Coverage: 2016 Filipino Fiesta

The 2016 24th Annual Filipino Fiesta took place on Saturday, May 14, 2016 at Kapiolani Park on a beautiful sunny day in Waikiki. Following is The Tasty Island’s photo coverage of the event. Enjoy, minang mabuhay, salamat po, like dot. ;-)

Grill City (part of Seafood City) Lobster Ball, “Kwek-Kwek” Quail Egg Ball, Fish Ball, BBQ Chicken and BBQ Beef Sticks

“Kwek-Kwek” Fried Quail Egg Ball

Seafood City “Buchi” (Sesame Ball)… it’s like a deep-fried hollow mochi ball stuffed with Azuki bean paste (or something like that)

Pancit (enough to feed a Filipino army!), with the broth made from the dripping of the chopped Crispy Pata!

So hey Pomai, what ya’ got there for lunch? “Oh, just my usual: Corn on the Cob and Balut…” lol

Grill City BBQ Chicken and BBQ Beef Sticks


Pork Guisantes

Pork Guisantes

Dinuguan (Pork Blood Stew)… my fave!


Pork Adobo

Chicken Adobo

Pinakbet (a Patis-flavored bitter melon “Ampalaya” dish that’s up there next to Dinuguan as my top Filipino faves… no wonder da’ buggah stay almost wipe out!)

“Dip Pd’rying” Crispy Pata

“Slabs” of Crispy Pata (hey you, wipe the drool off your keyboard lol)


Crispy Pata

Chicken Balut

To the tune of “Purple Rain” by Prince, “Purple Eggs, Purple Eggs. Purple Eggs, Purple Eggs. I only want to see you boiling with the Purple Eggs…” LOL!

Setting up Lechon (all pork belly!) “por dee pie-err” (for the fire)

Uncle Dick’s Lechon, Crispy Pata and Pancit plate

That “stuff” is a combination of various beans, de-cased Longanisa sausage and a fresh local egg, placed within a flavored flour wrapper, then “dip-pride” (deep-fried)… I didn’t try it, but you KNOW that’s gotta’ be masarap-sarap, as was the feedback from others there who did!

These are Ilocano Empenada are the kinda’ “dishes” I want on my kitchen sink rack!

Banana Lumpia (“Dip Pride”)


HPD Police Chaplain Alex Vergara with Mrs. Hawaii Filipina 2016 Jane Caballero Clement

Barong Tagalog male outfits (believe it or not, the young man on the left is half Greek, half Filipino)

If a Jeepnee magically transformed into a bird, that’s how it would look lol

Bulul with Priest Box – Cultural art from Ilocos Norte

Honolulu City & Country
Mayor Kirk Caldwell with Tribal Filipino warriors (take notes, Peter Carlisle!)

Philippines celebrity Sam Milby (I’ve been told this guy is HUGE in P.I., as you could tell by the reaction of the crowd at the Fiesta!)

Mrs. Hawaii Filipina 2016 Jane Caballero Clement, Honolulu City & County Mayor Kirk Caldwell and Pomai Souza of The Tasty Island

Scenes from the Filipino Fiesta Waikiki Parade on Kalakaua Avenue that started in the morning….

As you can tell, I had a FANTASTIC TIME at the 2016 Filipino Fiesta. Everyone was so nice, inviting me to sample their Filipino grindz, hang out in your booths and chat as if I were part of the family, and just, wow. You Filipino folks ROCK!

*All photos taken by Pomai with a Canon PowerShot S100.