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Coverage: Hula’s 43rd Anniversary Celebration

Hula’s Bar & Lei Stand celebrated its 43rd Anniversary this past Wednesday, July 19, 2017, giving them by far the title of the longest running nightclub in Hawaii, still operated by its original owner, Mr. Jack Law. If you’re old enough to remember, Hula’s original location was on Kuhio Avenue under a massive Banyan tree, with its also once-famous next door neighbor being Hamburger Mary’s. That original location is now the Ritz-Carlton Waikiki Beach Luxury Residences. 

Hula’s Bar & Lei Stand is now located in the Waikiki Grand Hotel, right across the Honolulu Zoo, and has been there for over 20 years now. In fact, Hula’s actually celebrates TWO anniversaries now, with one being their total existence, which is what the 43rd Anniversary party this past Wednesday was for, and the other for their time spent in their newer current location. 

Hula’s is and always has been an icon in Hawaii’s LGBT community, not just as a bar, but also as a strong supporter of issues such as AIDS awareness and equal rights. 

If you’ve ever ran a nightclub in Honolulu, or know someone who has, you know how difficult it is to survive 1 year, or 10 years, let alone 43 years in business. Truly a milestone in every sense of the word!

The 43rd Anniversary party was $12 cover charge, and included complimentary food from Hula’s Cafe by Ginneberries, 2 drinks, live contemporary Hawaiian music with Hula dancers and live DJ dance music finishing the night off. 

Hats off to you Mr. Jack Law for the amazing work you’ve done, and the iconic place here in Hawaii you’ve created for the entire world to enjoy over DECADES for the LGBT community, and straights such as myself alike (yes, I’m straight). Mahaloz, and cheers to many, many more years to come for Hula’s! 

Following is photo coverage from Hula’s 43rd Anniversary event that took place this past Wednesday. Enjoy. ;-)

Hula’s Hula Girl greets guests at the buffet station

Complimentary buffet spread set-up on the pool table

Ginniberries Classic Deviled Eggs sprinkled with Paprika

Ginniberries Chicken Quesadillas with Chipotle Crema

Ginniberries Chicago style Hot Dogs

Ginniberries Grits Cakes with Bacon, Ham, Harisa Corn and Maple Aioli

Ginniberries 5-Spice Pork Dumplings

Musical duo Johnny and Mahiai jam contemporary Hawaiian music… they sounded fantastic! 

A patron volunteers to perform Hula 

Patrons enjoying Hula’s 43rd Anniversary festivities

A former hula’s employee from back in the day when they were on Kuhio Avenue under the banyan tree

Mizu “the flower lady”… she’s been selling Hawaiian flower leis and arrangements at Hula’s for YEARS 

Talon (on the right in the striped beige shirt), a former Hula’s bartender and male go-go dancer with his friend 

Hula’s Anniversary event had live music performed by Johnny and Mahiai, playing contemporary Hawaiian hits

Hula’s cocktail servers Matt, Jason and Amy

Hula’s bartenders Eric and Eli

Hula’s bartenders Trey and Patrick

Hula’s bartender and bar manager Evan

Hula’s Bartender David

Hula’s bartender Trevor

Hula’s general manager Brian (in the white shirt) and a friend

Hula’s owner Jack Law and bartender/bar manager Evan

Pomai Souza, owner of the Tasty Island Honolulu Food Blog, with Jack Law, owner of Hula’s Bar & Lei Stand (and original owner of the Wave Waikiki)

Hula’s Assistant Manager John and Pomai

Lionel, Hula’s veteran door host (and bouncer), hailing back to the days when Hula’s was on Kuhio Avenue under the Banyan Tree

Hula’s artwork in the stairwell of the Waikiki Grand Hotel (it’s faster/easier to get to Hula’s on the second floor using the stairs vs. the elevator)

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