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Review: KCC Culinary Innovation Center Butter Mochi Crisps

On behalf of the Tasty Island, this past May I attended the grand opening of the Leahi Concept Kitchen, a restaurant business endeavor by the KCC Culinary Arts program. Leahi Concept Kitchen employs active students and graduates of their highly acclaimed culinary academic program.

Leahi Concept Kitchen temporarily replaces the space that was Nobu in the Waikiki Park Hotel, adjacent to the Halekulani and Sheraton resort hotels in Waikiki. They’ll be there for about a year, then will move to their new home on the slopes of Diamond Head at the new Culinary Institute of the Pacific, a sister campus to Kapiolani Community College currently finishing construction. 

That said, they gave each attendee at the Leahi Concept Kitchen grand opening a bag of Kapiolani Community College Culinary Innovation Center Butter Mochi Crisps. 

The ingredients of the gluten-free Butter Mochi Crisps in its 3 oz. zip-sealed paper packaged are: sugar, rice flour, eggs, milk, butter, baking powder, salt and vanilla extract.  

Plated above are the entire contents, less one piece that I took a bite of before snapping a photo. Sorry, couldn’t resist. lol 

And? Yum! Super crispy and very dense. I think it could use more butter, but that’s just me. He he. It’s not too sweet, with pretty much the flavor of a buttery shortbread cookie, albeit again, more dense in bite, and not as crumbly. I don’t get anything “mochi” about it, save for the fact its made with mochi (rice) flour. It’s definitely not glutenous in any way. 

While they’re great for snackin’ on their own, I think these Butter Mochi Crisps beg to be used as a both a visual and tasty topping for ice cream or sorbet, as shown above from that house-made vanilla bean ice cream malasada dessert served at Leahi Concept Kitchen (photo source from Yelp). 

The KCC Culinary Innovation Institute Butter Mochi Crisps are available for sale at $5 per bag at the Leahi Concept Kitchen

What? KCC Culinary Innovation Institute Butter Mochi Crisps
Where did you get it and how much does it cost? Leahi Concept Kitchen (complimentary), available for sale at $5 per 3 oz. package
Big shaka to: Ono! Crispy ‘n crunchy! Great with ice cream. Made in Hawaii. Showcases the talent of the KCC Culinary Arts Program students. 
No shaka to: Could be a little more buttery. Doesn’t resemble mochi or butter mochi for that matter at all. Limited distribution (not sold in stores). 
Tasty Island rating: 4 SPAM Musubi

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