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BK Whopper® Toothpaste?

I went to Burger King today (Kaiulani Ave. Waikiki location) to try their new Crispy Chicken Sandwich (which was delicious BTW), where on the back of the receipt was an online survey promotion for a FREE Whopper®. So I actually went to take the survey to redeem my free Whopper® (you need that code), where at the end of the survey they blasted a Twitter feed for their new Whopper® Toothpaste. I was like, is this for real? It sure looked like it!

Well, according to Eater.com, as it turns out this is actually an April Fool’s joke Burger King has been doing regularly to create social media buzz. Guess it worked, as here I am talking about it on a food blog way out in Hawaii. ;-)

Following is the official Whopper® Toothpaste twitter feed:

And following is the “official” commercial for Whopper® Toothpaste:

Funny how the wife threatens to leave him after not brushing his teeth for two weeks in order to keep his breath “Whopper Fresh”, hence the reason for this product.

Now if you think that’s outrageous, Burger King has come up with some other doozies, such as, oh, how about the “Hands-Free Whopper® Holder“:

OMG, now that is HILARIOUS!!!

And yep, sure enough, BK’s marketing for this comes complete with a TV commercial:

I suppose you could “localize” that for Hawaii and rename it the “Hands-Free Musubi and Mango Holder”.  The punch line would be “Guaranz not going spill rice or mango juice on your shirt!” I can totally visualize the TV commercial for that one! lol

Not stopping there, head for the Chateau tasting room, as Burger King also has introduced “Whopper® Wine”:

And yep, there’s a TV commercial for that as well:

Funny, the grapes they show in the making of the wine are white (green colored) for white wines, while the finished product is a red wine. Fermented in flame-grilled Oak wood barrels, eh? Saw that one coming.

Finally, BK has also introduced the “Whopper Air Freshener”:

I guess that one wasn’t creative enough, as BK didn’t make a TV commercial for it.

A few more April Fool’s Whopper® ideas to consider:

  • BK Whopper® Ice Cream: With generous chunks and pieces of “swirled” flame grilled beef, pickles and veggies!
  • BK Whopper® Daily Multi-Vitamin Chewables: High in protein and carbohydrates! Formulated with our exclusive Whopper WeightGain™ Technology!
  • BK Whopper® Jelly Bellies®: Buttered Popcorn ain’t got nothin’ on these BK Bellies!
  • BK Whopper® Potato Chips: 4 out 5 surveyed say these chips taste like the real deal!
  • BK Whopper® Margarita Mix: The King changes his crown for a sombrero with this refreshing south-of-the-border cocktail classic!
  • BK Whopper® Motor Oil: Your car’s exhaust will smell like a fresh flame-grilled Whopper!
  • BK Whopper® Brake Fluid: Every time you hit the brakes on your car, it emits an intense aroma of a fresh flame-grilled Whopper!
  • BK Whopper® Bubble Bath & Body Wash: Bath and clean yourself in all the aromatic glory of our famous flame-grilled Whopper!
  • BK Whopper® Cologne for Men and Women: Wear this flame-grilled fragrance and you’ll have it your way tonight for sure!
  • BK Whopper Ceiling Fan: Circulates air any room, laced with the wafting aroma of a flame-grilled Whopper! Includes light kit shaped and colored like a Whopper!
  • BK Whopper® Ink Jet & Laser Toner Cartridges: All your printed documents will smell like a fresh flame-grilled Whopper®! *Available for all models of popular ink jet and laser printers.
  • BK Whopper® Computer Mouse: A Wif-Fi and Bluetooth enabled wireless base that converts any BK Whopper® into a clickable mouse.  Simply place that delicious pipin’ hot ‘n fresh flame-grilled Whopper you just bought from BK on the cursor-controlling base, and click away on the bun to get your computing work done! Right-click on that yummy beef patty inside for alt-key options. *Note, you can’t eat the Whopper until your computing session is done. lol

For more information, visit BK.com

*Please note the Tasty Island has no affiliation with Burger King, nor is this a paid advertisement.

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4 thoughts on “BK Whopper® Toothpaste?

  • April 12, 2017 at 9:46 am

    How about a tubular, spring loaded hands free Maki Sushi delivery device? Just roll, slice, load, sling around your neck, and eat. Let the push-up spring do all the work!!



    • April 12, 2017 at 12:13 pm


      Sounds like you’re suggesting something like a strap-on Pez Dispenser for Maki Sushi. Genius!

      Imagine though, a Pez Dispenser type delivery packaging “system” for Maki Sushi, where you buy fresh-made Maki Sushi “cartridges” that you load into the dispenser, similar to the candy version.

      Each Maki Sushi slice are separated from the next with a circular piece of wax paper to keep each sushi slice from sticking to the next.

      The whimsical head with large opening mouth of the Pez style Maki Sushi Dispenser would be that of say, a Sumo Wrestler. Ha ha, sounds like fun!

      I bet somewhere in Japan that’s already been done, knowing them with their penchant for automation.

  • April 13, 2017 at 9:59 am

    BK may be able to create their own products to promote the Whopper®, however recent news broke that other company’s such as Google, with their new Google Home AI assistant device (similar to Amazon Echo), aren’t havin’ them use theirs for the purpose.


    Interestingly, it doesn’t mention anywhere in the article (or from other news sources’ articles) anything about whether Burger King pays for advertising with Google. Could be an interesting conflict of interest twist there.

  • April 15, 2017 at 11:39 am

    BK did the whopper scented cologne a couple years ago!


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