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Review: Burger King Mac ‘n Cheetos

Hot off the heels of this blog’s review of Taco Bell’s Naked Chicken Chips, on the North side of the Bell over at Burger King, we have Mac ‘n Cheetos. As their TV commercial promotes this with their “Creepy King” prancing to the tune of “Return of the Mac“, this is indeed a “Return of the Mac ‘n Cheetos” as of May 2017, from its original introduction in June of last year. For a limited time, while supplies last, thank God. 

Like all other new fast food menu items, there’s no shortage of internet reviews, blogger and vlogger buzz over Burger King’s Mac ‘n Cheetos, arguably the whackiest food mashup to date. It’s like they invited a bunch of non-paid “stoners” into their boardroom one day and asked them, “Hey guys, if you were on a deserted island with only one thing to eat after your ganga toking trip, what would it be?” And the unanimous decision turned out being Mac ‘n Cheese combined with Cheetos. See, they were told only one thing, but because they were stoned, they interpreted that as actually being three things: Macaroni, Cheese and Cheetos. “Like yeah man, that sounds totally rad!” 

Some say this is BK’s answer to TB’s very well received Doritos Locos Taco, a mashup of their classic Taco, albeit using an actual Doritos chip flavored crunchy taco shell. Not to mention their Fritos Burrito (and whatever else they’ve stuck those chips in). Yet Cheetos is a total one-upper game changer, with its unique shape, oddly loud orange color, and even more odd “fake cheese” flavor. I’m personally more of a Crunchy Cheetos fan vs. the airy and light Cheetos Puffs. The latter of which these Mac ‘n Cheetos are trying to resemble (the Cheetos Puffs). At least from the outside. 

So I got my Mac ‘n Cheetos mac on at the Burger King in the aptly named King’s Village Shopping Center in Waikiki, on the corner of Koa Street and Kaiulani Avenue, right behind the Hyatt Regency. And no, this shopping center isn’t named in honor of Burger King’s King. It’s in honor of King Kalakaua, the last king of the Kingdom of Hawaii. 

Being this Burger King location is in “touristville” Waikiki, naturally the prices are a bit higher at fast food chains here compared to outside of the area, where here I paid $3.69 for the default set of 5 Mac ‘n Cheetos. Mainland reviewers claim they cost $2.50 there.

What’s funny is one of the reviewers were mentioning how much of a guilt trip they had upon ordering them, fearing perhaps someone they know would be standing behind them, forever tarnishing their otherwise highly respected reputation. Did I feel any guilt ordering them? Hell no. I was proud! “Give me some of them “Mac ‘n Cheetos baby!” In fact, this Australian couple standing behind me gave me a high five for ordering them, saying “You’re brave, mate!” I was hoping they’d follow suit and order them too so I’d have someone to bond with while sampling them, but nope, they ordered the usual Whopper combo. Dang it! 

It was comforting to know upon ordering them that they were being cooked to order, not just sitting there under heat lamps, where it took about 2 minutes in the deep-fryer before arriving to me pipin’ hot in the bag, in its own unique container. 

Clearly hashtagged #MACNCHEETOS, is this social media buzz ‘n click bait? Of course. That’s probably the whole reason for it. You think BK might be contemplating making Mac ‘n Cheese a permanent item on their menu? I sure hope not! Actually, hmm, let me think about that. 

Well whoomp there it is, pipin’ hot Mac ‘n Cheetos, 5 pieces in the container, interestingly with molten-hot cheese oozing out several pores in the Cheetos-flavored crispy breading shell. 

They definitely resemble Cheetos Puffs, albeit considerably bigger. Thankfully my set was cooked perfectly, not appearing burnt, having an if you call it that, pleasant bright orange “GBD” (golden brown delicious) color. 

Specifically, each Mac ‘n Cheetos piece is about the size of a nickel coin in diameter by about 2-¼” in length. 

Presenting all 5 Mac ‘n Cheetos, with 4 of them cut open for the “money shot”, so you can see there’s actual  pieces of tender macaroni pasta mixed in there with the melted cheese. The flavor of the cheese tasting like your good ‘ole all-American Kraft Mac’n Cheese “mystery cheese” blend. 

OK, so since these have been out one before back in June 2016, the consensus online from the many written and video reviews I’ve gone over is pretty much BK’s Mac ‘n Cheese gets a thumbs down. There were only a small number of reviews that were favorable of them. One reviewer said “The mac ‘n cheese within them is so bad, it’s as if your 15 year old baby sitter had prepared it.” Most important of all, most reviewers say they hardly if at all taste like Cheetos. Namely the “Cheetos dust crust” the Mac ‘n Cheese is encased, battered and  deep fried in.  Speaking of Cheetos, they also lack the signature “fake cheese” dust that’s left on  your hand after eating the real deal snack puff chips. 

