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Some restaurants have “secret menus”, such as the infamous In-N-Out “not so secret” Secret Menu, including the Flying Dutchman, Protein Style, Grilled cheese, Neapolitan shake, Mustard-grilled patty burger, the 4×4 Burger and Cheese fries.

Yet most of us have our own “secret menu” in our heads, or you simply like your food done your way, not the way the default menu dictates. Or you’re basically just really picky. Honestly one of my pet peeves, but we’ll save that thought for another day. lol 

I’m personally very easy going when dining out, usually ordering food exactly as is, not asking for any modifications, save of course for example how I want my eggs or meat cooked. I’m not the type to request, say no onions, or no this or that. Or substitute this for that. Just give it to me properly cooked and I’m a happy camper. 

We begin custom orders today with exhibit A-1: this Huli-Huli style Charsiu Pork plate lunch shown above from Hawaii’s Favorite Kitchen, a sister restaurant to Rainbow Drive-In, on the same property.  Your standard local plate lunch with a heap of protein, 2 scoops rice and 1 scoop mac salad. Normal. 

Then we have exhibit A-2, my mom’s order of the same Huli-Huli style Charsiu Pork plate lunch. EXCEPT, what does she insist on EVERY TIME I get food for her? NO RICE, ALL MAC SALAD. And it’s not because she doesn’t eat rice. She loves rice. It’s because no matter what, she rather cook her own rice at home than eat the one from the takeout restaurant.

Why? I have NO idea, except of course she’s just being picky, and making it that much more complicating every time I buy takeout food for her. The cashiers always look at me puzzled, like, “this guy is weird”. Yet they usually figure out a way to have the kitchen accommodate the no rice, all mac salad custom order request. Usually at no extra charge, yet some places do add about 50 cents extra, saying the mac salad costs more than rice. Whatevahz. 

Speaking of all mac salad, no rice, next up we have exhibit B-1, an Ahi Poke Bowl from Maui Brewing Company Waikiki. Easily one of the best Poke Bowls on the island. Period. At $22, it ain’t cheap, but it’s SO worth it. So ono, with the combination of local rice, kimchi and quick pickles. Fantastic! 

Now enter exhibit B-2, the same Ahi Poke Bowl from Maui Brewing Company Waikiki, except again, NO RICE, ALL MAC SALAD. Dude, when the guy sitting next to me custom ordered this recently, I nearly fell off my chair. I was BLOWN AWAY at both how insane and how GENIUS this is! Insanely brilliant! I would NEVER have thought of eating ahi poke with macaroni salad as its main foundation. NEVER.

While I didn’t try it myself, I asked the guy how it tasted, and he said it’s AWESOME. Admittedly, yes he was a haole guy from the mainland who was working here on a government contract, and said while he respects the food here and all the rice it’s served with, he simply got sick of rice and started doing this. And he loves it. Dude, next time I order the Ahi Poke Bowl here, I am SO doing this! Ahi Poke Bowl, all  mac. Genius! 

Next up we move on to the famous local ice cold treat, shave ice, with exhibit C-1 above being your standard rainbow shave ice. This one being from Shimazu Shave Ice, the location within Hawaii’s Favorite Kitchen, once again, being the sister restaurant to Rainbow Drive-In.

Pretty common shave ice combination you’ll find anywhere its sold. Those three rainbow flavors usually being banana, strawberry, lime and vanilla, however those flavors can vary depending where and what exactly you choose to make up that rainbow look. Because when it comes to eating shave ice, it is partially about that appetizing rainbow colored look, right? lol 

Then we have exhibit C-2, still from Shimazu Shave Ice, except in this case, the guy who ordered it chose to go full-on custom, opting for Li Hing (orange), Mango (yellow) and Lychee (pink). Again, GENIUS! That sounds like the winning 3-way combo right there!

It’s like you’re getting Li Hing Pickled Mango with the added floral accent of the Lychee flavor kicking it up. While it doesn’t look nearly as pretty as the rainbow shave ice, I’ll put my money that down this one BLOWS the rainbow shave ice away in combination of flavors! 

Finally we have exhibit D-1, a McDonald’s Rolo McFlurry, a new flavor that I tried recently and was rather disappointed with.

I LOVE Rolo caramel-filled chocolate candy, so I was hoping this McFlurry’d version of Rolo would be rockin’ it. But sadly the chocolate part of the equation just didn’t work when combined with the cold soft-serve ice cream.

It became clumpy and congealed, and just had a really bad texture to it. It also made the chocolate taste more on the dark side, which I’m not particularly a fan of dark chocolate.

The Rolo candy tastes like milk chocolate, but this one didn’t. The caramel helped a little, but still, that clumpy chocolate pieces was a deal-breaker in my opinion.

