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Jamba Juice Hawaii Introduces New Apple & Cinnamon Inspired “Holi-YAY!” Flavors

That heavy Thanksgiving Day feast got you wanting something much lighter and looser on the belt buckle to carry you through the holiday season? Then check out Jamba Juice Hawaii, now offering for a limited time, their new “Holi-YAY!” lineup of flavors. This includes the Apple Pie Crunch Bowl, “Apple Pie” Steel Cut Oatmeal, and Apple Cinnamon Cheer.

The Apple Pie Crunch Bowl features an ice cold smoothie base made of Jamba’s Apple Cinnamon, Apple-Strawberry juice, Cinnamon and frozen Yogurt, topped with almonds, chia seeds, brown sugar crumble, cinnamon and granola. 

The “Apple Pie” Steel Cut Oatmeal is another bowl style item, this one served hot. It’s made of steel cut oatmeal and soymilk, topped with Jamba’s apple cinnamon and brown sugar crumble. 

Rounding it up, there’s the Apple & Cinnamon Cheer, a traditional smoothie drink made using the same base as the Apple Pie Crunch Bowl. Again, that would be Jamba’s Apple Cinnamon, apple-strawberry juice, cinnamon and frozen yogurt, while in this format it’s simply dusted on top with more cinnamon. 

Above we have a closer look at the Apple Pie Crunch Bowl and Apple & Cinnamon Cheer smoothie. 

Also a closer view of the “Apple Pie” Steel Cut Oatmeal bowl, along with the actual container you’d receive it in to the left with again, the Apple Pie Crunch Bowl. 

Above we have my sample of the Apple Pie Crunch Bowl, which I already knew would be my fave of the three before even trying it because of all them yummy toppings. And? Fantastic! It really comes across as a true hybrid Apple Pie Smoothie! All the flavors and textures are there of both, all in one handy-dandy bowl!  

The “Apple Pie” Steel Cut Oatmeal honestly less resemblance to Apple Pie — which I would have preferred — mainly because of the lack of toasty flavor and crunch from the granola, almonds and chia seeds offered in the other bowl. However it’s still a heart-warming bowl of breakfast goodness that I was still diggin’.  

The Apple & Cinnamon Cheer is a refreshing and delicious holiday-inspired smoothie that I could certainly drink a whole blender’s worth if given the chance. While I understand this is supposed to be light and health-inspired, I’m kinda’ curious how it would taste if you added egg nog to it. Whatever the case, it’s great the way it is, and I highly recommend trying it. 

Above is Jamba Juice’ BlendTec blender and the six ingredients that make up the base for two of these three new items. 

Above is Tristin Vincent, Jamba Juice Hawaii’s PR Representative, presenting their new Apple & Cinnamon Cheer and Apple Pie Crunch Bowl. 

Above is the media group invited to this Jamba Juice Hawaii presentation from left to right: Melissa Chang (Frolic Hawaii), Nadine Kam (Honolulu Star Advertiser), Pomai Souza (Tasty Island) and Erika Engle (Food Gurus Hawaii/Harris Agency). 

Above who also was there, Kawehi Theone and Phil Leroy of KHON2 News with again, Yours Truly. 

Official Press release  
Get a taste of Holi-YAY! fun from Jamba Juice Hawaii, where the warm flavors of apple pie will be blended Jamba-cool with the Apple & Cinnamon Smoothie and the Apple Pie Crunch Bowl. “Apple pie flavors are a holiday tradition, and these Jamba Juice Hawaii creations offer the flavors you love, made with real, whole apples,” said Donna Yano, vice president of Jamba Juice Hawaii.
“Holidays can be hectic, but the take-along Apple & Cinnamon Cheer Smoothie and the grab-and-go Apple Pie Crunch Bowl are delicious and nutritious ways to fuel up for the demands of your day,” Yano said.
Additionally, boosts of protein, vitamins for vitality, collagen for a healthy glow, caffeine-free energy, or whole foods like Greek yogurt or kale, or chia or pumpkin seeds for extra nutrition and crunch can be added to any smoothie or bowl.
About Jamba Juice Company
Founded in 1990, Jamba, Inc. is a leading restaurant retailer of better-for-you, specialty beverage and food offerings, which include great tasting, whole fruit smoothies, fresh squeezed juices and juice blends, hot teas, and a variety of food items including hot oatmeal, breakfast wraps, sandwiches, Artisan Flatbreads™, baked goods, and snacks. As of January 2017, there are more than 900 Jamba Juice locations worldwide.
About Jamba Juice Hawaii
Jamba Juice Hawaii has 36 stores operated by JJC Hawaii, LLC, an authorized Jamba licensee; across Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island. Jamba Juice Hawaii is the category-defining leader in all-natural, made-to-order fruit smoothies, juices, acai bowls and other snacks for health-conscious consumers with discerning tastes. Jamba Juice smoothies are packed with 4-5 servings of fruit and loaded with vitamins, minerals, fiber and other nutrients. Visit www.jambahawaii.com for store locations and more information.


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