Kona Kay’s Buttery Mac Nut Brittle

The Tasty Island reader — and now my friend — Mr. “Kona” Wally, so kindly sent me a package each of Kona Kay’s Buttery Brittle, with one being Kay’s Coconut Mac Nut Brittle, and the other, Buttery Mac Nut Brittle. You don’t even need to open the package to know this is so gonna’ ROCK!

Yet I had to, and I did…

And? Dude. Sick. Decadent. Sinfully, insanely “onolicious”. All of the above. In fact, nah, you don’t want any of this stuff. Nah,  you don’t. I’ll eat it all for ya’. Seriously, this s#it is sick. Seriously, this is edible CRACK, where it’s so addicting, I couldn’t stop at just 5 bites of each flavor, let alone practically wiping out both packages in one sitting. It’s like a freight train of pure, unadulterated butter slammed head-on into a fighter jet loaded with bombs and missiles packed with sugar ‘n silky cream as its explosive.

Each adequately said “cracked slab” is a generous 3/8″ in thickness, giving your jaw quite a divinely satisfying cheek muscle workout as you chew through it. The Mac nuts of course give it that unique, exotic “Hawaiian” accent, while the coconut Mac Nut Brittle was especially my fave’, having a very genuine “coconutty” flavor, — as it should — being, well, there’s coconut listed in the ingredients!

I loved Kona Kay’s Buttery Mac Nut ‘n “Coconutty” Brittle so much, I created my own version of what their logo should look like…

“Get some!”

What? Kona Kay’s Mac Nut Brittle
Where did you get it from and how much? Farmers Market in Kona, c/o “Kona” Wally. $3.99 per 4 oz. package (given as omiyage)
Big shaka to: A freight train carrying a cargo of a gazillion pounds of butter slamming head-on into a fighter jet loaded with sugar ‘n cream-packed bombs and missiles; “choke” chopped macadamia nuts; coconut flavor is VERY “coconutty”; marketable logo design; making friends with my readers; Kona, Hawaii
No shaka to: n/a
The Tasty Island rating: 10 SPAM Musubi

Hawaiian Airlines Hawaii Map Circa 1976 > download high res’ PDF here

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