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Review: Tiki Bar Candy

For the past year or so, curiosity always struck me about this new locally-made brand of chocolate staring at me at the supermarket checkout under the name Tiki Bar Candy. So recently I reached out to the company, asking if they’d be interested in a review of their entire product line on the Tasty Island. They were more than happy to, and kindly sent me one each of every Tiki Bar Candy item they currently make. Sweet!

Before we get to the review, a little background about the company behind Tiki Bar Candy. Pacific Tiki Company LLC started as a family run business in 2014 by Tonya and Pet Cavin. They’re based in Kahului, on the beautiful Valley Isle of Maui, Hawaii. All their candies are locally handmade, and hand wrapped as well. The company supports local business in their process as much as possible with some ingredients, marketing and packaging vendors.

Tiki Bar Candy products can currently be found at the following Hawaii locations: Don Quijote, Walgreens, Safeway, Times, Foodland, ABC Stores, Whalers General Stores, resort hotels & tourist locations, and additionally at some independent stores.

While I don’t know if any do, actual Tiki bars (where they serve Mai Tais and have over-the-top kitsch island-themed decorations) DEFINITELY should sell these as well! I have one really cool idea for that I’ll share later. ;-)

Above is the box company owners Tonya and Pete personally sent for this review, packed with one each of every Tiki Bar Candy product they currently make and distribute to stores. This is also the same box each flavor is packed in for merchandising in retail stores.

Open it up, and I hear angels singing. *Laaaaahhhhhhaaaaaaahhaaaaah* lol

Spread out all the Tiki Bar chocolate candy bars and Tiki Candy Mochi Crunch Pieces, complete with an aptly applied Tiki bar kitsch “Always Happy Hour” wall plaque,  Pacific Tiki Company stickers, Green Ti Leaves and Red Hibiscus —  Hawaii’s state flower — and we’re all set!

Before we try the Tiki Bar Candy chocolate bars, first let’s do the Mochi Crunch Pieces in Milk Chocolate Tiki Candy, since it’s the “One of these kids are not like the others” guy. lol

Note that they use the “Sakura” flower shaped Mochi Cruch covered in their milk chocolate.

And? First of all, their milk chocolate itself is MONEY! Smooth, with a silky mouthfeel, and just the right balance of chocolatey creaminess and sweetness. Definitely up there with Hawaiian Host and Big Island Candy’s milk chocolate in taste, texture and overall quality.

The combination of that with the shoyu-flavored Japanese rice crackers speckled with nori totally works. Love it! The Mochi Crunch is fresh ‘n crunchy, unaffected by the melted chocolate when they made it. The milk chocolate also adheres to the mochi crunch quite well, only chipping off if you deliberately try to.

If you’ve ever tried it, it’s kinda’ like chocolate-covered bacon, without the guilt and a lot more crunch. Salty meets sweet, meets savory/”umami”, meets crunchy would be the best way to describe it. All in the highest quality possible. We’re off to a great start!

Time now for the Tiki Bar Candy chocolate bar SMACKDOWN.  Let’s do this!

Let’s start with a flavor that SOUNDS “Tiki Bar-ish” and island-themed, the Tiki Bar Candy Dark & Chocolatey Toasted Coconut dark chocolate bar. It’s like, “Hey, I seen Mikey at the Tiki bar in Waikiki late Saturday night. Man, he looked like a toasted coconut!” LOL!

Each Tiki Bar Candy chocolate bar measures exactly 5-5/8″Lx1-9/16″Wx5/16″D, in an easy-to-eat and share breakaway 6-segment design.

And? First of all, I’m only OK with Dark Chocolate if it’s not bitter, too “dark” or earthy and harsh, and this dark chocolate is none of that. Like their milk chocolate, Tiki Bar’s dark chocolate has the perfect balance of sweetness, while the chocolate flavor is deep, but not so much as if you’re gnawing on a cacao seed. It’s like a “baby step” towards dark chocolate instead of a giant leap, if you know what I mean.

This, clearly because their dark chocolate actually does contain milk (powdered). Regardless of that, Diner K tried it and she’s allergic to dairy, yet it didn’t affect her. She didn’t get any adverse reaction, and thoroughly enjoyed it!

