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Review: Ono Giant Shrimp Chips Furikake

Since there’s a Made in Hawaii Festival this weekend, let’s stay on that roll from the last review on Hawaiian Sun’s new Beach n’ Berry Punch. This time trying Ono Giant Shrimp Chips, specifically their Furikake flavor, made right here in Hawaii in Aiea on the island of Oahu. 

Direct from their website’s About Us page, “Ono Giant Shrimp Chips are made in Hawaii with real shrimp. Our chips are hand fried for the perfect taste and crisp. Try our delicious shrimp chips that come in a variety of flavors.” 

Sounds good. So I have their Furikake flavor, courtesy of Foodland, who included this as part of a media gift package when promoting their newly designed “This is Kalbi Do It” reusable shopping bag.

Before we begin this review, in case you don’t know what Furikake is (you’re not from Hawaii if you don’t), it’s a Japanese condiment made of flakes of Nori (dried seaweed), along with usually goma (small sesame seeds). Some have other ingredients as well, including  bonito, rice crackers, and more. It’s typically used as a topping on rice, however it’s also used in other more creative ways as well, such as a coating on sauteed fish ‘n such. Here in Hawaii, it’s been adapted in the movie theaters as a sprinkle on buttered popcorn, along with Mochi Crunch, a Japanese rice cracker. This popular concoction we call “Hurricane Popcorn”, now trademarked as a product sold as a kit. 

These Ono Giant Shrimp Chips are packed in a 4 oz. clear plastic bag stuffed with massive shrimp chips fairly evenly coated with Furikake. When I first pulled it out, most of the furikake sprinkles had fallen to the bottom of the bag. So I gently shook it around “shake ‘n bake” style to get the fallen furikake back on the concave bowl-like round shrimp chips. Worked pretty good, however some Furikake insisted to fall back to the bottom of the bag. Gunfunnit. lol 

Nothing’s worse than a bag full of chip crumbs before you even open it, and these are definitely not that. Just about every massive shrimp chip in the bag were intact, with only a few broken ones in cracked pieces on the bottom. Thanks to their thickness, relative density and likely its concave shape, they survive their trip from the factory to the store to your shopping bag well. Good job!

Speaking of massive, each shrimp chip measures about 2¾ to 3″ in diameter to about 1″ in depth of its concave bowl to the ridge. While that doesn’t sound impressive on paper, believe me, these really are GIANT. 

Yet are they ONO? Oh hay-o’ yeah! These ONO GIANT Shrimp Chips Furikake ROCK! They have just the right amount of porosity and density to give them a satisfying “crisp’ety-crunchy” bite.  Just a tad more dense then the commonly found Lay’s Maui Style Shrimp Chips found at most grocery stores in Hawaii. While they’re made with real shrimp, they don’t come off too “shrimpy” or “fishy”, like I’ve had some other shrimp chips from various small shops around the islands. Just enough shrimp flavor to give them a slightly savory note. 

As for the Furikake, it’s a pretty basic nori flakes and goma seed style, with just very slight sweetness to it. That said, the Furikake totally rocks these chips in the same way furikake does with popcorn, if you’re into that. I know I am! Shoots, should try add some Mochi Crunch in this bag with this for da’ “Hurricane Shrimp Chip” action. So I did just that…

And? Ho, mean, cuz! She go! Tastes pretty much exactly as it is: the “Hurricane Shrimp Chip” version of “Hurricane Popcorn”. You most def’ gotta’ try furikake and mochi crunch on your shrimp chips. She go! 

Along with Furikake, other Ono Giant Shrimp Chips flavors include Hot Furikake, Barbecue, Spicy Barbecue, Cheddar and Original. Now I think they should add “Hurricane” to that line-up! 

Summing it up, ONO GIANT SHRIMP CHIPS FURIKAKE for the win! Best Shrimp Chips I’ve had yet! 

Where did you get it and how much? Foodland Farms Ala Moana (complimentary, as part of a media gift set)
Who makes it? Ono Giant Shrimp Co. in Aiea, Hawaii
Big Shaka to: Big shrimp chips! Really big! Nice balance of porosity and density. Not greasy at all. Just the right level of real shrimp flavor, being basically really subtle. Super crispy. Furikake is the perfect compliment to this shrimp chip. Lots of Furikake in the bag. Concave shape of the chips makes it fun to eat, while helping to hold the loose furikake flakes inside it. Shrimp chips are mostly intact in the bag upon arrival. Made in Hawaii. 
No shaka to: while there’s lots of Furikake in the bag, most of it falls to the bottom, so you need to shake it, but don’t break it! lol Relatively expensive compared to the competition. 
Tasty Island rating: 5 SPAM Musubi (Superb. Worthy of repeat purchases. (Broke Da’ Mout’!)

Note, the Made in Hawaii Festival takes place this weekend, August 18th thru 20th at the Neal Blaisdell Center Exhibition Hall. Get $1 off admission coupons ($5 admission with coupon) at your neighborhood First Hawaiian Bank branch. 


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