But you know what? I disagree. I think they kind of taste like Cheetos Puffs, enough to at least warrant the marketing as such. There’s definitely that “fake cheese” Cheetos flavor on the otherwise sort of firm crusty batter encasing the Mac ‘n Cheese within. What BK really should have done was listen to the reviewers from last year and upon releasing them again this year (now), have them dusted with extra Cheetos fake cheese dust after they’re deep-fried. That way you get the full-on Cheetos snack puff chip experience, with not just the jacked-up flavor of Cheetos, but also the tangible experience of Cheetos dust finger-lickin’ goodness. 

As for the Mac ‘n Cheese within that otherwise firmly finished Cheetos dust crust, it more or less taste like the classic Kraft Mac ‘n Cheese in the blue box. I mean, yeah, the macaroni noodles are mushy, while overall not properly prepared as you’d do it yourself in a pot on the stove (not the microwave stuff). But in the bad bad, bad for you world of fast food, I think it’s pretty dang good, and will definitely satisfy anyone craving mac ‘n cheese on the fly.  

Summing it up, I actually like it in all it’s fake cheese flavored goodness from the inside out. Thumbs up! While it’s not screaming CHEETOS! in all its finger lickin’ dust glory, Burger King’s Mac ‘n Cheetos pretty much delivers what you’d expect it to. At least that’s my somewhat unpopular opinion. If you want Mac ‘n Cheese to go in the most handy-dandy portable way on planet earth at what I think is a reasonable price, this is it. 

What? Burger King Mac ‘n Cheetos
Where did you get it and how much? Burger King @ the King’s Village location in Waikiki; $3.69 for container of 5 pieces
Big Shaka to: Tasty Mac ‘n Cheese goodness in the most portable way to enjoy Mac ‘n Cheese on planet Earth. Light ‘n crispy “Cheetos dust” shell adds a nice crunchy contrasting texture to the ooey-gooey Mac’n Cheese within it. Fried to order, arriving pipin’ hot, with all the right doneness and textures in check. Super fun marketing name and concept. “Stoners” making key boardroom decisions. 
No Shaka to: Mac ‘n Cheese macaroni noodles are mushy. The Cheetos dust crust doesn’t taste “Cheeto-ee” enough. It needs a final dusting of Cheetos “fake cheese” dust to bring it up to par. “Stoners” making key boardroom decisions (both a pro and con lol). 
The Tasty Island rating: 3 SPAM Musubi (very good!)


7 thoughts on “Review: Burger King Mac ‘n Cheetos

  • June 7, 2017 at 2:40 pm

    I saw these the other day when I went by to try the fruit loop shake (yuck). I’ve never been a fan of baked mac and cheese bites, so I just assumed these would be another variation I wouldn’t like. Usually I like some kind of foil to the richness and same-noteness of mac and cheese in general. So the bites usually just make it bland and weird. Like I usually chop tomatoes in the blue box kind of mac and cheese. Maybe if they added chopped tomatoes, or minced pickles, or hell, even minced onions, I think it might be better. Actually, what would be better is to skip the pasta and make these fried grilled cheese bites w ketchup.

    • June 7, 2017 at 4:18 pm


      I was going to go back and give that Fruit Loop Shake a try, but now that you said it was “yuck”, maybe not.

      I’m surprised you actually eat the blue box Mac ‘n Cheese (Kraft). I used to like adding canned tuna in it. Haven’t done that in a while. Sounds gross, but it’s really good! Chopped tomatoes sounds good. Perhaps that and some chopped fresh basil for a “Margherita Mac ‘n Cheese”.  This hot dog stand here serves their own house-made “haute” Mac ‘n Cheese finished with baked-on panko bread crumbs and truffle oil. Winner!

      Somebody mentioned Arby’s (or some chain like that) serves great Fried Mozzarella Sticks served with a Marinara dipping sauce. When BK first tested these Mac ‘n Cheetos in select markets last year, it came served with Ranch Dipping Sauce, however I guess that didn’t go well. Similar to Ketchup, I think Marinara sauce would be a better contrasting match to the same-noteness of the mac ‘n cheese and cheetos crust.