Texture-wise, just like their milk chocolate, the dark chocolate has a wonderful mouthfeel and silkiness to it. It also melts relatively quickly from the heat in your mouth, unlike some really dark chocolates that don’t do that. So you get the taste of the chocolate faster and more evenly on your taste buds.

As for the toasted coconut, there was indeed real toasted coconut generously blended into the chocolate bar, and it was fantastic! It’s like a compacted Mounds with a slightly toasty accent and texture. Great! 5 Musubi for the Tiki Bar Candy Toasted Coconut dark chocolate bar!

Next up, the Tiki Bar Candy Dark & Chocolatey PB & Pretzel dark chocolate bar.

A quick note on the underside of this one, because there’s actual crumbled pieces of crunchy pretzel sticks in there, you can see the texture of that coming through.

And? OK, the Dark and Chocolatey PB & Pretzels was easily both mine and Diner K’s favorite of all the dark chocolate bars. Yum! The nutty flavor from from the peanut butter, combined with the toasty saltiness of the pretzels and crunchy texture, all enveloped in that luscious dark chocolate is a winning match! It sounds super delicious, and it is super delicious! Diner K liked this one so much, she’s gonna’ go to the store and get more!

Next up, the Dark &  Chocolatey Chile Peppers.

And? Whoah Nelly! This one really is SPICY HOT! This has as much “Scoville kick” as that Naked Chicken Chalupa I tried recently. Enough where I had a difficult time even getting through one segment of the bar. Then again, I’m a whimp when it comes to spicy hot food, so take that with a grain of salt. Note in the ingredients that it has Ancho Chile, ceyenne pepper and Saigon cinnamon, giving this a 1-2-3 light yo’ mouth on fiyah’ punch!

Must say though, that spicy kick and Ancho Chile flavor matched the dark chocolate quite well, and this would definitely win the hearts of those who are a fan of both, yet never tried them together!

Next up, Tiki Bar Candy Dark & Chocolately Crystallized Ginger dark chocolate bar.

And? Just like all the others tried so far, the Dark & Chocolately Crystallized Ginger tastes exactly as described. If you’re familiar with the flavor of sugar-coated dried ginger “candy” they sell in the crack seed section, imagine taking that and crystallizing it, then mixing it in dark chocolate, and this is what it is. And it tastes exactly like that blend. It’s good, but not particularly for me, only because I don’t really care for candy ginger. If you do, again, you’d dig this for sure.

Next up, the Mele Kalikimaka! Peppermint Crunch dark chocolate bar.

And? If you ever tried Giradelli’s Peppermint Bark, which is their own  special flavor for the holiday season, this is pretty much like that, with bits of peppermint candy mixed in the dark chocolate vs. in white and milk chocolate as the Giradelli version is. It’s definitely excellent, but more of a “mood” flavor for me than something I’d crave every day. If you’re an Andes fan or general mint chocolate fan, you’d dig this one as well.

Before we go onto the milk chocolate bars, you might be wondering how I cleansed my palate between tasting so many varieties of chocolate, and that would be none other than a glass of cold whole milk. Works for me.

On to the milk chocolate bars, next up we  have the Hawaiian Sea Salt  & Caramel style.

And? Dude, I LOVE salted caramel, so when I seen this in the box, I was like “I got dibs on that one!” And it did not disappoint. AWESOME SAUCE! As in literally there’s a ribbon of gooey caramel that runs within and right across the entire milk chocolate bar.

I must note that I did “temper” these bars, meaning to bring them to a warm enough temperature so the chocolate wasn’t too congealed. Enough where the chocolate melted on my finger tips as I held each piece while sampling it. Similar to how you should temper cheese and ice cream before serving. That said, my only wish is that the caramel was a little more melted, as it was a bit “tight”. Still, this is super ono and another one of my faves!

Next up, the Tiki Bar Candy Mochi Crunch milk chocolate bar.

And? Again, it tastes exactly as described, like a Mochi Crunch-laden milk chocolate bar. The Mochi Crunch are crushed up, so it’s bits ‘n pieces, just like the PB & Pretzels version. All the good things I said about the Mochi Crunch covered in Milk Chocolate applies here, simply in a different form factor. Excellent!

