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Foodland Introduces Fun New “Do the Loco Moco” Reusable Grocery Bag

Foodland, Hawaii’s largest locally-owned supermarket chain has announced the introduction of a new Reusable Bag design, available beginning Wednesday, July 19, 2017 at all Foodland and Sack N Save stores. Designed by members of Foodland’s Creative Team, the new bag features various food characters dancing to popular dance styles that have been localized in a “punny” way. 

On one side of the bag there’s hamburger, rice, egg and gravy on the train and jammin’ to “C’mon baby and do the Loco Moco”, with a crying onion chasing behind them. Below that are cubes of Ahi Poke on a bowl of rice putting their left foot in and right foot out to “Let’s Do the Hokey Poke”. 

On the other side of the bag, two hip hop styled Kalbi characters listen and break dance to the beat of “This is Kalbi Do It”, a twist on the Montell Jordan 90’s hit, “This is how we do it“. 

Below that, two  bottles of Foodland brand Shoyu (make-believe) dance to “I’ll Shoyu”. While finally to the right a bottle of Guava Jelly and the “Guavanette’s” (I made that one up lol) groove to “You Guava get your groove on”, which I think is a twist from the line “You gotta’ get your groove on, before you get paid”, from the same “This is how we do it” song by Montell Jordan. 

The two sides of the bag have the same Foodland with logo and “Food Family & Friends” slogan, along with a background pattern of whimsically-designed food line art. The bottom of the bag has a bunch of cryptic symbols I’m still trying to figure out. Nah, just kidding. lol It’s just plain blue like the trim and handles. 

Like most reusable “eco” shopping bags, this one includes a thin plastic liner for the base inside, with just enough rigidity to keep it from collapsing with heavy things like say a gallon of milk in it. 

The external dimensions of the bag are 12½” length x 9¼” width for the base (bottom) x 12½” height from the base to the top edge of the bag. The total height of the bag from the base (bottom) to the top of the straps extended is 23″. The manufacturer is Planet Earth Bag

The new bag will be featured in Foodland’s Maika’i Weekends email on Friday, July 21 and customers will receive an offer to receive this bag FREE when they spend $40 or more, Friday through Sunday 7/21 – 7/23. On Sundays beginning this Sunday, 7/23 through 8/13, customers who purchase the Sunday Honolulu Star Advertiser at Foodland or Sack N Save will also receive the bag FREE!

On behalf of the Tasty Island, Sheryl Toda, Foodland’s Senior Director of Marketing, was so kind to offer me the new bag to share with you for sneak preview, filled with all kinds of relevant local ‘kine grindz! Left to right, from top to bottom row: Ono Giant Furikake Shrimp Chips, Aloha Tamari Soy Sauce, Aloha Katsu Hawaiian Steak Sauce, Aloha Mac Nuts All Natural 100% Hawaii Grown Honey Roasted Macadamia Nuts, Hawaiian Sun Guava Jelly, FREE Poke Bowl ($7.11 value) coupon, Local Kine Snacks Li Hing Mui, Local Kine Snacks Rock Salt Plum and Local Kine Snacks Li Hing Mango. 

Dang, my mouth is watering just describing all that! 

Above is Beth, the Concierge at Foodland Farms Ala Moana, who handed over the new bag with goodies to me the other day. She’s such a sweetheart! 

Foodland also still offers the original SPAM Musubi reusable grocery bag, and several other designs, available at their stores and online. Like those, this new bag is a regular stocking item, and will be available in large supply. 

Mahalos to Foodland for keeping the local spirit alive and the islands more “green” with this new cool and fun “Do the Loco Moco” reusable bag!

Click here to check out lots of great cooking demonstration videos by Foodland’s own Executive Chef Keoni Chang. 

2 thoughts on “Foodland Introduces Fun New “Do the Loco Moco” Reusable Grocery Bag

  • July 19, 2017 at 11:49 am

    Got excited when I saw the goodie bag.  I thought you were going to do a giveaway.  I pay for shipping and you can keep the coupon for the poke bowl.  Like your Instagram feed.  Friends vacationing on Oahu went to Volcano Shakes after I sent a screen shot from your Instagram feed.  You should get a commission.

    • July 19, 2017 at 12:54 pm


      Regarding the giveaway, you must be referencing when I featured original Foodland SPAM Musubi Bag. Do you really want any of those goodies in the bag? Let me know exactly which ones and I’d be happy to send them over!

      If I got a commission for references to Volcano Shakes, that could be lucrative. Those things aren’t cheap! We’re talking around $15 plus for a milkshake!

      Mahalos for following on Instagram. Super fun-to-use photo-sharing app! Keep an eye out for later this evening. I’m going to be uploading lots of pics from an iconic local business’ anniversary event happening tonight. Stay tuned!



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