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Maui Brewing Company’s Portuguese Sausage Corn Dog

Portuguese Sausage Corn Dog? Genius! Brilliant idea, that’s one of them “Duh! They should have done that way sooner!” kind of things, was offered as a limited edition menu item at Maui Brewing Company Waikiki last month. You could only get it at the bar and through word-of-mouth by the bartenders for a cool $8. While it’s no longer available, it could make a comeback in the near future. Will keep you updated on that. 

The Kukui brand Portuguese sausage is dipped in a house-made corn meal batter and deep-fried in clean oil, served with a house-made Chinese Sweet Mustard Sauce. Essentially the sauce is Coleman’s Mustard mixed with some Hawaiian honey. And no, not that “Tita” from Nanakuli named “Hawaiian Honey”. lol 

As you can kinda’ tell from its appearance, it’s one whole Kukui brand Portuguese Sausage within the “GBD” (golden brown ‘n delicious) deep-fried house-made cornmeal batter shell. 

And?  Dude. Sick! Totally, totally, TOTALLY AWESOME! So ono! I love how the slightly sweet and “dough-ee” cornmeal batter contrasts with the spicy, fatty ‘n savory flavor of the Portuguese Sausage within. Plus you get that sort of “snap” from the sausage also playing with the crisp outside of the cornmeal batter shell. For the win! 

Then you have that Hawaiian Honey-sweetened Chinese Mustard for dippin’, which was a BRILLIANT idea in marrying the flavors of this unique Portuguese Sausage Corn Dog’s flavor with. The slight heat/”bite” of the mustard, along with its own unique slightly sweetened flavor profile played out PERFECTLY together with the Portuguese Sausage Corndog. So much so, I ate pretty much the whole thing while dipping it in that sauce; something I don’t always do. 

If I had to nitpick and find a gripe, the only thing would be that the cornmeal batter didn’t adhere to the Portuguese Sausage well, where I had to hold the cornmeal shell on while biting through it. An I think minor complaint, yet worth noting. 

Other than that, OMG, if you happen to have some hot oil, flour, cornmeal batter and a Portuguese Sausage or two in the fridge (you know, because that’s pretty often, right?), MAKE THIS! WHINNAHZ! 

Speaking of corn dogs, we can’t end this conversation with “just” a Portuguese Sausage Corn Dog, lest we forget the OTHER famous corn dog in Hawaii, the also unique and famous Andadog! As shown above, is an Andadog from the Okinawan Festival this past September, which if I remember correctly, was 4 scrips ($2 each). 

While I never did ask them which brand of hotdog they use, I’m guessing it’s the cheapest ones you can get such as Bar S. Still, Encased in that delicious scratch-made Andagi batter? SUGOI OISHII-SO YO! 

Also notice unlike the cornmeal batter on the Portuguese Sausage, the Andagi batter sticks really well to the hot dog on this Andadog. I mean it still can pull off, but not as much as the cornmeal batter did. If you’ve ever seen or made Andagi (Okinawan doughnuts) using your hands the traditional way to feed it in the deep fryer wok, you know exactly what I’m talkin’ ’bout. 

As for which one is better: Portuguese Sausage Corn Dog vs. Okinawan Andadog? I say it’s a tie. In their own unique way, they both equally ROCK! 

I still say Leonard’s Bakery and perhaps the Portuguese Festa should offer a Portuguese Malasada Dog, made by dipping a Portuguese Sausage in Malasada dough and deep-frying it. Guaranz that would rock! 

P.S. Speaking of Portuguese, this is myself with Josh Guidi, one of the managers at Maui Brewing Company Waikiki…

Josh is half Italian (dad), and half Portuguese (mom). As for myself, in case you never checked the ‘About’ page here, I’m half Portuguese, with the rest made up of German, English and Hawaiian. 

Above is myself with Maui Brewing Company Waikiki co-owner and Executive Chef Terry Lynch. 

Finally, above is myself with Keawe, the lead fire knife dancer for Magic of Polynesia with John Hirokawa, located one floor above Maui Brewing Company Waikiki in the Beachcomber Hotel Waikiki. Keawe is half Irish, 1/4th Maori and 1/4th Hawaiian. He’s also in the Army National Guard. Super cool braddah! 


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