Green Frogs

Upon walking through Downtown Honolulu’s Chinatown district this past week, I stumbled into Chun’s Meat Market on King Street, located near the “gateway” of Chinatown on the Ewa side, where they were selling live Green Frogs.

One half of Chun’s Meat Market’s focus is on duck, and especially pork, having every part of the pig from snout to tail, entrails and all. The other half is LIVE (no frozen!) seafood, including Maine lobster, Dungeness crab, abalone, shrimp, and fish, all held in very clean, very well-maintained air-pumped water tanks.

Oh, and again, they also sell LIVE Green Frogs. Which in my westernized mindset, certainly is a novelty. More like, “Whoah!”

My question is: who in their right mind first looked at a Green Frog and thought, “Damned, you look so delicious. I sure could eat you!” I don’t know about you, but just looking at these frogs make me wanna’ hurl. lol

Then again, since we live in a “mass consumer society”, most of us don’t get to see our food from “farm to table”, never having to look our chicken, pork and beef in the living eye, as we are now with these live frogs. So it’s so easy to look at a foam tray filled with nicely trimmed meat, chop away and throw it in a dish, never thinking twice about where it came from. *Ends justification rant*

If you’re like me and haven’t tried it yet, you’re probably wondering if frog really taste like chicken. That said,  how much do they cost?

OK. $11.99 per pound for LIVE Green Frog in downtown Chinatown Honolulu. In comparison, you can get an excellent quality choice grade Ribeye Steak at Costco. As in BEEF steak. As in STEAK, STEAK. Or, you can get a live frog… that you still have to kill (if you even have the heart to do so), pull off its skin and gut it. Which in the end result ultimately “tastes like chicken”? Chicken? Meh, pass. I’ll take the STEAK!

EXCEPT. Except, you must give it to these Green Frogs for the FRESH factor, as it just doesn’t get any fresher than being LIVE TO TABLE; something very few lovers of those other meats get to enjoy.

From a nutritional standpoint, while frog meat (usually the legs) are said to taste like chicken, it’s also nutritionally similar to a fillet of chicken, having 20 calories per 1 oz. serving, 0 trans or saturated fat (in raw state), 14mg of cholesterol, 16mg of sodium and 5 grams of protein. There’s also 2% iron and 1% calcium.

The funny thing is, I did a Google search on “Green Frog recipes”, and the image results were mostly whimsical stuff like this….

Kermit’s Green Apples with Peanut Butter Dip. Image source:

Prince Naveen Frog Face Cupcakes. Image source:

Fat Frog. Image source:

In reality, if Frog really tastes like Chicken, I’m thinking more dishes like this…

Rain-Bo Drive-In Shoyu Frog plate lunch

Slippy’s Chili ‘n Chicken-Fried Frog plate lunch

Huli-Huli Frog

Huli-Huli Frog

Frog Adobo

Green Frog Tinola

Frog Long Rice

“Ribbit” ;-)

More “bizarre foods” from Chun’s Meat Market on King Street in Downtown Chinatown Honolulu…

Chinese Roast Duck and Pork (all kinds of crazy parts!)

Pig liver and kidneys (and there’s everything else there too, including ears, snout, tails, feet, stomach, tongue… even the whole heads; not one part of a pig is missing from their deli counter)

Live Abalone (the sign didn’t say where from)

Live Maine Lobster ($18.99 per pound)

Live Maine Lobster ($18.99 per pound)

Maine Lobster (this “homie” was gangster MASSIVE!)

Chinese Carp

P.S. Bonus point if you can tell us this character’s proper name, and where it’s from (this is the toy version)?…