However not to fret, as we have exhibit D-2, a McDonald’s Oreo McFlurry, with the custom order addition of Caramel Sauce in it. Yes! Now this is what I’m talkin’ ’bout! 

When I first tried the Oreo McFlurry, also very recently, I thought it was fantastic. I loved the crunchy bits and pieces of oreo cookie crumbs swirled in it.

So after I tried the Rolo McFlurry, out of the disappointment in that, I put the two together and thought, “I should ask them to add Caramel Sauce to the Oreo McFlurry.” Sure enough, they were more than happy to accommodate my custom order request, adding caramel sauce to my Oreo McFlurry for a nominal extra 25 cents charge. Sweet!  

So now you get that fantastic micro-sized crunch of the bits and pieces of Oreo cookies, that really do taste like genuine Oreos, plus the rich, sweet and buttery caramel sauce swirled in there, along with the creaminess of the vanilla soft serve. Dude, this is like sex in a cup! It’s frickin’ so ono! 

Seriously, next time you hit the local McD’s, custom order the Oreo McFlurry with added on Caramel sauce. You’ll thank me later!

Roast Pork with “Gravy all ovah” from Ono Steak & Seafood out in ‘Nalo.

Are you a picky eater? If so, what do you usually custom order when dining out? All rice, no mac? All mac, no rice? All rice, no meat? All meat, no rice? lol Gravy all ovah? Lettuce wrap instead of bread bun for your hamburger or hot dog? You ask for mayonnaise instead of marinara sauce on your pizza? lol Any particular shave ice combo’ you usually choose?


6 thoughts on “Custom Orders

  • August 8, 2017 at 11:25 am

    ‘Cause your Mom’s AKAMAI! Think of it, she probably going to make 2 meals of some of those huge plates, she’s already got fresh gohan steamed to her liking, and for free (or a nominal charge), she has extra mac salad to eat with it.  Plus free delivery!




  • August 8, 2017 at 12:50 pm

    I would with mac salad and take it home and cooked rice also.

    I get extra side to enjoy too,

  • August 8, 2017 at 4:49 pm

    Unfortunately, I have to customize almost everything. I have a personal rule though, so not to be like Sally from When Harry Met Sally, if I can’t order it with 2 modifications and/or questions or less, I don’t order it. The flip side is that I’m always flexible to go anywhere. For instance, want to go to McD’s? I love big macs w/o the meat. It’s like a mega grilled cheese. Want to go to a steakhouse? No problem, I’ll order sides (but then I have to make sure that they are vegetarian, so I’d have to ask if the sauteed mushrooms were vegetarian, as opposed to being made with demi), or I’ll just say “I’m vegetarian, surprise me, I’m easy” Sadly, even vegetarian options usually require one change: veggie burgers usually have some kind of special topping like alfalfa sprout mayo, and I usually ask for it to be made/topped like a regular cheeseburger, just because that’s how I like it.

    On the rare occasion that I shrimp or fish (maybe once a year, usually less), and it comes with pasta, I usually ask for rice or mashed potatoes instead. For things like shrimp scampi, you lose all the sauce with pasta, and the sauce is the best part. It needs something absorbent! I’d get rice or mashed potatoes w scampi sauce if I could, hold the shrimp.

    Aside from meat/chicken products/broths, I’m pretty easy. Oh, who am I kidding? I hate mayo, eggs, tofu and fake meat. I always ask for extra lemon if it’s an option, etc. I guess I am picky. I will say, though, that if I’m at someone’s house, I’ll eat whatever they’ve made me, as long as it’s vegetarian or, at the least, pescatarian. Mayo and tofu sandwich with a poached egg? Bring it on!

  • August 9, 2017 at 8:27 am

    If it’s obvious that customization is expected (choose two sides, doneness of steak), I’m in.  Otherwise, I don’t bother.  (At Rainbows, I get an extra order of mac salad rather than substitute for rice.)

  • August 9, 2017 at 3:53 pm

    My parents are the same as your mom- they ALWAYS opt out of the rice and instead order another side or they ask if they can add more of the main entree. They say that they always have cooked rice at home so it’d be a waste for them to order even more XD

    For me, I’m more of the lazier take-what-I’ll-get-cause-I-ain’t-picky type so I don’t really customize my meals- I just eat whatever is given to me (as long as it tastes good and cooked right). Ah, but I always ask for extra sauce and condiments though….

  • August 10, 2017 at 6:23 pm

    Do it all the time with my favorite plate lunch places. One scoop rice, no colds (mac, potato, namasu…they don’t travel). Not only have rice at home, but also peas or corn. If I go Filipino (Mama Lucia’s, Puhi, Kauai …ono) the servers always add  more Pinakbet to balance the plate.


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