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Going to the Movies in Honolulu: 2017 Update

Back in 2014 I did a post titled “Going to the Movies in Honolulu“, doing a price breakdown of your movie theater experience basics: the ticket, popcorn, mochi crunch (a Hawaii requirement) and a drink. Whatever else you smuggle in, hey that’s your own deal. lol 

Upon having just viewed Star Wars: The Last Jedi at the same Ward 16 Theaters a few days ago, I thought it would be interesting to compare the prices between then and now, as you already know how deep in your wallet you must dig there. 

This was the concession stand menu board at Ward 16 Consolidated Theaters back in 2014: 

And here’s the price breakdown back then: 

Ward 16 Consolidated Theaters (Honolulu, Hawaii on 4.27.14)
• Matinee adult price – $9 each (regular admission is $15),  $18 for two
• Titan XC screening room upgrade – $5 each, $10 for two
• Concession stand Combo #3: 1 large popcorn (including refills) + 2 large drinks – $18
• Mochi Crunch – $4, $8 for two
Total: $52 for two adults

Fast-forward to today: 

Following is the menu board at the Ward 16 Consolidated Theaters concession stand, current as of December 2017: 

This is a new special menu at Consolidated Ward, which they had a printout of this same sheet on the counter: 

Ward 16 Consolidated Theaters (Honolulu, Hawaii on Wed. 12.20.17)
• Matinee adult price – $12.50 each (regular admission is $15), $25 for two
• Titan XC screening room upgrade – N/A (the 12:50pm showing time I specifically wanted wasn’t in Titan XC)
• Concession stand Combo #3: 1 large popcorn (including refills) + 2 large drinks – $19.75
• Mochi Crunch – $4.75, $9.50 for two
Total: $54.25 for two adults 

Movie and concession snacks for two 2014 vs. 2017 price comparison (with extra charge for Titan XC subtracted from the 2014 price for comparison sake):
2014 – $42
2017 – $54.25
= $12.25 increase over 3 year period (29.17% increase)

Speaking of inflation and markups, if you do the math on just the price of a large drink from the concession, the cost of syrup to make a fountain soda (the rest is water) is approximately 50 cents. The concession price of a large drink here is $6.50. That’s a whopping 1200% margin markup. Insane! Don’t even get me started with popcorn price margins or the the $5 bottled water! But hey, that’s what pays the bills in a theater with lots of overhead, including occupying so much square footage of prime Hawaii real estate. 

Consolidated Theaters current movie ticket prices: 
CHILD (AGES 3 – 11) – $11.50
SENIOR (AGES 60+) – $12.00
MAHALO DAYS – $10.00
3D MOVIES ADD: $1.50

As for deals, in celebration of their 100th anniversary this year, Consolidated Theaters has “Mahalo Tuesday” that goes like this, “Mahalo Tuesday is our way of saying thank you to our loyal customers for 100 years of support. Special discounts ($7 Movies, $10 Movies in TITAN XC and The Premiere with luxury recliners, $2 Hot Dogs, and $2 Popcorn) are available every Tuesday to EXTRAS members at Ward, Pearlridge, Mililani, Kapolei, Koko Marina, and Ko’olau theatres.”

The EXTRAS membership card gives you points every time you go to the theater for cool discounts on admission, at the concession and more. 

That  said, as you might be able to tell, I’m so not one to frequently watch movies at the theaters. Thus I’ve never bothered with such things as having an Extras card, or knowing exactly what deals are when and at what theaters, nor did I bother looking. I just knew of the old time matinee discount. 

Why not a movie theater kinda’ guy? Well, mainly because I have self-proclaimed A.D.D.. Well not really, but when it comes to watching movies, for sure.  I swear, I have a difficult time sitting for more than one hour in a chair at the theater, I don’t care how comfortable that recliner is, or how good the movie is. Yet I refuse to get up and get out for a break, as I don’t want to miss any good parts of course. Yet I know people who can actually sit in that theater, not get out of their seat, and watch two or three films back-to-back in one day if given the chance. That’s bonkers if you ask me.

Still, while my big flat screen HD home theater setup is pretty dang awesome (as probably is yours), that can never touch the experience of watching a super-cinematic blockbuster film in a real theater with strangers, so I’ll give it that. Heckling, loud-whispering, sniffling, package ‘n popcorn crunching noises and all. lol 

So I was finally dragged back to the theater to see none other than Star Wars: The Last Jedi. I suppose since Jumanji just came out, and TLJ has already been out over a week, along with choosing a middle-of-the-week matinee time, the theater we watched it in (#9) was quite empty. While the “regular” theater is no comparison to the sound and picture in Titan XC, it was still a very satisfying cinematic experience. There were a few scenes where I thought the 3D version would have been really cool, however I’m not one of them Star Wars geeks who would have nothing but the best the theater could get. 

Speaking of Star Wars geeks, I suppose there’s so many out there that will do the strangest things, Consolidated felt the need to post a disclaimer sign by the ticket stand to address that: 

ROFLMAO!!!! The best part is the end where they say, “MAHALO FOR YOUR COOPERATION & MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!” LOL!!!!!!! 

Above is the back of a shirt a guy was wearing standing in front of me at the concession, whom I would say he was about the same age I am (late 40s). I so wish there were more guys in that theater dressed up in anything “Star Wars-ish”. Bring the geek on! 

Shawn with his “Vader-Hip” Star Wars 2-piece suit and Pomai at Wang Chung’s Holiday Party 2.21.17

From Wang Chung’s Holiday Party the other night, above is Shawn, an admitted Star Wars geek (SWG), who found this “Vader-hip” 2-piece suit at Macy’s Ala Moana for $100. If you’re an “SWG”, dude, you so gotta’ get this suit, then wear it to the theaters to watch The Last Jedi! You’d be THE MAN! 

Back to The Last Jedi, a.k.a. “TLJ” in geek speak, while I won’t go into detailed review, as a non-SWG, it was just OK to me. Not as great as I expected. Too drawn out and dark in my opinion, and its extended 2 hr. 33 min. run time speaks that. There were many scenes I felt were too long, convoluted and/or didn’t need to be there at all. While I see they tried to reprise the Cantina bar from the original trilogy, the Casino scene being one of them. Then again — and you SWGs are going to want to slap me for this — I’ve never seen Rogue One and The Force Awakens yet, so there you go. Waw-waw-waw. lol 

Closing this off, I was brought to attention a recent post on Facebook by a friend of a friend who is a MAJOR Star Wars Geek. We’re talking MAJOR. He was ranting hard over how some gal posting in some forum online who is vegan was so upset to learn in The Last Jedi that Chewbacca is not vegan, but is in fact a carnivore. This, from the scene in TLJ where Chewy is about to eat a whole roasted barbecued alien bird in front these cute live ones called Porgs that shudder as he’s about to munch in. So being this FB friend is one of them that knows anything and everything about the Star Wars Universe, he chided her in a multi-paragraph rant, proclaiming that Chewbacca was always known to be a carnivore. Thus he was in turn even more upset that this girl was upset Chewbacca isn’t vegan. Wow. Just wow. And I thought I had problems! 

Moral of the story? If you get upset about Chewbacca’s diet, then I just don’t know what to say. Pray Yoda does. What I do know is that Kikaida can beat up Spider Man. Whah-tah!!! 

Merry Christmas, and may the Force be with you! Change! Switch on! One! Two! Three! 

For more info’, visit ConsolidatedTheatres.com


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