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Grindz of the Day: Sushi Model, Pokemon Go Cocktails & Panikeke

As always, we start today’s “Grindz of the Day” from where? Da’ beginning! As in this cool wall mural image shown above that’s currently on display near the Diamond Head side entrance of the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center food court.

I happened to be strolling through there several weeks ago while on my to a birthday party up the street in Waikiki, when I was like, “Wow, that is such an artistic and creative shot!” So thought you’d enjoy seeing it.

Of course, the next step from that would be seeing… err… less, like this…

Nyotaimori/Nantaimori, a.k.a. female and male “body sushi”. Image courtesy of South Beach Magazine blog (click on  image for the “adult-rated” version. Not. :-P)

Dang, I sure could eat some Sushi right now. ;-)

Next up, just when you thought Pokemon Go is merely a silly gadget gaming trend that will soon fade away like Angry Birds flying into the sunset, Hula’s Bar & Lei Stand — Hawaii’s legendary gay bar in Waikiki — now features Pokemon Go Cocktails…

Here’s Hula’s Pokeball Shot…

Chee-yaz, Pokemon Moytes!…

And? The Pokemon Shot was “a’aight”, but nothing I’d order again. The gentleman to the right bought these for us, so I was like, “sure, OK, I’ll give it a shot”, even though I normally don’t do shots. I just don’t get it.

Personally, the Pokemon Go Shot was too “Girly-Girl” sweet and artificially flavored in a liquid candy-like way for my taste, which definitely did NOT go well with the hoppy contrasting bitterness of the Kona Brew Castaway IPA I was sipping on.

Texture-wise, the Pokemon Go Shot is kinda’ frothy (aerated), which made it even more weird. Yet then again, the Pokemon Go fad is weird to begin with, so I suppose that’s fitting.

I must say though, after that Pokemon Go Shot, for some strange reason soon after it kicked-in, I felt like walking around the streets of Waikiki aimlessly looking for “things”… and I didn’t even need my phone. lol

Finally, Jackfruit was briefly showcased in the previous post, described as being a cousin of the breadfruit, known in Hawaii’s Samoan culture as Ulu. In speaking of which, this here is a popular Samoan dessert pastry called Panikeke

This Panikeke is from a batch bought a few weeks ago from Tammy’s Polynesian Market in Kalihi; the greater district of Honolulu City also known as “God’s Country®”, a.k.a. “The Center of Hawaii’s Food Universe™”.

The Panikeke “money shot”…

As I explained via comments to my cousin Donna in the last post, Panikeke is essentially a hybrid of Okinawan Andagi and Banana Bread. Size-wise, they’re pretty huge, being right around a baseball, whereas Andagi are typically a bit smaller, being around the size of a racquetball.

Anyways, to reiterate again, imagine both the flavor and texture of Andagi and Banana Bread combined into one, and that’s what this tastes like. And Tammy’s Polynesian Market Panikeke ROCKS IT! CHEEEEEEEEE-HOOOOOOOOO!!!!

And that my friends, is pretty much the extent of my Samoan vocabulary. Talofa ;-)


2 thoughts on “Grindz of the Day: Sushi Model, Pokemon Go Cocktails & Panikeke

  • September 3, 2016 at 9:17 am

    OMG, our UH Warriors got their butts KICKED this morning!

      FINAL SCORE – 9/3/16
      UH Warriors – 3
      Michigan Wolverines – 63

      Despite an interception in the first quarter, Michigan’s first time Jr. QB Wilton Speight delivered consistently throughout the game.

      UH lost to California in the first game 31-51.

  • September 3, 2016 at 1:19 pm

    …and all this time I thought that taste was coming from the fish…


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