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Year of the Rooster

Kung Hee Fat Choy! Today, January 28, 2017, marks the Chinese lunar New Year, the year of the Rooster! Yay! My year was last year, the Year of the Monkey. And boy, what a year that was!

I was at Safeway Kapahulu this morning (1.28.17), when upon perfect timing, a Chinese Lion Dance group just started performing for all the businesses there as a token of good fortune for the New Year. 

Following is a YouTube video I shot when they began, dancing in front of a long string of firecrackers to chase away the evil spirits. Be gone!

Speaking of firecrackers, I remember back in the day my folks insisted on Duck Brand from China, being they were louder with a lot less duds, versus the Thunder Brand. Well aptly named and labeled for the Year of the Rooster, the firecrackers you want to get to celebrate this year is Cock Brand!…

Cock Brand Supercharged Firecrackers

They should add several bursts on the front label shouting “THRUSTING ACTION WHEN IT POPS!“, “LONG and LOUD!” and “EXPLOSIVE FINALE!” lol!

As for celebration grindz, you know who’s busy today on Chinese New Year in Chinatown Honolulu (besides EVERYWHERE), right? Yup, Lee’s Bakery, famous for their Custard Pie!..

Lee’s Bakery (King Street, Chinatown Honolulu) famous Custard Pie

And of course on Chinese New Year you gotta’ have some Gau! (Chinese “Mochi”)…

Gau for Chinese New Year symbolizes the following:

• The round shape represents family and community are coming back together full circle
• Its stickiness suggests family and community cohesiveness and integrity
• The Date on top symbolizes good luck; red in Chinese is the color of luck
• The sesame seeds sprinkled on top encourage fertility

Once again, Kung Hee Fat Choy! Here’s to the Rooster!

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