Aloha ‘Oe Tsu Ling

Pomai kissing his beloved Tsu Ling, a day before we had to put her to sleep ~ 10.2015

Tsu Ling is the last of our dogs that has recently passed away.

Tsu Ling was fifteen years young when she passed this past October, which if you do the math x7, would equal 105 years in human life. That’s very impressive as a human, yet pretty much the norm for a healthy dog.

Tsu Ling was an AKC registered Shih Tzu, of which are a highly desirable breed in the toy dog category.

Tsu Ling also happened to be a big fan of ME. She LOVED ME to death, and would never leave sight of me, whenever I was there around the house.

Tsu Ling always had to sleep next to me, to the point that she had to be in body contact with. If I rolled over the bed, she’d roll over to make sure again she’s in again in body contact with me, like a watch dog, FIERCE.

In the waking hours, she’d follow me like a shadow, intent with her eyes glued on my every emotion and move, apparently trying to think what I was thinking. She probably knew I was heartbroken.

If you have/had a pet (or some would say your child) like that, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

While in her last year or so, she suffered vision and hearing loss, along with debilitating arthritis-like conditions, most of her life she was peppy like a young puppy, always wanting to play and run around.

Tsu Ling @ 10 years young at her home in Kuliou’ou

Another interesting thing about Tsu Ling, is she LOVED human babies, fascinated whenever someone came over the house with a newborn. Almost weird, yet I get it, if you know what I mean. She truly was a kind and loving soul.

Tsu Ling also had an incredible metabolism, seemingly burning off anything she ate, being pretty much the “skinny bones” of the bunch; which have also would include our beloved Mui Fa and Nai Nai. All of which like Tsu Ling, are obviously Chinese names.

Until we meet again on the “Rainbow Bridge”, with many hugs and kiss-kiss-kisses, I love you my darling, Tsu Ling.