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Grindz of the Day: Biru, Stew, Saimin and O-Banyaki

We start today’s “Grindz of the Day” from the bottom of the barrel… or perhaps keg, in the form of Lagunitas SUCKS Ale. A new flavor spotted at the Hawaii Kai Costco, boldly trying to attract attention on an endcap in front of said aisle. Which I must say, you’d think would be the most “un-PC” place for this product to be so boldly displayed. Imagine that “conservative” grandma from Portlock casually strolling by in her motorized cart asking, “Oh my, what is this world coming to? Now they’re selling beer that sucks?” LOL!!!!!

Hold on for the ride and put on  yo’ dancin’ shoes, Grandma, because Lagunitas ain’t done yet. Oh no. They’re pulling some Rolling Stones on you now with some Brown Shugga!…

How come you taste so good?!!! Get yo’ Mick Jagger groove on!

Are we done with Lagunitas yet? Nope. Not ’til we get a little Sumpin’, Sumpin’…

Actually, Lagunitas happens to be one my favorite IPAs (not shown, obviously) on tap, which they offer at Mai Tai Bar. Super “hoppy”. Woot!

While we’re in the beer aisle, this time at the Kapahulu Safeway, I went spock this “Mahalo” Beer. Well, at least that’s what I initially thought the brand was, until closer inspection, which turned out to be Kona Brewing Company.

I just thought this was a little ironic, as one time we had Aloha Brewing Company Beer. So Mahalo Brewing Company would have been par for the course. How about Pauhana Brewing Company? Good Lord, the Hawaiian names for brewing companies could go on and on for years. With lots of Kala to be made! Oh, hey, Maui Brewing Company is opening a new restaurant in Waikiki soon, where it was formerly Jimmy Buffets, formerly before that, the home of Don Ho. No word yet on whether they’ll have a “Moana IPA”, or a “ROCK Hard Lager”.

While we’re in hard core mode, next up is my latest batch of Mechado, a Filipino style beef stew, introduced to me by my former coworker Diner C. This is by far THE BEST beef stew you will EVER taste. Period. Every time I make Beef Mechado, no matter who tries it, always wants more and more, and begs me for the recipe, which is right here on this blog. Dude, seriously, by far, THE BEST BEEF STEW you will ever taste. 

Notice how I fry the potatoes and put them on top, versus mixing it in the stew. THAT’s the key right there! The Chinese Parsley also really adds a nice contrast to the otherwise super savory flavor of the beef stew. And when I say savory, I mean it! Umami to da’ max!

Still on Filipino style stew, check this out…

May’s Pork Adobo? That’s a first for me. Don Quijote was clearing it out for a thrifty 99 cents, so of course I bought one, however I didn’t try it yet. Still in the freezer.

Refrigerated, of course it looks all congealed, however I’m sure after heated up it’ll be pretty decent. If not, I’ll “doctor” it up. Oh no, not da’ kine, where da’ boyfriend and/or husband screws up the meal “playing doctor” in da’ kitchen, eh? Been there, had that? lol

Speaking of stew, unless you grew up or worked in a kitchen using this to ingredient, I bet you’d never know what this is above. Which is Hasu, the Japanese term for Lotus Root. I spotted this yesterday at the KCC Farmers Market, and had NO CLUE what it was, as I always thought Lotus Root looked more like Daikon, as in one section, not multi-sectional. This looks totally foreign to me.

 One of my favorite applications for Lotus Root, a.k.a. Hasu is in a popular Japanese stew called Oden…

See my late Aunty Betty Sakamoto’s AWESOME recipe for Oden here!

While we’re on broth-based grindz, this is how I roll with my Saimin at home, as shown above. CHOKE da’ green onion. CHOKE da’ Kamaboko. And CHOKE da’ Kaneshiro Farms Egg Omelet for that mega protein punch!

Speaking of asian noodles, every time I hit Wang Chungs, arguably THE BEST KARAOKE BAR in HAWAII, it always brings a smile to my face when I see “Mrs. Choi”, as they affectionately have nick named “her”. Wang Chung’s “Mrs. Choi” was actually created by Margaret Kilgallen, an artist from San Francisco. I so love you “Mrs. Choi”. You’re like the perfect ‘imperfect” wife! She’s like, “What you like? Pho? Ramen? No mattah what, I make a’ fo’ you” Puffffffff. (my lame attempt at verbalizing what it sounds like to smoke a cigarette) LOL!!!

Spotted at Sam’s Club on “Koreamoku” this past week was this here “Picnic Pal”, which would certainly come in handy in keeping them pesky pests away from your ono ‘kine grindz at the beach. Or perhaps to lock your kids up in there when they become pests. at least temporarily just for fun. Nah, knowing them, they’ll like it in there and not want to come out. lol

Finally, while still in shopping mode, we’re back at Don Quijote, where about two weeks ago for several days they featured this here O-Banyaki, a Japanese style “pancake”, filled with azuki, green tea and/or custard.

While I honestly didn’t try it (they were handing out samples), I asked a cute nihongin gal what she thought, to which she replied “mamadesu” (so so).

These O-Banyaki reminds me of Bunmeido’s Mikasayama….

Mikasayama – “Red Bean Jam Pancake Sandwich”

Not to mention the KC Drive Inn Waffle Dog

Shoots, all we need from here is one  KC Drive Inn “Ono Ono Shake”!


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  • December 20, 2016 at 8:51 am

    Mechado looks awesome.  I’ll have to try it.  Looks like you browned the potatoes – nice!


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