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Halloween in Waikiki 2016

Let’s take another foodie break, as it’s time once again to check out the wild antics of Halloween in Waikiki 2016. You might think with it falling this year on a Monday that it wouldn’t be as “nuts”, but nope. Never a dull moment on Halloween night in “Waikz”, as it certainly was exciting as ever last night.

This year I didn’t dress-up in costume, going strictly in photographer mode. I situated myself in one place, staying most of the night from about 9pm to 2am in front of Armani Exchange in the Waikiki Shopping Plaza, on the mauka side of Kalakaua Avenue, directly across the street of the center garden court of the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center.

There, where I had good back-lighting to help my shots out. I was  also surrounded by lots of HPD officers, which was nice, as it kept the crowd well behaved in my area, while everyone I asked for photos was more than willing to strike a pose. So huge mahalos to you all for that!

The following photos were all taken with my trusty Canon PowerShot S100 point-n-shoot still camera. Please note, some of the shots are a little “risque”, therefore viewer discretion advised.

Enjoy. ;-)


And that wraps up the 2016 Halloween photos I was able capture at my spot in “Waikz”. Until the next post, toodles! ;-)

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3 thoughts on “Halloween in Waikiki 2016

  • November 2, 2016 at 2:01 pm

    Great pictures!  And I was at home with a cold on Halloween.

    BTW the Canon S100 is my favorite camera of all time.

  • November 3, 2016 at 5:57 am

    Howzit Jerry,

    Hey, is that your RD400 website? I remember when I first got into sportbikes in high school, the first bike I lusted for was the Japanese market only 2-stroke V-3 Honda NS400R, which was the competition back in 1986 to the GP racer-gone-street Yamaha RZ500, packin’ a 2-stroke V-4. This, also against the 2-stroke square-4 (2 crankshafts) Suzuki RG500 Gamma.

    Speaking of motorcycles and Halloween, I need to repair my Kikaida costume (that’s me to the right, the first year I made and wore it), as there’s some minor damage to the helmet/mask clear cover. Totally fixable. That said, I think I’m actually back in decent physical shape to wear it again (Kikaida was a really skinny “android” dude). I remember one year when I wore that costume, a couple guys on the street commented, “Whoah Kikaida, you put on weight, eh?” LOL!!!

    Regarding the Canon S100, I thought my Note 5’s camera could keep up, however cellphone LED flash still can’t compare to a strobe flash from a dedicated camera. In day light, the Note 5 takes EXCELLENT shots. However with these night scenes, I still depend on my point-n-shoot dedicated camera. At least the S100 is small and pocketable. Main thing. I would NEVER lug an SLR rig around with me.

  • November 3, 2016 at 8:44 am

    Wow you had some cool 2-stroke bikes and Kikaida, alright!  The RD400 site belongs to my friend.  There’s a handful of us riders on Oahu who have RD400’s, RZ350’s and Kawasaki triples.


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