  • June 7, 2017 at 9:25 pm

    Why are you surprised that I eat the blue box mac and cheese? It’s awesome!! Back in HS, I had friends who added tuna and/or peas. I guess it’s kind of like an even easier tuna noodle casserole? Anyway, do you think I’m high brow? Yeah, I’m a strict vegetarian and mostly health conscious in terms of eating a balanced diet. And I’m obsessed with exotic food and produce. That said, if I was less responsible, I’d eat like a kid all day, every day. Because that’s my natural inclination. Especially the food jags, like nothing but clementines for weeks. But I’m responsible, but I do let myself eat like a kid a few times a week-to-once a day.

    For instance, I start off my day a few times a month with Reeces PB cereal and cashew milk (just enough to wet the cereal, I don’t like to drink it though. I love grilled cheese w tomato, and then, gross – I DIP IT IN KETCHUP. Sometimes I let myself have a mustard, lettuce (iceberg) and tomato sandwich for lunch, sometimes I put chips IN there. Oh and if I had my way, frozen pizza would be a food group. The cheaper the better: totinos FTW! Every so often, I like do do a one-pot-wonder with the blue box mac and cheese SAUCE, not the powder, over cook the noodles because limp ones are best in this dish, dump in a can of drained olives, a can of drained, chopped tomatoes, a can of drained chili beans and a diced onion. Vegetarian Chili mac, so good, especially the next day. So no high brow ways here.

    That said, I do see a difference between the blue box stuff and homemade mac and cheese, but in my mind, they aren’t even the same product. It’s like comparing papa johns to a wood burning naples certified pizza joint. Common theme, totally different product all together. I love both but either I feel like american-based pizza or authentic stuff. It’s like feeling like a burger or fried chicken in my mind, as far as comparison goes.

    I would probably dip the mac n cheetos in ketchup, and ask for a side cup of pickles. Maybe I’ll stop by BK in the next few days and try it. BK is like a new luxury for me. I have 4 in a 5 mile radius, and before the closest one to me was 12 miles away, so I never went there. The ones here even DELIVER!!!! The prices are higher and the menu is more limited, I did it once just for the novelty (and because the cockatoo was acting up all day and on my last nerve, refusing his usual treats to quiet him, so I wanted to get him a hot dog and some nuggets to get some peace and quiet. Gross, I know. Bird eating bird. You get past that when you get to enjoy blissful quiet. I wouldn’t order from them again though. The prices are slightly higher, they don’t have variety (like I can’t get extra pickles on my veggie burger, and they charge for exra lettuce), no shakes, snacks other than fries or onion rings, and the soda options (canned – which is kind of annoying for the price), but it was an interesting experience. Now if Taco Bell delivered, I’d be in a world of trouble. Id end up with a weekly mexican pizza combo (vegetarian, black beans instead of refried) instead of a weekly grilled cheese. (though if I could find great lebanese stuffed vine leaves in this area, that would be my weekly treat) We actually have an amazing Lebanese chainette (not too many outlets) here, but since I’ve moved, I’m much farther from them. http://www.lebanesetaverna.com/

    I don’t even know why I tried the froot loops milkshake. Maybe because I’m a sucker for new products, whatever they are (like, have you tried Pepsi Fire yet?). I know cereal milk has been a trend for a long time, maybe 8ish years, didn’t it start with Momofuku/Milk Bar? You know something is completely played out by the time it goes from fine dining to BK. I don’t know what I was expecting. First of all, I don’t drink the milk at the bottom of a cereal bowl to begin with. Instead of even half-sized pieces of cereal, it was just little… dust flecks, which were soggy and odd tasting. The basic milkshake flavor dominated, so it was like a vanilla shake with weird texture bits. I don’t think I made it 1/4 through before tossing it out. I do love their oreo shakes, and I imagine their mint oreo shakes are good too.

    • June 8, 2017 at 6:42 pm


      Not high brow, but just thought you moved beyond the blue box stuff. Like there’s certain frozen pizza I won’t touch anymore, such as the Totino’s brand. It just doesn’t work anymore to my more “sophisticated” adult palate, if you know what I mean. Same for Chef Boyardee ANYTHING pasta in a can. Yet I agree, Kraft blue box mac ‘n cheese is still good! Processed cheese ‘n all!

      Glad to know you’re still into childhood faves. Surely some folks still crave that (or want to do that!), no matter  what our age or current “diet”.  These fast food concoctions sure aren’t helping to let us forget them! Fruit Loops Shake? Come on now! Who didn’t like Fruit Loops cereal as a kid! I think the only sugary, candy-like cereal I din’t like was Fruity and Coco Pebbles (the Flintstones cereal). Ugh, would not TOUCH THAT!

