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Kula & Kō Confectionery Pineapple Cakebars

Still got a bunch of Christmas Omiyage candies and snacks lying around that you haven’t eaten yet? Good, because you shouldn’t with that New Year resolution you made to lose weight! Ha! 

Well I sure still have some, where yesterday I came across this box of Kula & Kō Confectionery Pineapple Cakebars that was given for Christmas from I forget who (sorry!). Honestly I’ve never heard of Kula & Kō Confectionery before, where come to find out they have their one and only retail store in the still new (completely rebuilt) International Market Place Waikiki. 

While it doesn’t say on the box label what’s in it, what we have here is a variety gift box that includes three flavors of cakebars:

  • Original buttery crust with pineapple filling
  • Macadamia nut crust with pineapple filling
  • Chocolate crust with pineapple filling

The back of the box has the veritable description of the company and product, beginning with the translation of Kula, meaning Gold in Hawaiian, and Kō meaning sugarcane. I did not know that! Hey, learn something new every day! 

Looking over the ingredients, it says it has Kona Coffee and Sesame Seeds, however after tasting two of the the three cakebars, I didn’t get any of that. Hmm. Then again, I didn’t get to try the Macadamia Nut flavor (more on that shortly), so perhaps in was in that one? 

Hana koko lele! I going tell yo’ maddah! lol Ay-yah, try look, it’s past its expiration date! Oh no! And it even says “For optimal flavor and freshness, please consume within 3 weeks of purchase”. Well so much for me taking notice of that when I opened this gift up! I just slid open the sleeve, seen they were tightly sealed and wrapped, and figured they’d be good “for a while”, then forgot about it. Until now. 

Speaking of contents, here we have two of the three cakebar flavors, being Pineapple with Buttery Crust and Pineapple with Chocolate Crust. Missing is the Pineapple with Macadamia Nut Crust. Damned it! I hate when that happens! Someone else always gets the Macadamia Nut one before I do! Really, I don’t know who the “cookie monster” is in my house who got it, but they did, and they’re not admitting it. lol 

Kula Kō Confectionery certainly gets an A+ for beautiful, quality product packaging, making this great omiyage for even the most discerning recipient.  The tiny foil-lined paper “baggies” each cakebar are packaged in are tightly sealed for freshness. Here’s to hoping they’ll still be fresh now, about 3 weeks after its stamped expiration date. Or I should say “best before” date. Hey, that’s the kinda’ date everyone would wanna’ go on with someone they’ve been with for a while, a “best before date”. lol 

Opening up the Original Pineapple Cakebar, it’s a fairly tiny semi-cube measuring 1-3/4″ width (x4) x 1-1/8″ height. Gosh, I just had a recurring nightmare about algebra class. lol It feels firm to the touch, more like a cookie, not squishy at all as some cakebars are. There isn’t any kind of dusting of sugar or other coating on it. 

The Pineapple Chocolate Cakebar is the same width, albeit a little flatter and shorter. It’s also a bit more crumbly. 

Cutting them open reveals the what we’ll call “Pineapple Paste”, as Fig Newton calls their filling a “Fig Paste”. Which is kinda’ sorta’ what these are like, is a pineapple version of a Fig Newton. Albeit the buttery crust is more like a cookie. I won’t say shortbread cookie, because they’re not that crispy, but I guess you can say simply a butter cookie. I definitely don’t get anything “cake” about it. Not even fruit cake kinda’ cake. More cookie for the crust. 

At this point we’re already getting to the taste of it, where, yeah, I’m getting Fig Newton all over this. Mainly because the pineapple “paste” filling has a dark, fermented taste and texture to it, sort of like, say, Chinese Rock Salt Plum candy. I barely detect any actual taste of Pineapple. It just tastes like a “dark dried fruit something” with a slight acidity to it.

Overall, including the pineapple paste filling and crust for both original butter and chocolate, they’re each not very sweet, but more neutral. Unlike what I was expecting before going in, thankfully it didn’t feel like I downed a whole cup of sugar after eating one. 

Kula & Ko Confectionery logoMy best way to sum this up is, if you’re a Fig Newton fan, which I am SO NOT, you’ll probably dig these. 

Please note, this isn’t an “official” product review, as it would be unfair to do so almost a month after its “best before” date.  Just thought you’d be interested in knowing about this product, especially if you’re a Fig Newton fan, as again, these Kula & Kō Confectionery Pineapple Cakebars are similar to that. You be the judge yourself when you try them fresh. 

Kula & Kō Confectionery
2330 Kalakaua Avenue
International Market Place #214
Honolulu, Hawaii  96815

Tel. (808) 426-5809

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P.S. Upon recently raving over the INCREDIBLE New Zealand Mānuka Honey, I tried pouring some on a nutty chocolate ice cream cone…

Nutty Chocolate Ice Cream Cone covered with Manuka Honey

Pffft. Dude. DUDE! COME ON! *throws hands in the air*


2 thoughts on “Kula & Kō Confectionery Pineapple Cakebars

  • February 2, 2018 at 1:28 pm

    We tried the samples in the store, then bought a box of six (original buttery crust with pineapple filling) as omiyage for a friend who was visiting from San Francisco. The store representative said that a full pineapple goes into a box of six. Our friend said that he and his wife loved it, and almost finished the box in one sitting. When I tried the samples, the original crust was my favorite, with the chocolate my least favorite (for the sample reasons you mentioned).

    • February 3, 2018 at 10:30 am


      Well you figure if you dehydrate (dry) the flesh of one whole pineapple, the yield would be significantly less in both weight and mass. That said, the pineapple “paste” in these cakebars barely taste like pineapple to me. The’re just a hint of the pineapple’s acidity and “aroma”, and that’s about it. If I didn’t know it was made with pineapple, I might be clueless what’s in it.


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