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Safeway Cakes

I was in the Kapahulu Safeway the other day strollin’ around, where for some reason even though it’s always there, on this particular day their cakes caught my attention. As it turns out, they have one resident baker there, an asian lady (didn’t get her name), who does all (or at least most of) these beautiful edible works of art. Talk about skills!

Following are the cakes the Kapahulu Safeway had on display several days ago, as well as today. Enjoy. ;-)

A note before wrapping this up is, my sister Keanu used to decorate cakes super fancy like this, being the awesome baker she is. I remember her having all the pastry nibs to make different frosting shapes, and a whole bunch of cake pans in all shapes and sizes as well, mainly for making layered, multi-tiered wedding cakes. She could create AMAZING wedding cakes! Dang, we should start our own bakery. I bet we’d do really well! Souza’s Bakery. Keanu would be in charge of the kitchen,  brother-in-law accounting, I’d be in charge of marketing, and my niece Kamaile would be in charge of management. Perfect! And no, Portuguese Sweet Bread and Malasadas wouldn’t be all we’d do. lol

Oh, and one more piece of nostalgia, this time about Safeway the store itself: I used to frequent and practically hang out in the Safeway in Kaneohe Bay Shopping Center during my youth. In my pre-teen years going there at least several times a week for their fresh-baked glazed donuts; namely the massive “Texas Doughnut”, which was essentially a giant-sized glazed doughnut. They also had a chocolate covered Texas Doughnut. I don’t see Texas Doughnuts in their bakery anymore. The glazed Doughnut holes were super cheap too, so us neighborhood kids would get a huge bag of ’em.

Later in my high school years I became obsessed with cars and motorcycles (sportbikes). This was before the internet, when printed magazines were the only source for the latest and greatest cars and bikes. So I’d spend literally HOURS in the Kaneohe Safeway at the magazine rack reading mags like Motor Trend, Car and Driver, Hot Rod, Popular Mechanics, Cycle World and Motorcyclist. And everyone working there knew me so they were cool with it. Other than school, that’s probably where I got most of my writing skills, as I’d actually read entire magazine articles I was interested in. Now I have “A.D.D.” and only read parts of articles. lol

But yeah, next Don Quijote, Safeway is up there as one my favorite supermarkets. Kapahulu for the win! ;-)


5 thoughts on “Safeway Cakes

  • March 12, 2017 at 4:51 pm

    I don’t understand the pricing structure. Some of those cakes are ridiculously expensive for what they are. The confetti one, for example, is $30!!! I’m going to have to check the prices at my local Safeway. I know I’ve purchased fruit tarts there, and a mixed-fruit strawberry shortcake type thing, and they were around $15, but that was about 4 years ago. I think I would have noticed if the cakes were $30, now I’m really curious.

    Call me cheap, but I can’t imagine spending more than $25 on a cake, and that would have to be some sort of extra special, unique cake. Like made out of gold and fresh lychees, served by unicorns.

    • March 13, 2017 at 9:16 am


      There’s this Filipino bakery here called Red Ribbon, who for the life of me, charge an arm and leg for cakes. Average price is $25 for a basic CAKE! It doesn’t even make sense, being the Philippine Peso is very weak to the dollar. That said, there was a Red Ribbon in front of the supermarket I frequent that didn’t last a  year before closing. Nobody was buying.

      While I respect the artistic side of it as exemplified here, I personally don’t like cakes, much preferring fruity, juicy and/or custardy PIES!

      Now I remember you telling me something about your ex who had an infatuation with Safeway. Yet that Safeway was a “Creepy Safeway”. lol Rest assured, the Safeway I frequent on Kapahulu Avenue is not creepy at all. Only problem I have with it is they CRANK THE A/C, where it feels like you’re walking around in a walk-in refrigerator, it’s THAT COLD! Freakin’ ICE COLD in that Safeway!


  • March 13, 2017 at 1:22 pm

    I’ve been to lots of high-end bakeries, and I can see why they charge what they do. I just think it’s a waste of money.

    I also prefer fruit or custard (or fruit and custard) pies. I also make Flan a lot. I like cake only if I make it myself, or my mom makes it. White cake with raspberry preserves on top and in the middle, and desiccated coconut over the preserves. It’s always been my favorite. Aside from that, I do like cupcakes if the frosting is right. In Miami, cuban-style frosting was common. Kind of like a marshmallowy Italian meringue. Great texture, not too sweet on a light, fluffy cupcake. Nothing beats that. The main grocery store in Fl, Publix made the best cupcakes, I’ve never found any as good, so I’ve given up trying.

