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Coverage: 2017 Punahou Carnival

Now in its 58th year, the 2017 Punahou Carnival took place this past Friday and Saturday, February 3rd and 4th, with the theme this year being “Back to the ’50s”. Originally started in 1932 to raise funds for the school’s yearbook, this event is heralded as the island’s most popular and crowd-packed of its kind, with favorites being the E.K. Fernandez rides of course, as well as the White Elephant Sale, along with their highly acclaimed and famous Portuguese Bean Soup and Malasadas. Plus a whole lot more ono ‘kine grindz ‘n fun. 

Other school fundraising attractions included the Carnival Art Gallery with over 1,000 art pieces by local artists for sale. As well as the Silent Auction, where you could bid on everything from collectibles such as autographed pro sports memorabilia, to vintage wine, gift baskets, to VIP parking passes for next year’s carnival.

Being there’s so many photos, the Tasty Island’s coverage of this event is split into several subpages for this post as follows:

Page 1: Da’ Grindz (you are here)
Page 2: Games ‘n Rides
Page 3: Art Exhibit & Silent Auction
Page 4: Shop
Page 5: Around & About

Da’ Grindz

“Good Noodle, Miss Poodle” Noodle Bowl station

“Good Noodle, Miss Poodle” Bowl of Noodles (local style chow mein) 

“Saimin-N-Out” station, serving Saimin, Maki Sushi, Cone Sushi and Musubi

“Saimin-N-Out” Saimin

“Saimin-N-Out” Musubi

“T-Bird Tacos” station

“T-Bird Tacos” Beef Nachos with Cheese and Taco Salad

“T-Bird Tacos” Taco Salad, fully dressed

“T-Bird Tacos” Señorita (notice the 2017 Punahou Carnival pattern apron)

Plain or Buttered Corn on the Cob from the “Barbershop Corntet” station (served in a hot dog wrapper)

Carnival stand fresh-made Pretzel (huge!)

Carnival Pizza Stand near the Carnival’s main entrance gate at the corner of Wilder Ave. & Punahou

Carnival stand fresh-baked Pepperoni Pizza

FunTimeFoods carnival drinks

“Cha Cha Chicken Plate” station

Chicken Plate with Rice, Mac Salad and Kim Chee – 18 scrips ($9) or 15 scrips ($7.50) for a 1/2 chicken

“Cadillac Cones” Ice Cream Station

Novelty Ice Cream Bars

“James Dean Bean Soup” station, serving Punahou Carnival’s famous Portuguese Bean Soup (with very long lines!)

Punahou Carnival’s famous Portuguese Bean Soup (as broke da’ mout’ onolicious winnahz this year as always!) ~ large 32 oz. container for 12 scrips ($6)

Another dipped “spoon shot” angle of the PBS

Hawaiian Plate Cafeteria (Punahou School’s Dole Hall, the main campus cafeteria)

Inside Punahou School’s Dole Hall, the main campus cafeteria (the service windows on the left were where to get the Hawaiian Plate)

Punahou Carnival Hawaiian Plate: Lau Lau, Rice, Poi, Lomi Salmon, Sweet Potato, Pineapple Haupia ~ 20 scrips or $10 cash

Hawaiian Plate Booth Entertainment Schedule

“Marilyn Monralasadas” Malasadas station

“Malasadas Sugaring & Packaging Technicians” (Punahou student volunteers)

A Punahou Carnival Malassadas story from a Honolulu Advertiser archive on display at the tent

A bag of Punahou Carnival’s famous pipin’ hot ‘n fresh Malasadas ~ 1 scrip (50 cents) each, or 10 scrips/dozen (limit 2 dozen per customer order)

We have a contender for Punahou Carnival’s “Biggest Malasada”!!! This buggah’ was MASSIVE!!! “M-M-M-MUCHO-MALASADA”!!!

Ah, that’s more realistic in size now! Notice how Punahou Carnival’s Malasadas are formed in a sort of random pinched “U” shape; not necessarily with a “puka” in the middle like a doughnut, nor in a ball shape like Leonard’s and Champion Malasadas

Oh yes! Punahou Carnival’s Malasadas have THE BEST TEXTURE & FLAVOR! Excellent”chew” to them, with just the right airiness, while being deep-fried and sugar coated perfectly! I still say Punahou could BANK if they opened a brick ‘n mortar PUNAHOU CARNIVAL MALASADA SHOP somewhere on the campus where the general public could buy them anytime of year. There, they could also sell residual carnival T-shirts and other alumni logo wear. BANK! $$$

2017 Punahou Carnival “Back to the ’50s” 50 cent Scrips (sheet of 20 Scrips for $1

Please check out the following subpages for more coverage!

Page 1: Da’ Grindz (you are here)
Page 2: Games ‘n Rides
Page 3: Art Exhibit & Silent Auction
Page 4: Shop
Page 5: Around & About



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