TAKONADO. Intentionally “crude” digital rendering by Pomai, The Tasty Island. 10.15.14

While having personally experienced both Hurricane Iniki in September 1992 on the south shore of Honolulu, as well as Hurricane Iwa in November 1982 in Kaneohe, Windward Oahu (Iwa was more scary to me), I surely am taking the threat of what is still currently Tropical Storm Ana very seriously.

Yet hey, sometimes when life throws lemons, you try to make lemonade out of it, right? Or Tako Poke. Or a movie concept so ridiculous that you gotta’ “LOL” over what’s known as “Sharknado” one step further with, alas, “Takonado”! Grrrrrr!! Rarrrrrhhh!!! *makes super cheesy B movie sea monster sounds*

At the very least, “Takonado” could be a catchy name for a new style of Tako Sushi. Or perhaps an Octopus-based Smoothie? **shudders**

I’m pretty sure you understand the suggestive tag line, “This ain’t no Luau!” If not, here’s a hint…

Squid Luau from Highway Inn Kaka’ako

I once got into a debate with Auntie Lynn Vasquez over at HawaiiThreads.com over whether “Squid Luau” uses Hawaiian Octopus, a.k.a. “Tako” in Japanese or “He’e” in Hawaiian. Or whether it uses Squid, which are typically imported to Hawaii from New Zealand. While she insisted the opposite, I insisted true Hawaiian “Squid” Luau, which obviously is a misnomer for Octopus, is made with Tako caught in Hawaii, not store-bought squid, known in Japanese as Ika..

However that’s a debate not to be concerned about right now. Here’s more posts all about Tako from the Tasty Island archives…

Laing – Filipino version of Hawaiian Squid Luau.. masarap!

Smoked Tako (Hawaiian He’e Octopus), prepared 4 + 3 Ways

Tako Poke

Takoyaki Yamachan

Look out for flyin’ Hawaiian Tako and stay safe!

P.S. Here’s the original, as well as more spoof movie concept posters found around the web, spun off from what is now the cult classic film “Sharknado”…