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Review: Hawaiian Host Matcha Macs

On behalf of the manufacturer, Marichris of Lotus Pond Communications sent me Hawaiian Host’ new Matcha Macs Green Tea Chocolate Covered Whole Macadamias to sample and review.

They’re described as being made by blending finely ground premium Matcha tea leaves with a signature creamy white chocolate, which is then poured over whole macadamia nuts that have been roasted to perfection.

It must also be noted straight out the gate that these new Matcha Macs are currently only being sold in retail stores in Hawaii. So there’s some sense of novelty and exclusivity to them for sure!

Above we have a beautifully wrapped gift set that includes a Hawaiian Host Matcha Macs 9-piece box, as well as a 2-piece snack pack, both including the same type of chocolate pieces inside.

The 9-piece box weighs 3.5 oz. net, while the 2-piece pack weighs .75 oz. Speaking of ounces and things that are green, hopefully when it’s legalized here, someone will make “Maui Wowie” Marijuana Mac Chocolates. Talk about REALLY being addicted to chocolate! LOL!

Along with their award-winning chocolate, another thing you can count on with Hawaiian Host is top quality packaging.

Nice story on the back of the box about the history of Hawaiian Host and its founder Mamoru Takitani.

The ingredients list is short, which is always a good thing.  I remember in Don Quijote they were playing a Hawaiian Host video loop, where IIRC, the narrator said something about them using real condensed milk for their chocolates. Must be the milk chocolate. This white chocolate uses all powdered milk products.

Interestingly there’s no artificial color listed, which has you thinking this white chocolate candy piece must be PACKED with matcha green tea powder to turn it so green. However in flavor, that wasn’t the case. More on that shortly.

If there were only enough match green tea in it, perhaps we could get an EGCG rating on there!  The metab’ booster!

Take note, as further explained in the press release at the end of this review, that Hawaiian Host currently has a drawing to enter to win a trip for two to Japan!

Whoomp, there it is. Looks like snacks for the Incredible Hulk. Or for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. “Hulk smash mac nuts!” I swear, sometimes I can be such a dork. LOL!

You know the rules here. Gotta’ get that “money shot”… both literally and hypothetically “Bustin’ the nut”? Sorry, couldn’t resist. LOL!!!. Where you see the whole Macadamia Nut is admittedly kinda’ small. I was hoping the Mac Nut-to-Chocolate Ratio would be more in favor of the nut. And it wasn’t just this one I cut open, but all the other five I tried out of the same box. The whole roasted Mac Nuts in all of them were on the small side. Like about the size of the tip of your ring finger (if you’re a guy).

The Macadamia Nut in the one on the right pictured above looks bigger, only because the Matcha-infused white chocolate was mostly bitten off from it by me. But that’s how I think it should be straight outta’ the box. Perhaps they use smaller Mac Nuts purposely so you taste more of the Matcha-infused white chocolate.

Speaking of the Matcha-infused White Chocolate, I “kinda” get that. I mean, it tastes more “earthy”, than really green tea-like, while being very creamy and, I must say very sweet. Perhaps too sweet for some people’s taste. One is fine. Two, and I was like “whoah”. After three I was “candied” out already in one sitting.

I went back and sampled two more the next day, and had the same impression.  The matcha green tea flavor is there, but subtle, where I think you’d have to be told what it was. I don’t think you’d get that tasting it blind. Again, you might think there’s something “earthy” about it, and that’s it.

And to further validate my impression of it, I had two other people try a piece BLIND (they didn’t look at it when I put it in their mouth), and they also couldn’t really pinpoint exactly what flavor it was, with one person reluctantly suggesting, “Is it tea?”

Basically what I’m saying is, I’d much prefer it to have so much green tea matcha flavor, where I psychologically feel for every calorie I consume of this otherwise rich white chocolate candy, I’ll burn it off from the metabolism-boosting EGCG in it. Ha ha!

Don’t get me wrong though, these new Matcha Macs are a mighty tasty Macadamia Nut chocolate flavor, definitely a keeper (especially with improvements as noted in summary below), and certainly worth trying. However I’m still a traditionalist and prefer Hawaiian Host’s classic milk chocolate covered Macadamia Nuts.

What? Hawaiian Host’s new Matcha Macs Green Tea Chocolate Covered Whole Macadamias
Where did you get it and how much does it cost? Sample for review from a local ad agency representing Hawaiian Host; available exclusively in Hawaii at select retails stores, including Longs, Don Quijote, ABC Stores, Walgreens, Walmart, Foodland, Safeway and the Navy Exchange
Big Shaka to: Cool-lookin’ bright green color; excellent quality white chocolate has that classic Hawaiian Host superior mouthfeel; matcha flavor is subtle, yet ever-so-slightly there enough to validate it (depending who and when?); whole roasted macadamia nut in each piece; beautiful packaging; great marketability, especially towards asian visitors who like green tea; losing weight drinking green tea (non-related, yet worth mentioning!); green-colored chocolate candy for super heroes! “Mowie Wowie” Mac Chocolate! lol
No Shaka to: Green Tea Matcha flavor could use some SERIOUS intensification, perhaps adding matcha powder to the outside of it, plus dusted around the Mac Nut within would do it!; whole roasted macadamia nut  in each piece is too small (Eh, no make “manju” laddat! lol);
The Tasty Island rating:

(3) Very Good.


To Celebrate the Launch, Hawaiian Host is Giving Away a Trip for Two to Japan!

HONOLULU, Hawaii (February 06, 2017) – Hawaiian Host®, Inc., the world’s leading brand and producer of chocolate covered macadamia nuts, has revealed its newest creation – Matcha Macs – a “Simply Perfect” combination of three delicious ingredients – Hawaiian Host’s signature white chocolate, premium Matcha, and whole roasted macadamias. To celebrate the launch and to pay homage to Japan, where Matcha originated many centuries ago, Hawaiian Host is giving away a trip for two to Japan to experience the 2017 Fall Taste of Tokyo and Hakone Tour courtesy of Non-Stop Travel. No purchase necessary.

“We are excited to unveil our new Matcha Macs exclusively in Hawai’i as we know our fans will truly appreciate the unique flavor combination of these delicious indulgences,” said Helen Liew, Vice President of Marketing at Hawaiian Host. “We’re extremely proud of our rich Hawai’i heritage and love to celebrate flavors and cultures from around the world where we find so much of our inspiration. Our new Matcha Macs are a perfect representation of fusing our worldfamous chocolate covered macadamia nuts with an authentic flavor that evokes a sense of comfort.”

To create such a decadent flavor profile, Hawaiian Host blended finely ground premium Matcha tea leaves with its signature creamy white chocolate, which is then poured over whole macadamia nuts that have been roasted to perfection. With more than 250 chocolate macadamia varieties, Matcha Macs are yet another way to “Indulge with a Little Aloha” anytime, anywhere. Currently available in Hawai’i only, Matcha Macs are available as a 2-piece bar or 3.5 oz. gift box, and can be found at fine retailers including: Longs, Don Quijote, ABC Stores, Walgreens, Walmart, Foodland, Safeway and Navy Exchange, which will include in-store


To add another layer of excitement around the product launch, Hawai’i residents are encouraged to enter for a chance to win a trip for two to Japan between February 12 and April 2, 2017. One lucky winner and a guest will enjoy a six-night, eight-day escorted tour to Nikko, Tokyo, Kamakura, Yokohama, Mt. Fuji, and Hakone. The destinations will include sightseeing of various shrines and beautiful natural environments, as well as shopping and activities such as sushi cooking classes. For entry guidelines, official rules and additional information, visit www.hawaiianhost.com. No purchase required.


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