Rada’s Piroscki

Rada’s Beef, Cheese & Mushroom Piroscki

Diner E hooked us up a few days ago with this incredibly onolicious signature Russian street food called Piroscki, otherwise spelled Pirozhki, from this place called Rada’s Piroscki, located in Fort Street Mall in Downtown Honolulu. Rada’s is actually inside Vicky’s Filipino Food, so it’s like a two-in-one joint.

Photo courtesy of Yelp

Rada’s Piroscki are available in three choices:
• Beef, Cheese & Mushroom
• Beef, Cheese & Cabbage
• Chicken, Cheese & Mushroom

Rada’s Beef, Cheese & Mushroom Piroscki

Think Malasadas-meets-Manapua, and that’s pretty much a Russian Piroscki, a.k.a. Pirozhki. Which are essentially bread dough that’s stuffed with seasoned ground or shredded meat, cheese and/or veggies, then deep-fried until “GBD”. I repeat, DEEP-FRIED. Not steamed or baked, being the most common, but DEEP-FRIED. Which is key to its most decadently onolicious texture and flavah!

Rada’s Chicken, Cheese & Mushroom Piroscki

The deep-fried bread’s flavor profile is fairly neutral, not being particularly sweet, while coming across mildly salty, in a very good way. Texture-wise, it’s airy, yet full-bodied and very glutenous, with a wonderful “chew” to it. While the crunchy “GBD” crust is pretty much like Andagi. In fact, overall, I’d say this is like the perfect hybrid of Andagi and Malasada, albeit, not that sweet.

The savory, somewhat cheesy, “mushroomy” filling doesn’t have any pronounced unusual spices in it, however it is seasoned well and thoroughly cooked super tender and super moist… and tasting well, super meaty, having a fantastically satisfying contrast to the deep-fried bread encasing it.

All I gotta’ say is, OMG, Piroscki for the win! I can’t even put into words how so, so “vkusna” (“delicious” in Russian) this stuff is!

Rada’s Chicken, Cheese & Mushroom Piroscki, with Fried Squid, Fried Bread and Chow Funn (the latter from a Chinese restaurant down the street)

And incredibly, as large as these massive baked potato-sized ‘n weighed Piroscki are, they’re only $1.90 each! Shoots, I’d just as well take a dozen Piroscki over Manapua any day! Just don’t tell my doctor or the scale that. lol

Rada’s Fried Squid with Vinegar dipping sauce

Diner E also got a plate of Rada’s Fried Squid, which I thought tasted a little too “fishy” than squid should taste, even while being masked in the deep-fried batter and vinegar sauce. I take it this is a Filipino thing, as the owners of Rada’s are.

Rada’s Piroscki are each about the size and weight of a large baked potato.. and just $1.90 each!

Summing it up, Rada’s Piroscki are super tasty in an oh-so-rich ‘n decadent way, coming across like a Manapua-meets-Malasada on Kremlin steroids from Moscow. And with that, after the first and final bite, they’ll be totally kickin’ your Putin’s Ruble-lovin’ socks off!  They’re certainly unique, and a total MUST-TRY! Winnahz! ;-)

Rada’s Piroscki
1113 Fort St Mall
Honolulu, HI 96813

Tel. (808) 533-2388

The Tasty Island rating:

(4) Excellent. Worth another visit or purchase. (Winnahz!)