McDonald’s McTeri Sirloin Third Pound Burger

Regional menu items exclusive to the Hawaii market are always fun to try, if not talk about, where once again McDonald’s of Hawaii has brought back the limited edition McTeri Burger. This time in its largest form yet, smothering their Sirloin Third Pound Burger series with Teriyaki Sauce, adding a “local” flavor to their Steakhouse, Lettuce & Tomato and Bacon & Cheese Sirloin Burger options.

Largest yet, being only several months ago they were offering the McTeri Burger Deluxe, which was essentially a “Teriyakified” version of their Quarter Pounder, adding the ever-essential “deluxe” toppings of fresh lettuce, tomato and onions, along with a slathering of mayo’.

Here we have the complete McTeri Sirloin Third Pounder extra value meal, currently available for $7.99, including a large fries and drink. While for $1 more as my “dessert”, I also threw in an also limited edition Hawaii exclusive returnee, the Taro Pie. The latter of which I’ve actually already reviewed here before, yet wanted to revisit to see if there’s any changes or improvements.

Deconstructing it, once again, it’s pretty much the same as the previous Quarter Pounder-based McTeri Burger Deluxe, including fresh whole leaf lettuce, a thick-sliced ripe tomato, sliced RED Onions, and a slathering of Mayonnaise on top, note with NO dill pickle, thank goodness, as personally I think that would ruin it, as much as I LOVE dill pickles in most of my other burgers.

Those “local standard “deluxe” toppings complimenting McD’s Third Pound Sirloin beef patty that’s been completely SUBMERGED in a thick ‘ rich teriyaki sauce. All this, sandwiched between a nicely toasted, fresh ‘n supple sesame seed bun.

Overall size of the McTeri Sirloin Third Pound Burger has a hefty, substantial feel that would require most average sized adults to wrap BOTH hands around it to get it all to your mouth without falling apart.

As for putting the TERIYAKI in this McTeri Sirloin Burger, McD’s is not shy about LOADING the patty heavy with the sauce, where the manager on duty told me they have to keep the teriyaki sauce heated in a warmer, then the grilled patty takes a complete submersion in it before being placed on the bun. Sweet!

And? WINNAHZ! I was VERY surprised how much I really enjoyed this McTeri Sirloin Burger, #1 because as you folks know, I’m not really a big Teriyaki Burger fan, or in general. Also, my experience with McD’s other “premium” limited edition burgers in the past, such as the Angus Burger series left me rather disappointed, being the burger patties were always too dry and too salty. In this case, the Teriyaki Sauce totally compensates for any doneness or seasoning shortcomings the patty itself may have, being the sauce itself is THAT FANTASTIC!

The teriyaki sauce has a nice ‘n gelatinous, thick viscosity, with just enough drip factor to make a “controlled drippy mess” (<I love the way that sounds!) on your fingers as you make your way through the burger. There’s also just enough excess sauce to coat “extras” such as your fries with it!

Flavor-wise, it’s very “local”, having a perfect shoyu-to-sugar ratio, along with what tastes like an ever slight hint of ginger goin’ on, in what is surely the ground variety (not fresh minced, of course). It’s also very savory, almost like teriyaki-meets-brown gravy, making it super complimentary to the beefy patty. That saucy thickness, along with the savoriness and sweetness of the fantastic Teriyaki Sauce once again also helps mask any downsides the “premium” fast food grade beef patty may have (yes, I’ve watched Food Inc., so don’t even go there), which I really couldn’t tell any, the sauce was that good at “cloaking”, if it at all needed it.

Of course the fresh veggies and perfectly toasted fresh bun really kicked it up into “premium” grade, FWIW, making McD’s McTeri Sirloin Third Pounder one of the best hamburger iterations I’ve tasted yet from the Golden Arches of Hawaii Nei! 4 SPAM Musubi!

Moving along to dessert, I decided to try their Taro Pie again to see if it would rekindle any spark, which not surprisingly, no, not really, except perhaps the one I had contained a lot more chunks of tender white taro in it, while I also notice it had a slight more hint of coconut in the artificially colored gelatinous purple sweet “goo” they use as its filler.

While McD’s classic Apple Pie is still my go-to fave’, I’d definitely recommend you at least try their Taro Pie, as it’s, should I say, “interesting”, and certainly unique to any other flavor for obvious reasons.

Finally, if you’re a McDonald’s of Hawaii regular, then you’re aware of their latest “Share a Coke” promotion, where 24 local words are printed on medium and large soft drink cups at all McDonald’s Hawaii restaurants. They’re asking you to “Share some lovin'” by posting your picture of your “local style” Coke McDonald’s cup to your favorite social media channel (FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) using the hash tag #ShareACokeMcDHI.

“Look Bones, it’s all about marketing! Marketing! Marketing! You hear me?! Do you hear me?!!!” I said, DO YOU HEAR ME?!!!!!!!!” #INeedAVacation! #ShareACokeMcDHI

All items in this review purchased at McDonald’s Waikiki in the Discovery Bay Center

Back to the McTeri Sirloin Third Pound Burger, I just spoke with a manager at another Waikiki location, asking her when this limited edition menu item will expire (it’s not indicated immediately in print), and she told me “within about a week”, as it’s on a “While supplies last” basis. She said currently (as of today, 8.26.15) the local McDonald’s of Hawaii warehouse is already depleted of the special Teriyaki sauce, so whatever sauce each location has left within their own inventory, and that’s it. Gone! So you better hurry out to your local McD’s if you wanna’ try what I think is a ROCKIN’ McTeri’ Burger! Hurry!

McDonald’s of Hawaii’s “new” limited edition McTeri Sirloin Third Pound Burger will be GONE SOON, so hurry while supplies last! 

Now to see if McDonald’s of Hawaii will ever be given the green light to “Local-fy” and “Teriyaki-fy” the classic Big Mac, busting out da’ Big McTeri Mac! Do it! Do it!

McDonald’s of Hawaii Big McTeri Mac prototype by Pomai, c/o Tasty Island ~ 8.28.15

P.S. Here’s the McDonald’s of Hawaii gang at the Made in Hawaii Festival this past weekend at the NBC, handing out FREE! soft serve ice cream!!!…

FREE! McD’s soft serve ice cream!!!