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Agu Ramen Bistro adds new vegan ramen selections

HONOLULU – Adding more vegan options to the vegetarian miso ramen at AGU A Ramen Bistro is a tomato ramen, which made its first appearance at the Hale ‘Aina Awards 2018 Gala where AGU swept the Gold Medal for Best Japanese Noodles. The tomato ramen, now available at all locations, was joined last month by two more vegan ramen—Hakata ramen and tan tan men.

In response to the increased growth of unique ramen presentations in Japan, AGU A Ramen Bistro decided to launch its own tomato ramen. Possessing a hearty warm broth comprised of tomato, carrot, soy milk, garlic, ginger, onions, olive oil, and vegetable broth, the soup noodles boast a rich flavor that is reminiscent of an Italian pasta dish.

The other two vegan offerings that launched in December were two ramen crafted as a collaboration between AGU A Ramen Bistro owner and chef Hisashi “Teddy” Uehara and Vegan Hills owner and chef Megumi Odin. The Kyushu-rooted Hakata ramen, which is normally served with a rich creamy pork-based broth, will replace all animal-related products with a broth derived from almond milk and creamy miso. The Sichuan-originated tan tan men, or “peddler’s noodles’ known for its spicy and nutty notes, will also incorporate almond milk as its based, but enriched with tan tan chili spices and tahini. The ramen are priced at $15.

“As more people are seeking healthy options, we want to meet the increasing demand while offering a sense of diversity,” says Hisashi “Teddy” Uehara, owner and chef. “Trends such as this are already taking place in Japan, and it will just be a matter of time before we start to see similar currents take shape here in the United States.”

Those who wish to enjoy AGU A Ramen Bistro menu items in the comfort of their own homes are invited to utilize Uber Eats, Uber’s food delivery service, with which AGU A Ramen Bistro is working. Simply order online at https://www.ubereats.com/honolulu/.

AGU A Ramen Bistro operates five other locations throughout Oahu. For more information, please visit the website at www.aguramen.com or call (808) 797-2933.  

About AGU A Ramen Bistro

AGU A Ramen Bistro was founded in Hawaii in 2013, by a group of savvy business partners enjoying a beer and doodling ideas on a cocktail napkin. Within just a few years, the popular ramen chain known for its tonkotsu (pork-based) ramen grew to five locations within the Aloha State. Now, owner and chef Hisashi “Teddy” Uehara slowly boils over 1,500 pounds of pork bones to create AGU’s signature, creamy yet hearty, tonkotsu broth. The rich, clear chicken broth is made using organic, cage-free Jidori chicken that has been raised on a vegetarian diet. The noodles are made fresh daily from a special house recipe. However, good ingredients are not enough to create AGU’s specialty menu items. The chefs are dedicated to preparing each item with perfection, patience, and a little extra aloha, which have become the hallmarks of the brand’s success.

Agu Vegan Hakata Ramen

Agu Vegan Tan Tan Ramen

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