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Hawaiian-Style Musubi Cookbook


Hawaiian-Style Musubi Cookbook
Written by Ashley Oshiro and Tom Kowach

Hawai‘i’s first all-Musubi cookbook by the inventor of Ko Craft Mo Bettah and Bambucha musubi makers

HONOLULU, HI. & TORRANCE, CA. – Musubi is set to take off as America’s newest snack food. Undoubtedly a favorite snack in Hawai‘i, its popularity spread to the mainland with former Hawai‘i residents who took this amazing food with them to share with friends and neighbors.

In Hawai‘i, and California musubi is found where ready-to-eat Hawaiian food is sold. It is eaten at all times of the day and often shows up at school bake sales, potlucks, gatherings, and celebrations.

Hawaiian-Style Musubi Cookbook, published by Mutual Publishing, is Hawai‘i’s and America’s first recipe book devoted entirely to musubi. Over 80 creative and delicious recipes integrate Hawai‘i’s favorite foods like teriyaki, katsu, and chili with the traditional nori wrapper and rice.

Traditionally triangular in shape, this book features the rectangular-shaped musubi that can be easily made using a musubi maker or mold. (Musubi first came to Hawai‘i with plantation workers from Japan).

Ashley Oshiro, born and raised on Kaua‘i, and her husband, Tom Kowach, inventor of Ko Craft Mo Bettah and Bambucha musubi makers, have taken musubi to the next level showing how versatile this home-cooked food can be and how easy it is to prepare at home.

Their Hawaiian-Style Musubi Cookbook is destined to spread the word about how versatile, convenient, and great-tasting musubi is. Enjoy dishes like mochiko chicken musubi, beef katsu musubi, beef teriyaki musubi, and of course, Spam® musubi! Perfect for today’s lifestyle and for homemakers who need a quick, easy-to-make food for their families, this musubi cookbook is a must for your kitchen shelf.

6 x 9 in., softcover wire-o • 128 pages • $13.95

KO CRAFT Mo’ Bettah Musubi Maker (made of Stainless Steel; also available in Acrylic)

KO CRAFT Mo’ Bettah Musubi Maker

The popular Hawaiian snack food musubi continues to grow in popularity on the mainland. Sales of SPAM® musubi and chicken katsu musubi are at all time highs at local Hawaiian restaurants.

 To meet this growing demand, Tom Kowach of the Kauai Shave Ice Co. has invented an innovative musubi mold called the Ko Craft Mo’ Bettah Musubi Maker. The new patent pending musubi maker allows the user to make up to nine musubi at the same time. This musubi maker greatly reduces the time and effort required to make many musubi.

 A quantity of nine corresponds to the amount of slices made by a common commercial lunchmeat slicer. Now, there is a perfect match for making a whole can of SPAM® musubi at once. Enough to feed the whole family.

 Additionally the maker comes with a three-pad rice press, which also helps to speed up the assembly process and make it easer to create musubi. The innovative musubi maker features four removable dividers that allow for different types of musubi to be made at once. The dividers are easily removed once the rice-food block is created and then can easily be wrapping in nori. The dividers also make it easy to clean the maker.

 The Ko Craft Mo’ Bettah Musubi Maker comes in an acrylic version for occasional use and a stainless steel version for frequent use or when commercial quality is desired. The Ko Craft musubi makers are available for order from the firms on-line website store at https://MusubiMaker.com.

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