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KCCFM: Lei’s Farm

Upon my usual Saturday morning stroll around the KCC Farmers Market recently, I came upon these oddly shaped Papayas shown above at the Lei’s Farm booth. As it turns out it’s a Thai Papaya.

Locally-grown Vietnamese Mangoes

Being quite elongated and large, the Thai Papaya reminds of a Vietnamese Mango (above) I tried a while ago, which as it turned out was super sweet!


It also reminds me of Upo, the Filipino Bottlegourd. That’s crazy, right?!

Above on the right you can see how the elongated Thai Papaya compares in size and shape to your typical SOLO Papaya you see everywhere. 

In my hand to scale, just how, ehem, “impressionable” the Thai Papaya is.

While I can’t remember the exact price per pound, I do remember the Thai Papaya was within range of the SOLO Papaya. Didn’t buy one nor sample any, so I can’t share how it tastes. If they’re there next Saturday, I’ll pick one up.

Another notable product from Lei’s Farm is their fresh-squeezed Iced Hawaiian Sugarcane Juice.

The juice is made from fresh Hawaiian Sugarcane stocks grown on Lei’s Farm in Puna, err, I mean Waialua, out on the North Shore of Oahu.

Using a special roller press “juicer”, they feed and squeeze the HECK out of each bark-like sugarcane stock, extracting every last drop of the precious naturally sweetened liquid.

I actually didn’t try Lei’s Fresh Iced Hawaiian Sugarcane Juice (they were giving out samples), but if the long line to buy some, and expression of those who were sipping on them were any indication, it’s really, really good! 

Along with that, Lei’s Farm also grows a wide variety of vegetables and fruits, showcasing how ideal the conditions are for farming out there in Waialua on Oahu’s North Shore.


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