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Grindz of the Day: “Fly Rice” ‘n more fun stuff

We begin today’s very fun “Grindz of the Day” at Korean Kang Nam Style Yakiniku BBQ, which recently (like in the last month as of this post) took the place of Chai’s Waikiki, where was originally Singha Thai, Chai’s original authentic Thai cuisine restaurant. This, being at the basement corner of the Canturbury Place condominium in Waikiki, right across Wailana Coffee Shop and the Hilton Waikiki property. You may also know this spot for the restaurant above, which for a long time was Todai’s Japanese Buffet, and is now Makino’s Crab House.

So anyway, I guess the good folks at Korean Kang Nam thought “GRAND OPENING” was too long of a draw for the text to fit on the vertical sign layout, so they abbreviated it to “GRAND OPEN”.

With that, I take it “Mama-San” is gonna’ greet you at the entrance, telling you, “Welcome Grand Open! You come sit down. We show you goo’ time, Kolee’an Kang Nam style, see.” LOL!

Next up, we’re at Pho Kitchen in the Market City Shopping Center at the cusp of the Kapiolani area and Kaimuki. Where here they serve “Stir Fly”…

While we’ve all seen Bizarre Food’s Andrew Zimmern eat all kinds of bugs, I don’t ever recall seeing him eat flies. That said, as you see, right here in Honolulu at Pho Kitchen, they serve “Stir Fly” Chicken, Seafood or Shrimp with crispy Rice Vermicelli. I’m just surprised they didn’t spell “Crispy Rice” as “Keepee Wai”. Sorry, that’s an old tale from many times dining at Kin Wah Chinese restaurant Kaneohe. “Duh Aye”. “Shee Show Shee”. Shee Show Po” LOL!!!

What’s even more funny is, the local aunties sitting there who knew  the owner, were scolding her about the spelling of this on the menu, telling her, “Eh Aunty, I know you from Hanoi, but it’s spelled  “F, R, Y”, not “F, L, Y”. LOL!!!

All due respect, Pho Kitchen in the Market City Shopping Center has some delicious Vietnamese dishes to try, includiing above, the Fried Ribs with Sweet ‘n Sour Sauce and Vietnamese Lemon Chicken. Both just $9.00. Nice deal. 

Pho Kitchen Vietnamese style Fried Ribs with Spicy Sweet ‘n Sour Chili Sauce

How was it? Arriving fresh and hot, it was tender and moist inside, however the golden-brown batter, while perfectly cripsy, didn’t taste like anything exotic, such as hints of lemon grass or fish sauce, commonly used in Vietnamese cuisine, as I was expecting. The dipping sauce tasted like off-the-shelf Sweet Thai Chili Sauce, which it definitely needed for added dimension and “pop”. That all may not sound illustrious, however, summing it up, I give Pho Kitchen’s Fried Ribs 3 SPAM Musubi (very good).

While still at Pho Kitchen, how’s this deal for a massive bag of Shrimp Chips for shrimp-sized change …

Next up, a steak plate from L&L Barbecue, also located in the Market City Shopping Center, on the bottom level, next to Ben Franklin…

L&L Barbecue at Market City Shopping Center / Steak Plate with rice and tossed salad. $8.50

8 oz. of flat-top “grilled” sirloin steak, done to perfect medium-rare doneness, with starch and salad for less than $9? I’m not complaining!

I just thought that sign above on “The REAL Hawaiian Mac Salad” was pretty cool, as yes, it wouldn’t be “real” without Best Foods Mayonnaise. And that’s not a shameless plug.

Speaking of “Mac”, saving the best and most fun part for last, making fun at my own expense with the last photo here, check out my super hot “girlfriends” from Fusion Waikiki, photos taken last night, 10.1.16…

“Jenna Cyde”

“Mr. Sister” (he-she’s 6’5″ tall… dang!)


I told you this was gonna’ be fun. Toodles. ;-)


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