Diner E’s Corned Beef Hash Musubi

Diner E’s Corned Beef Hash Musubi

Fish Patty Musubi? Check. Tanioka’s does that…

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Corned Beef Musubi? Check. L&L Does that annually for their St. Patrick’s Day Musubi Eating Contest…

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Corned Beef Hash with a Musubi on the side? Check. Just about every Okazuya on Oahu does that…

Masa and Joyce Okazuya (Kaneohe!) – Corned Beef Hash, Hot Dog Musubi and Vegetable Tempura

Now, Corned Beef Hash Musubi, where they’re both combined into one? Nope. As far as Googling the internet goes (because you know everything on the internet is true), as well as our collective experience grinding mean grindz all over Hawaii, nobody’s done that yet. Until now!

And the credit goes to none other than our Uchinanchu (local Okinawan) brother, Diner “Saimin Kaukau” E, who “invented” it just a few days ago! And you know what? Buggah’ is so ono! Sugoi!!!!!

Diner E’s Corned Beef Hash Musubi, featuring Palm brand Corned Beef from New Zealand

This was done on a whim the other day in Diner E’s home kitchen, where he had an open can of corned beef and some leftover fresh rice, and was like, “what should I do with this?” And voila, Diner E’s original Corned Beef Hash Musubi!

His Corned Beef Hash recipe is super basic yet on point: in a mixing bowl, combine Palm Corned Beef (the New Zealand brand in the yellow can) with one or two medium to large Russet potatoes that’s been boiled to fully cooked until fork tender and cut into dices. To that, add 1/2 white onion minced or chopped (up to you), 1 egg beaten for binder and garlic salt to taste for seasoning, and that’s it. Keep it very simple. Mash and mix by hand until you have a semi-course, very “meaty” hash consistency. Shape into patties at size and shape of your preference and pan fry in oil until golden brown ‘n oishii.

Form fresh-cooked white rice into musubi with your hand and place corned beef hash patty on each one, finishing it by wrapping the entire musubi and hash patty with nori, using enough to nori sheet to fully envelope the musubi. Pack it tight in your (wet) hand so it doesn’t fall apart, repeat. Then have at it.

Diner E’s Corned Beef Hash Musubi, featuring Palm brand Corned Beef from New Zealand

Obviously this is one of those “Duh, why hasn’t this been done yet?” No brainer kinda’ deals. Yet ultimately in taste the way it’s put together? Absolutely GENIUS!

Diner E thinks the “secret” to his amazingly simple yet delicious Corned Beef Hash Musubi is the superior Palm brand of canned corned beef from New Zealand. Not that there’s anything wrong with the Libby, McNeill & Libby brand from Brazil, yet the Palm brand is much better, giving the corned beef hash a quality flavor and texture, which carries over splendidly with the rice and nori. Also key are the tender crumbles of russet potato in the mix, which add this fantastic extra dimension of starchy element to the rice, providing this interesting mouth feel as you bite into it. Rounding it all out are the minced onions and garlic salt, enhancing the overall taste of the entire morsel as you go through it.

More like WHACK IT, it’s that AWESOME. If you’re both a musubi AND Corned Beef Hash fan, you definitely gotta’ try Diner E’s recipe and great new “invention” for Corned Beef Hash Musubi. WHINNAHZ!

Just remember: you heard about Diner E’s Corned Beef Hash Musubi invention here first! ;-)