How Big is TOO BIG?

iPhone 6 vs. iPhone 6 Plus

Traded in your iPhone 5s for the 6 yet? Had a difficult time deciding between the 6 vs. the 6 Plus? Well, I’ve been sportin’ the Galaxy Note series since its first iteration, so you know which one I’d choose. While biggest-is-best phones are my, and many others preference for media consumption and digital productivity, my attitude differs when it comes to consuming food.

Bento Man’s “Bombucha” Hot Dog Musubi

Take for example, Exhibit A shown above we came across from our office “Bento Man” the other day. A “Bombucha” sized Hot Dog Musubi, where the “rice-to-meat ratio” is so way off kilter, Diner E got one just for the “amusement factor”. It really was a show ‘n tell piece of work, hence I’m showing and telling you.

“Sumo-sized” Hot Dog Musubi

A 2¾” thick Musubi? Crazy! Witness Diner E attempting to get a bite in well, one bite…

No can! No ways. Eh-eh.

I guess it’s the “closet Nihonjin” in me, where I prefer my food to be in balance, proportion-wise, where I can savor every element of the intended flavor and texture profile in one single bite, as is the harmony we all know and love that is Sushi…

Nigiri & Maki Sushi Lunch Box set

For extreme comparison, we have “Exhibit B”, in the form of the aptly named Heart Attack Grill “Triple Bypass Burger”….

Heart Attack Grill Triple Bypass Burger

I mean, seriously? You’d have pay me to eat that, otherwise “triple bypass” is a pass for me.  How on earth can you fit that all that in your mouth? No ways.

I never forget when my nephew wolfed down an entire 18 oz. Teddy’s Burger Burger , and after that, still had room for more. Amazing! And he was and still is in excellent physical condition thanks in part to the Army, and of course his relative youth.

Even when I was his age, I never was into that, and still now, just for example (because Hawaii doesn’t have them), I’d much rather have, say, White Castle’s easy-to-eat “slider” burger…

Biting into a White Castle Burger. Photo courtesy of The Culture-Loving Pilot Wife blog.

That way I can taste and savor the entire burger bottom-to-top in one bite, instead of needing a fork and knife to eat the bun, then the burger patty, then the toppings all separately as you’d probably have to do with that “Triple Bypass” monstrosity. Even their “Double Bypass” or “Single Bypass” is beyond my scope. I must say though, regardless of their controversy, Heart Attack Grill‘s business model always gives me a chuckle.

We all know Mexican food served at restaurants all over the U.S. have no shame “Mucho Grandefying” their dishes, as is the case with the “Super Chapparos” Burrito from Los Chapparos Mexican Restaurant, right here in Honolulu…

Los Chaparros Honolulu – Super Chaparros Burrito – Flour tortilla filled with rice, beans, shredded beef (this choice), lettuce, guacamole, pico de gallo (on top), sour cream and salsa,

Ah yes, the “kitchen sink” Tex’ Mex’ grub we see everywhere with “Why serve the rice and beans separately, when we can stuff it all right in the tortilla?!” While that photo doesn’t show the scale of it, in actual size, it’s about the size of your entire forearm… it’s HUGE!

That’s so not for me. This plate of Fish Tacos from Fiesta’s Mexican Grill in Ewa Beach is more like it…

Fiesta’s Mexican Grill in Ewa Beach – Fish Tacos.

Ah, much better. I’d rather eat 3 smaller fish tacos on 6″ tortillas like this, than had my entire plate been stuffed in one giant tortilla like that burrito.

iPhone 6 Plus vs. iPhone 5s. Original photo courtesy of

Bigger-is-best phones such as the Note 3 & 4, Nexus 6, and iPhone 6 Plus are what’s it’s all about for me when consuming digital content and productivity on the go. However when it comes to consuming food, I’m more an iPhone 5s kinda’ diner.

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