutely could NOT RESIST grabbing a SPAM Musubi for “breakfast” this morning, being there was this huge pile of them fresh-made staring at me through the convenience store window on my way to the office (I work near downtown Honolulu).

Ain’t she “purdy”? I wanna’ eat you NOW! lol

First we gotta’ check the SPAM-to-Rice ratio, which looks right on point. Also witness the slight dripping of Teri’ sauce seeping into the top layer of da’ rice.  Again, on point. The Nori-to-Rice wrapping ratio is also on point. You see, if I’m going to eat a SPAM Musubi, potentially shortening my life span one day per each one consumed, everything, and I mean EVERYTHING has to be on point. It has to be worth it! lol

And? Hit da’ spot! Pun intended, 5 SPAM Musubi rated! This SPAM Musubi definitely took away some of the usual back-to-work “Monday Blues” I always suffer. I FREAKING HATE Mondays! “Hate” is a powerful word, but I really do hate Monday. But oh, you SPAM Musubi, on this Monday, I “Wuv, wuv, wuv” you!!! lol

Lee’s Bakery Rice Cake $19.99/slice… nah, just kidding, it’s $1.99/slice

The owner of the convenience store near my office is the brother of the owner of Lee’s Bakery on King Street in Chinatown, downtown Honolulu (famous for their custard pies), which is where they get all their pastries from, including the Chinese classic, Rice Cake. If you haven’t tried Rice Cake before, it’s similar to Japanese Mochi, albeit much more gelatinous and porous, with a somewhat starchy, very sweet flavor profile. And Lee’s take on Rice Cake is EXCELLENT.

I honestly haven’t had Rice Cake in a while, yet I’m glad this one was as awesome as it was, which had me thinking that there’s some great culinary possibilities with Rice Cake. Like say, layering it in a pie with Haupia, Chocolate and Vanilla Custard. Oh yeah, baby!

EAT ME! lol

Diner E, Diner MT and Diner Pomai, clocking in at 180 lbs. 6.24.15

So you’re probably thinking I shouldn’t be carbo’ loading and eating of all things, SPAM, however I’m good. About two months ago I was almost back up to 200 pounds, which is WAY OVERWEIGHT for my 5’9″ frame. Well, I’m glad to report I lost nearly 20 pounds since then, now clocking in at 181 pounds, thanks in part to hiking trails like a MOFO and going easy on the Blue Moon. I still have some “gut”, but definitely not as much as I had two months ago. Gotta’ keep up with the BLOOD, SWEAT ‘n TEARS. BURN IT, BABY!