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11.08.16 Tasty Island Polls Analysis

Fitting for this historic General Election Day, let’s take a look back at some of the “key” polls on this food blog and see where we’re at so far. How many of you “red and blue states” are split between choosing whether Vienna Sausage can balance the budget or not. Or if Aloha is better than Kikkoman Shoyu when it comes to foreign condiments policy. Plus many more fun foodie choices you’ve made over the years here. Note, most of the following polls are still open, so if you haven’t yet, cast your vote!

Reviewing the results thus far in the “Cake Noodle” poll, created on October 21, 2016, an overwhelming 75% of you out of 97 total votes said you “Love the stuff!”. 9% of you “Never heard of the stuff”, which exemplifies the point all along that “Cake Noodle” is exclusively a Hawaii dish, rare if none-existent outside our island shores.

Reviewing the results for “Vienna Sausage” poll, created September 5, 2016, while not a majority, 39% of you out of 85 total votes said you “Love the stuff!”, while the rest were mostly split between “It’s OK” to “Yuck!”

I voted “It’s OK”, however if I were still a kid, I would have voted “Yuck!”, as let’s just say I never cared for Vienna Sausge AT ALL back then.

Reviewing the results for the “Cake vs. Pie” poll, created May 5, 2015, 70% of you out of 20 total votes (wow, that one’s popular lol) said you “Love Both Cake & Pie!”, equally.

I’m one of the minority I guess here, being I was one of the 4 that voted “I Love Pie”, and certainly for the most part do not like cake. In fact, in the office whenever there’s a birthday, and they start passing the birthday cake around, I’m the guy that usually says “pass” on it. It’s pie or nothing for me. ;-)

Reviewing the results for the “What’s Your Favorite Shoyu Brand” poll, created October 2, 2014, rather surprising to me, was that it was pretty much evenly split around 30% each between Aloha, Kikkoman and Yamasa brand Shoyu, out of a total of 131 votes. I would have never known Yamasa would have been up there with the other two. However maybe I should have, being Yamasa happens to be my favorite of the “mainstream” shoyu brands.

That said, if you’ve never tried it yet, you MUST try this shoyu brand named Kawanaka, produced in Hiroshima, Japan. It’s infused with Bonito, so it has this super “Umami” flavor profile. The best, especially if you’re using it as a shoyu for dressing Tofu or as a dipping sauce. Personally learned about that brand from Paul Uyehara, President of Aloha Tofu. Props!

Reviewing the results so far for the “SPAM® Teriyaki” poll, created May 5, 2014, out of 150 total votes 27% of you said you “Tried it and it sucks”, while right behind that, 20% of you never tried it yet.

Whether that still stands is up in the air, as SPAM Teriyaki has been out for quite a while now. Let me put it this way where I’m at on it: ever since I first tried SPAM Teriyaki for that review, that was the only time I bought that flavor. ;-\

Reviewing the results so far for the “Which type of Tofu do you prefer?” poll, created October 3, 2013, out of 137 total votes, surprisingly to me, the vote was almost evenly split about 20% each between soft and firm tofu, where I assumed firm tofu would win the majority.

If you haven’t yet, you gotta’ try Aloha’s Oboro Tofu, using a special coagulant from the Big Island of Hawaii that makes it super silky-soft. Oishii-so!

Reviewing the results so far for the “In-N-Out Burger in Hawaii?” poll, created February 5, 2013, out of 252 total votes, a whopping (get it?) 73% of you said “Yes! Yes! Yes! I’ve been waiting all these years for one to open in Hawaii!”, while only 8% of you are against the idea.

Which reflects the trend as, fast-forward 2016, where Johnny Rockets and Five Guys Burgers have recently opened shop on Oahu, joining the likes of The Counter, along with local faves Teddy’s and Honolulu Burger Co., to name a few.  So it’s safe to say specialty burger joints are a continuing upward trend here in the islands. Most definitely In-N-Out would BANK here.

Reviewing the results for the “Brined Turkey” poll, created November 14, 2012, out of 136 total votes, 61% of you said  you “Wouldn’t have it any other way!”, while the next highest vote of 15% “I never tried a brined turkey.”

Well, since Thanksgiving Day is right around the corner, I highly recommend the latter of you DO TRY a brined turkey, as it makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE in flavorful, moist and tender results. Learn more about a brining a turkey here!

Reviewing the results for the “Chopsticks Preference” poll, created February 13, 2009, out of 280 total votes, out of a wide variety of chopsticks styles to choose as your preference, the highest vote at 31% went to Japanese chopsticks, which happen to also be my style of choice. In fact, while I have not one drop of asian blood in my system, a majority of the time when I’m dining, I prefer chopsticks over a fork.

Reviewing the results for the Iriko” (Japanese dried Anchovies) poll, created November 4, 2008, out of 277 total votes, 40% of you said “I grew up with Iriko, yet today don’t eat it as often. Still, good stuff.” Not surprisingly, the next highest vote at 24% said you “Never tried Iriko before, but it looks (or sounds) like something I’d like to try.”

Well, if you like salty and savory things on rice, chances are you will LOVE Iriko!

With that, have a great Election Day! This will be VERY interesting!


One thought on “11.08.16 Tasty Island Polls Analysis

  • November 8, 2016 at 2:47 pm

    Just got back from the polls in my precinct, spending about 1 hour in line, and another 40 minutes to vote, then wait in line again to feed my ballot (2 pages) into the electronic counting machine. Not too bad. Weather was nice, and parking was plenty at my polling place, so that helped. Don’t think I’ll ever go to mail-in voting, as I enjoy the in-person process of voting, as it feels more like a civic duty accomplished.

    Whatever the case, this is going to be a LONG NIGHT!



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