Diner CM’s Promotional Potluck Party

This past Friday our company held yet another going-away potluck party. This time not for someone leaving us, but who got promoted, thus moving to a higher management position at another location on the island (we’re pretty big). With that, you know da’ rules, cuz’… DA’ GRINDZ! Check it out!

Tomato, Salmon, Watercress, Negi & Tofu Salad with a Shoyu-based Dressing (dude, this dish was AWESOME!!!)

Spaghetti Salad (stay related to Mac’ Salad’s aunty’s uncle’s girlfriend’s nephew’s niece’s braddah’s sistah, laddat. Cuz. LOL!!!!)

Zippy’s Mac’ Salad (The “Daddy Mac’!… Woomp, there it is! Woomp, there it is! Woomp, there it is! lol)

Chow Mein (fully loaded, “Honolulu style”!)

Zippy’s Fried Noodles

Pancit (whoah, Ma’anang di’ toy, Manong, where stay da’ Dinuguan, Pussit <—lol!, Adobo, Guisantes and Pinakbet for go wit’ ’em?! No make laddat, brah! lol)

No matter what, you know da’ rules in Hawaii: GOTTA’ STAY GET RICE!

Beef Broccoli

Buttery Meatballs

Southern BBQ Roast Pork

Pork Vinha D’alhos (my Podagee peeps in da’ house! lol)

Chicken Katsu (with “local style” Tonkatsu Sauce, which is essentially shoyu and ketchup lol)

Pita Sandwich Wraps (“Cosco’s” ‘kine action, laddat lol)

Croissant Sandwiches (“Cosco’s” action)

Cherry Crumble (first you lick it, then you EAT IT! lol)

Butter Mochi

KahlĂșa-Chocolate Cake

Diner Pomai’s “Kanak’ Attack” plate (note to self: hike up Koko Crater IMMEDIATELY the next weekend to BURN THIS OFF! lol)

Diner Pomai’s dessert “spread” (pun intended): KahlĂșa-Chocolate Cake, Cherry Crumble (<—LICK-LICK IT REAL GOOD!) and Butter Mochi