    But basically, yeah, fruit pie or custard for me. I’m not really that into sweets so I often don’t even try them unless they seem worth it. I always pass on the sweets at buffets, parties or catered events. However…there’s a cookie that Jews eat around this time, as part of the Purim holiday. It’s called Hamantaschen, and apricot is one of the typical flavors. I will NEVER pass up apricot Hamantaschen (the other flavors like poppy seed, prune, etc. don’t do it for me). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hamantash

    Yes, the ex and the creepy Safeway. Actually the ex was creepy too. The safeway hadn’t been remodeled to the now-typical dark wood floral area, dark wood bakery and deli area, nice produce section, etc. So it always looked dirty and gross, and was in a seedy location. Maybe they’ve remodeled it by now. All the other Safeways I’ve been to in the area have been fine. I just don’t shop there often unless I’m going for a specific product that my regular store doesn’t carry. Safeway and Giant are the main chains in this area (though now that I moved, I’m just a couple miles from Wegman’s), and I usually go to Giant because I’m a creature of habit… and because I like the gas points.

    I don’t find that grocery stores, or anywhere else, in this area (or in PA where I lived for a while) crank the AC. Back in FL, every place was freezing inside because it was so hot outside. Even on days over 100 here, stores don’t crank the AC. What is wrong with them? I guess, unlike me, they don’t like to be cold. (for example, I just went to get my mail in shorts, a tank top and flip flops, and we’re expecting snow tonight. The first of the winter, actually. This winter thought it was spring).


    • March 13, 2017 at 2:00 pm


      OK now you have me VERY interested in that Jewish Apricot Hamantaschen. Just the sound of it makes me wanna’ try it even more!

      Yuck. I don’t like the “marshmallow-ee” texture of Meringue frosting at ALL. Lemon Meringue Pie? Nope, not for me.  In fact, while I won’t use the word “hate”, let’s just say I very much dislike marshmallows. 3 Musketeers Bar? Rocky Road Ice Cream? No thanks. The only way you can get me to eat marshmallows is if it’s on a stick melted and blackened over an open fire. Even then, I might just sit there and let it burn to molten “napalm” ash without even eating it. lol

      Talk about dislike, cupcakes? The worst! Every time I see “Cupcake Wars” on the Food Network, my finger quickly flips the channel. Nightmares! What bothers me most about cakes and cupcakes is how dry and “bread-ee” they are. Even if it’s considered a moist cake, I still find it dry and unappealing. I gotta’ have that wet filling and flaky, rich crust that only a pie offers. Speaking of which, a pie we have here in Hawaii from the Big Island is Holy’s Pies. Each pie uses an entire stick of butter IN THE FILLING, on top of lots of butter that makes up the crust. I swear, you have not had a kick @ss Apple Pie until you’ve tried Holy’s Apple Pie. THE BEST! What’s neat is, they sell it in the stores frozen, unbaked . You take it home and pop it in the oven @350ºF, and  an hour later, you have a fresh-baked Apple Pie, just like it came straight from the bakery oven. It is FANTASTIC! It’s a little pricey for a frozen take-n-bake pie at about $17 each, but SO WORTH IT!

      Here on Oahu we have 4 main supermarkets: Safeway, Times, Foodland and Don Quijote. I personally prefer Don Quijote mainly because they have all kinds of imported asian groceries on top of the usual American products. Particularly Japanese foods ,my fave. Don Quijotes prices are also really good. For niche groceries, we have Whole Foods, and its local competitor Down to Earth, featuring vegan-friendly and organic groceries. We  have have two Japanese supermarkets Marukai and Nijiya Market. There’s this HUGE asian supermarket in Waipahu named Pacific Market that features all kinds if exotic groceries from Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and China. It’s CRAZY what they have in there. We also have this huge Korean market named Palama Market. Total trip as well!

      Then we have the big boxes Costco, Sam’s Club and of course Walmart, plus in recent years two Target. I actually prefer Sam’s Club over Costco, finding they have a better selection. Costco is starting to become more gourmet now instead of being about bulk savings. Sam’s is definitely more business-oriented for restaurants and related vendors. I usually only shop at Sam’s and Costco for non-perishable to “long term perishable” food products and cheeses, which you can’t beat their prices on that. I have to say though, I do like just walking around Costco and enjoy the free samples. lol

      Yeah, I don’t know what it is about the Kapahulu Safeway. It’s as if they want you to catch a cold in there! You seriously need a thick-lined winter jacket walking in that store! I guess on the plus side the perishable food they sell will stay fresher longer.

      As for temperature, currently here in Honolulu it’s 80ºF and sunny skies. Yawn. lol





  • March 14, 2017 at 4:56 am

    I love the cake slices at Safeway (Vons here in San Diego) – the cake is always tender and has an old-fashioned taste that’s becoming harder to find (I’m sure it comes from a mix.)


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