      Reese’s PB cereal? You clearly spend way more time in the cereal aisle than I do! Never even knew that existed!

      I already know how much you love Ketchup with cheese-based foods. Totally get that. My sister used to put ketchup on EVERYTHING, from omelettes, to pot roast with rice, you name it, if it was savory, there was ketchup on it. Nothing super weird though (a Miami way of saying it!), like ice cream with ketchup. lol

      Interesting about fast food restaurant delivery. I don’t recall that being marketed here… yet. I’m sure it will though! Who knows, perhaps one day you’ll be able to order your fully-loaded vegetarian mexican pizza from your local Taco Bell via your Amazon Prime account, including free delivery. That would be wild!

      Never tried the Pepsi Fire yet (not a cola fan), but I hear there’s this really good new Mountain Dew flavor. Can’t remember the name though. Not that I’ma soda pop fan either, but I’m willing to at least try it.

      What? You don’t drink the milk at the bottom of the cereal bowl? Heresy! Oh man, that’s the best part! Especially with the soggy bits of cereal sunk at the bottom of the milk in the bowl. LOVE THAT!

      But yeah, I watched a couple YouTube reviews of the Fruit Loops Milk Shake, and they were turned off by the soggy bits of Fruit Loops blended within it, not to mention it overall being way too sweet and candy-like, being supposedly there’s also “fruit syrup” pumped into it. I definitely wouldn’t care for that.

      • June 10, 2017 at 9:17 am

        Totinos isn’t pizza (even frozen pizza) any more than the blue box is macaroni and cheese (At least in Canada, they aptly call it “kraft dinner”). However, it brings back a lot of memories for me, I guess that’s why I still love it. I remember having it for dinner when my parents went out and left my sister and I alone. Because of the way the crust is made, you can eat it in layers, and it’s just nostalgia I guess. I hadn’t seen totinos pizza (other than pizza rolls and other things like that) from the time I was 16ish till about 2 years ago, and I only actually found a store that carried it about a year ago. Maybe once the novelty wears off, I’ll hate it like I hate… what’s that really cheap brand? I forgot the name, it comes in like 3 sheets, and each sheet breaks into rectangles? Ellios, maybe? Now that stuff is gross. My preferred local grocery has awesome store-brand thin crust pizza with interesting toppings. If I want frozen pizza, I get that. If I want totinos, then it’s a totinos craving, know what I mean?

        The store I usually go to in my area (Giant, but it’s really not worth mentioning the name because in the east there are about 4 different Giant store brands that are either unaffiliated  or loosely affiliated to the point where you wouldn’t know it was different based on the branding and layout, but it’s different enough that they don’t take each other’s loyalty cards. It’s weird), they carry Urban Pie frozen pizza, and http://www.eatuppizza.com/the-pizza/north-end/ is just about the most awesome frozen pizza ever. The capers really make a difference. (as far as stores go, I should say that Giant used to be my preferred store, now I do the majority of my shopping (other than specific produce and bakery) at walmart. This is the first time in my life living close enough to a walmart to check out their groceries. And yeah, yeah, it’s walmart and their employer and vendor practices are abhorrent. once I saw that their prices are – at minimum – $1.50 less than other stores on cereal, crackers, cashew milk, and just about everything else I buy, I couldn’t justify continuing to toss away money… especially now that I take care of my mom her her med costs have turned me into a severe… what’s the hawaiian word you use for super cheap?)

        I do love fruit loops cereal, and apple jacks, and cinnamon toast crunch and… the list goes on. Just like you, I’ve always hated the flintstone cereals. They tasted weird and got gummy really quickly. Oh, and I’ve never been a big fan of cap’n crunch, though the only one I tried was with crunchberries. I used to like lucky charms, but they need to make a vegetarian friendly one before I’d buy it again. The PB cereal has been around for a long time. At least 20 years. I go through cereal phases. Sometimes I just want sugar kiddy cereal, breakfast, dinner, doesn’t matter. Then when the phase is over, I can’t stand to see the stuff. It’s another one of those “things from childhood” issues. Only this is the reverse of the totinos. My mom never bought sugar cereal because my sister was always on some kind of diet (much to my sister’s dismay), so we always had whatever weight watchers suggested, which was fine, because I was never a breakfast eater till adulthood. But it still feels like a kid in a candy store to make my own cereal choices. It’s the most benign illicit thrill. Also, it’s only something I’ve started to eat in recent years because I never liked milk, but in recent years, with the quality coconut milk, almond milk and, my preferred, cashew milk, it has become easier to eat cereal frequently. There was never a cereal I craved enough to buy rice/soy/hemp/whatever milk. That stuff is all vile.