Saving what I think is the best for last, we have the Tiki Bar Candy Macadamia Nut milk chocolate bar.

And? If I won a year’s supply of Tiki Bars, but only could choose one flavor, this would be the one I’d want. I’m nuts about nuts, and LOVE chocolate covered Macadamia Nuts. In fact, I’m not really a chocolate fan to be honest. But if it has nuts in it? Hook me up! And Tiki Bar Candy’s Macadamia Nut hits all the right notes of what a great Chocolate covered Macadamia Nut candy should taste like. With the only exception being the Mac nuts are chopped into bits ‘n pieces. Which actually gives it a more even eating experience, vs. just one big nut in the center.

Add to that the excellent mouthfeel and taste of their milk chocolate, and this is up there with the best of the best of its kind. It’s the most familiar and simplest of all these to translate to your palate, and with that, simply the best.Winner!

Now with a name like Tiki Bar, I think a Tiki Bar dark chocolate shot glass made out of their chocolate, with their logo embossed on it would be “boss”! To start, name the hard liquor shots poured in it after the names of their chocolate bars, such as:

  • The Dark & Chocolately Coconut: Kahlua and Coconut Liqueur
  • The Dark & Chocolatey Ginger: Kahlua and Ginger Liqueur
  • Peppermint Tiki: Peppermint Twist

I’m not a mixologist, but you get the idea.

They also definitely gotta’ do Tiki-shaped chocolates like this:

Perhaps do that as a special commemorative limited edition to celebrate their anniversaries.

As mentioned earlier, Tiki Bar Candy chocolate bars can be found at most major grocery stores and visitor convenience shops around the islands, where above is an entire shelf of endcap at Don Quijote’s Kaheka location stocked with them. Here, in the made in Hawaii candy, snacks and coffee area at the front of the store near the entrance.

Don Quijote also has them in the checkout area with other impulse item candies ‘n snacks. Comparing the price to say a Hershey’s chocolate bar, that was on sale for $1/1.45 oz serving vs. regular retail price of $2.39/2 oz. serving of the Tiki Bar. Not too bad for a made in Hawaii product, hand-made and from Maui on top of that! Plus, you get all those exotic, unique flavors to choose, with real deal ingredients in them!

What? Tiki Bar Candy
Pacific Tiki Company LLC
PO Box 330764
Kahului, Hawaii  96733
Where did you get it and how much was it? Provided by manufacturer as a sample for review; available for sale at retail stores across Hawaii ($2.39/2 oz. bar), as well as online from their website
Big shaka to: Excellent quality dark and milk chocolate; real ingredients make up its various flavors; tastes exactly as described; easy to eat and share in break-away segments; catchy name with a great logo and packaging; relatively reasonable price; hand-made in Hawaii (Maui no ka oi!); islandwide retail distribution for easy accessibility; supports local business
No shaka to: n/a
SPAM Musubi rating: 5!

P.S. I was at Sea Life Park a few days ago, where I came across this VERY FAMILIAR looking logo used for their Tiki Bar, located in the “Makapu’u Meadows” Luau lawn area….

Same font!



3 thoughts on “Review: Tiki Bar Candy

  • February 16, 2017 at 4:56 am


    I travel a lot taking lot of light weight gift is so important to me.  I like candies as gifts and also my cousins like

    Pipikaula too .  Sausages from the island are great with taro breads.

    • February 16, 2017 at 11:09 am


      Tiki Bars are perfect omiyage for travel, being they’re small ‘n light to pack, and only available for retail sales in Hawaii stores (for the most part). Unlike say, Hawaiian Host, which you can find in mainland stores  across the US now (my sister could get them at the Costco in Missouri). Tiki Bars are also still relatively new to market, so there’s also that novelty “cool factor” about it, too!

  • February 16, 2017 at 12:08 pm


    I think the Chocolate Shop Wine, Walla,Walla, Washington has the market tied up in various chocolate wines. I’very been purchasing their wine products for over 10 years.

    Nothing makes a female melt faster than rich sweet dark chocolate and a glass or two or three of chocolate wine.


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