SPAM® Portuguese Sausage Coming Soon

Well, OK, not literally in sausage form like that shown above. You wish! Psyche! For realz, though, like this….

SPAM® Portuguese Sausage Seasoning flavor coming soon exclusively to the Hawaii market! Image courtesy of Hormel Foods/Studio H and the Honolulu Star Advertiser.

Which is probably already “10 O’clock news” for you folks out there perpetually linked to FB and Twitter. However for those of you otherwise, the Honolulu Star just published an article this afternoon by Erika Engle, announcing that coming soon, Hormel Foods Corp. will release a new SPAM® Portuguese Sausage Seasoning flavor. Nice!

Soon, as in the quite obvious, where they’ll officially debut it at the 2015 Waikiki SPAM JAM, happening next, next Saturday. Yay!

As important to note besides the flavor itself, is that the new SPAM® Portuguese Sausage will initially be sold EXCLUSIVELY in the Hawaii market only, and nowhere else, according to Jennifer Nolander, SPAM Brand’s product manager.

So you know what that means, right? Yup, time to start planning on shipping a few cans to your loved ones away from the islands who’ll be hounding you for it. “Orders” have already rolled in on my home front. Ha-ha!

Nolander points out that, along with SPAM, the company is very much aware Portuguese Sausage is very popular in the islands, so putting the two together was their way to “thank the people of Hawaii for supporting the brand”.

McDonald’s of Hawaii “Local Deluxe Breakfast Platter”: Portuguese Sausage, SPAM, Eggs & Rice.

Now with this hybrid of two of Hawaii’s most popular meats, I’m kinda’ wondering how McDonald’s of Hawaii will address their hit “Local Deluxe Breakfast Platter”? Will they drop regular SPAM® and Portuguese Sausage as separate components, and simply serve SPAM Portuguese Sausage instead, effectively saving costs by killing two pigs with one stone? Hey, these are begging questions you gotta’ ask! lol

Anyhow, SPAM® Portuguese Sausage Seasoning flavor will begin hitting store shelves around Hawaii next week, as a sort of “soft introduction” to its grand unveiling at the Waikiki SPAM JAM. There, it will be served in bite-size “hot off the griddle” samples at the official SPAM products booth, while Hard Rock Cafe may also be doing a dish with it.

 The new Portuguese Sausage Seasoning will bring the total to 13 flavors of SPAM available in the Hawaii market, according to the distributor of the product.

As you regulars here may recall, I recently did a review of SPAM’s also new Tocino Seasoning flavor, having a quite favorable impression of it. Far better, surprisingly, than what I thought of another ode to Hawaii, the SPAM Teriyaki flavor.

Along with Teriyaki, SPAM Portuguese Sausage flavor really was a no-brainer if they’re looking to put all the flavors of Hawaii under the proverbial magnifying glass.

So I say to Hormel, you’ve given Hawaii Teriyaki, and soon we’ll have Portuguese Sausage SPAM. SPAM’tastically check, and check!  Now all we need to complete the list is SPAM® Kim Chee, SPAM® Pasteles, SPAM® Pork Adobo, SPAM® Charsiu, SPAM® Lup Cheong and SPAM® Paniolo Smoked! And if you need help with that last one, you know who to call!

Pomai’s proposed new Hawaii SPAM® flavor: Puerto Rican PASTELES! Suggested serving shown with the requisite Gandules Rice and Bacalau Salad. Roughly rendered label design by Pomai.

Pomai’s proposed new Hawaii SPAM® flavor: Korean KIM CHEE! Suggested serving shown as expected: Kim Chee Fried Rice! Roughly rendered label design by Pomai.

Pomai’s proposed new Hawaii SPAM® flavor: Flipino PORK ADOBO! Suggested serving shown with Pancit Filipino style noodles, as well as Bay Leaves (to the left) as indicator of the key flavoring ingredient. There also should be peppercorns shown in the final label design. Roughly rendered label design by Pomai.

Pomai’s proposed new Hawaii SPAM® flavor: Chinese CHARSIU! Suggested serving shown in the form of Charsiu Bao (steamed bun). Roughly rendered label design by Pomai.

Pomai’s proposed new Hawaii SPAM® flavor: Chinese LUP CHEONG! Suggested serving shown the classic way us locals eat Lup Cheong: with shoyu and rice! Roughly rendered label design by Pomai.

Pomai’s proposed new Hawaii SPAM® flavor: Hawaiian style PANIOLO SMOKED! Suggested serving shown with Poi, my boy. Roughly rendered label design by Pomai.

Finally for good measure, why not? Hawaii SPAM® Rainbow Shave Ice! LOL! Rough (‘n tough) rendering by Pomai.

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