        I don’t drink the milk in cereal because I never developed a taste for drinking milk. Because I had severe asthma and really bad seasonal allergies, the wisdom then (I don’t know if it’s still the wisdom) was that I shouldn’t have dairy. Thickening mucus or whatever. I didn’t really go out of my way to avoid dairy but I was never given milk as a beverage and never desired it (my mother, on the other hand, is a milk addict, she could go through a gallon in a day if I let her. That much milk is not a good idea for someone with COPD). Even using Cashew milk, I still only put enough drops in to moisten the cereal, but it’s never bobbing around in there, and I’ve never had an interest in the few spoonfuls of cashew milk at the bottom of the bow.

        Nope, nothing super weird with the Ketchup. Though I don’t think I’d be opposed to at least trying, say, mustard flavored ice cream. I really love mustard. Even more than ketchup. I’ll put mustard on anything/everything. Like celery or carrots, as a dip! I can’t do that with ketchup.

        I do love soda, club soda, seltzer, cola, it’s all good. Except cream soda or vanilla flavored soda and mtn dew (just, yuck. Also too much caffeine I’ve never had an energy drink, either, and I seldom drink coffee. For a lot of people with ADHD – like me, caffeine has the opposite effect. Makes me drowsy) I even ordered the special limited-in-Japan cucumber clear pepsi of ebay a few years ago. (honestly, with Japan’s obsession with limited edition items, I’m their ideal consumer, but I’d go crazy with FOMO). Pepsi Fire is interesting. The flavor isn’t so great, it’s ok, and maybe would be better in the winter (it’s vaguely jager-meats-cinnamon), but the burning sensation is really interesting. It’s more of a suggested experience than a suggested refreshment.

        I don’t remember there being fruit syrup in the shake, but maybe it wasn’t well mixed or something, like I said, I trashed it after a very small amount.

        I’d be surprised if Taco Bell didn’t have delivery soon. Up here, we have instacart, and they’ll deliver from costco (no membership needed!), whole paycheck, cvs or 8 other grocery stores within an hour or two with a $35 minimum. We also have seamless/grubhub, they deliver from a lot of random places, like ihop and national or mom-n-pop places. We have amazon prime fresh, they’ll deliver groceries same day, $65 minimum for “free” (where free means it’s an add-on prime service, so an extra $14 or so per month. I’ve never tried it because it just wasn’t worth it. Though amazon prime in general is a life necessity!). Places like panera and corner bakery deliver here. You order through the site, I don’t know if they use uber drivers or have their own drivers. BK delivery is done by their own drivers. Finally, there’s takeout taxi and waiter on the way here, they are the original restaurant marketing/delivery place. I know takeout taxi has been in business at least since I was in Miami, so the very early days of the internet. I don’t know how these services remain competitive though. They charge 6-10 per delivery, plus they charge a service fee AND a percentage of the order price (which really should be charged to the restaurant). Meanwhile, seamless/grubhub (and probably yelpeat24… they don’t have service in my area) use the restaurant’s set charge, usually from 0 to $3, and that’s it.

        Finally, I’ve only seen one of those front-seat fast food reviewers on youtube. I often prefer to read reviews rather than watch them. Sometimes youtube personalities make me feel like I’m watching billy mays or the shamwow! guy rhapsodize about a cheeseburger, and that’s just unpleasant. Anyway, back to the one guy I watched, I scrolled though his reviews from first to last (just the images, didn’t watch them all) and all I can say (and this is so mean, I know) is that I hope his popular channel is doing much more for his wallet than it is for his weight, because… well, the dude is looking REALLY unhealthy after a couple years of this.  Then again, I assume it’s not specifically his review diet, unless he eats lots of servings per review. Most people can eat fast food once a week w/o  starting to look just… unhealthy. Not just weight, but skin, everything. That’s mean, I know.

        As for youtubers talking about food, I can watch this rasta guy, Macka B “toast” about veggies all day long! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2bFRK5d2Ftc

  • June 8, 2017 at 5:00 am

    Pomai, I wonder what fast food companies are doing to us.  I am already a cheesehead kind of now with this

    with this new product becoming more of cheese human more than just head.

  • June 24, 2017 at 8:08 am

    I guess I’m in the minority when it comes to cereal shakes. Drove by BK today, they were advertising their Lucky Charms shake in addition to the Froot Loop one. Yuck


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