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Krazy Kitchen’s July ’16 Specials

Krazy Kitchen July special: Savory Encrusted Pork Chops $9.50

As showcased here before, Krazy Kitchen, located on Maunakea Street in Chinatown, features diner/coffee shop style comfort food at plate lunch prices, delivered to your workplace or home free of charge with a 5 plate minimum order. So if you work in or near Chinatown and the general downtown Honolulu area, your office really should consider giving them a try. Ever since our office heard about them, we’ve been consistently placing orders on an almost daily work week basis, it’s THAT good.

That said (again), here’s Krazy Kitchen’s specials for the month of July 2016:

Looking at July’s “Krazy” specials, I’ve already got my eye on that Beef Tomato, as I LOVE that “localfied” Chinese-influenced dish! Sam Choy has an EXCELLENT Beef Tomato recipe. That Rueben Sandwich with Corn Chowder is also definitely on my radar, along with a hana hou of their AMAZING Fried BBQ Pork Ribs. Oh yeah, that right there is the Bomb-Dot-Com!

Back by popular demand, Krazy Kitchen’s Krazy Fried BBQ Pork Ribs is one of the specials for July 2016 ($10.50)

Krazy Kitchen July Special: Savory Encrusted Pork Chops “money shot”

Krazy Kitchen July special: Krazy Kold Ramen $8.99

What’s absolutely amusing are Mal’s emails he sends to all his “Krazies” (regular customers) about his daily specials. Here’s the latest example:

Hello Fellow Krazies:

* vulgar language warning … you may want to go straight to the food section below 😱

Okay, Lynn and I went to Goma Tei at Ward Center.  It was crowded as usual, so, we wrote my name down on the wait list.  We were about 6th on the list.  We proceeded to wait in the hallway looking at other stores.  I liked Sedona for it had a lot of beautiful stuff, it’s really hard to describe what they have, so “stuff” is apropos, but they were very nice “stuff”,  Lynn sat on the bench right in front of the store paying attention for our turn to be called.  When finally my name was called, some guy and his girl, went up to the Goma Tei employee and said he was “Mal”, Lynn said “I don’t think so”, but the guy and his girl just proceeded to go in and took their seats.  Of course the employee was confused and dumbfounded and just watched scratching his head.  Luckily, and I mean LUCKILY, there were other seats available, so, the employee took us to our seats without any further incident.  However, this made me think …. uh-oh …. this made Mal think 😤 … and so, “The Asshole Law” was “thunked up” – not really well thought out, but, see what you think.

  1. All establishment are legally obligated to NOT serve Assholes, further, they must do an Asshole alert for the other customers  i.e.  An Assohole cuts in line at Safeway.  Safe way must refuse service to the Asshole and kick ’em out of the store, but first, they must announce on their PA system that there is an Asshole in the store  … ” *bing bong* *bing bong* Asshole alert, Asshole alert, there is an Asshole among us.  He is wearing a dark green t-shirt that says ‘ainokea’, black shorts with blue slippers.  He is about 5’8″ tall with brown hair and is presently in line at cash register 7.  We will now be ejecting the Asshole from the store.  *bing bong* ”  This shall not only apply to supermarkets, but to restaurants, fast food joints, take-out joints, ice cream parlors, movie theaters … anywhere where there is a line and/or a wait list.
  1. If you’re cut off while driving and the Asshole didn’t have his blinker on or didn’t give you any kind of a warning and you had to jam on your breaks.  Call the cops and follow the Asshole.  Everyone who saw the incident should follow the Asshole as well as witnesses – it’s good to be involved for the long run.  Once the officer catches up to the Asshole, the officer will proceed to ticket the Asshole.  Even if the Asshole didn’t actually break any traffic laws, he broke the Asshole Law.  Asshole law violation in vehicles are very dangerous, therefore, the penalty will be super high, like, $250 first offense; $500 second offense and three-strikes and your out … your vehicle is impounded for a year.  The officer will stop the Asshole, handcuff him and proceed to write the violation ticket.  As soon as the officer is finished writing the citation, the officer will hold up a large placard that say “ASSHOLE ALERT!!!” with an arrow pointing at the Asshole.  Removing the handcuffs, the officer will hand the citation to the Asshole and say “You broke the Asshole law, Asshole.  Pay your fine”.

I used “he” above, but, both males and females can be Assholes … I just wish there weren’t so many of them.  If you think of other places that the Asshole Law can be applied, please let me know.  I’m preparing a petition to be forwarded to the legislature.

…….. not a good segue to food topic, but, had to vent … sorry.


Pork chops totally wrapped in our flaky puff pastry….

A delicious chapter taken out of Plater Talk (check out their recipies).  If you’re wondering what savory tastes like, fellow Krazies, this is it.  The savory combination of fresh herbs and pork with a garlic undertones, each piece delicately but completely encased in our flaky puff pastry.  We served this with the roasted potatoes and grilled asparagus …. while you at it, if you can get your hands on a glass of Merlot …. PERFECT!!!


Okay, Shrimp Scampi is an oxymoron for scampi=shrimp, but, who cares?  Shrimp Scampi is one of the best pasta dishes in the whole wide world.  Everybody knows it, everybody loves it and everybody’s going to order Krazy Shrimp Scampi sometimes this week.  Right?  Mouth watering yet?  Taste the garlic?  The butter?  What are you waiting for?


The mother of all cold ramens: Krazy Kold Ramen.  If you have not tasted our Krazy Kold Ramen before, you are in for a unforgettable visual and culinary treat.  You will find our secret vinegar and shoyu sauce opening up your taste buds to enjoy perfectly cooked ramen noodles together with the colorful and ample garnish treats.  You may mistakenly think it’s a fancy salad, but, nooooo … it’s Krazy Kold Ramen … the best of the best.  Just ask cold ramen connoisseur, Jeff LaChance of Benz and Jagz Specialist Auto Repair … he can fix your high end cars to hummmmmm while eating Krazy Kold Ramen.

Thank you for listening.  See you when I see you, hopefully soon. 😎

Mal, you my friend are HILARIOUS!

Following are some of the dishes we got over the past months of May thru June. Enjoy. :-)

Krazy Kitchen Softest Roast Beef $11.50 (Mahalo Mal for the aloha on this one!)

Krazy Kitchen’s “Melt in your mouth tenderness” Roast Pork & Gravy $10.50

Krazy Kitchen’s “Melt in your mouth tenderness” Roast Pork & Gravy (da’ “gravy all ovah” rice version) $10.50

Krazy Kitchen Fried Pork Chops with Mushroom Gravy $9.50

Krazy Kitchen Roast Pork Belly Kabobs with Apple Onion Sauce (not shown) $9.50

Krazy Kitchen’s Shoyu Chicken plate (a regular menu item) $9.00

Krazy Kitchen’s Cheeseburger Deluxe (house-made patty) with side of fries (a regular menu item)… everyone who’s tried this burger RAVES about it, saying it’s one of the best local diner style burgers they’ve ever had!

Krazy Kitchen’s Eggs ‘n Fried Rice (regular menu item)

Krazy Kitchen’s Sausage Manicotti with Spinach Cream Sauce $9.50

Krazy Kitchen’s Monte Cristo (Battered ‘n Fried Turkey, Ham & Cheese Sandwich) $9.50

Malcolm “Mal” Shiroma, owner of Krazy Kitchen (and Krazy Karaoke in Aiea) personally delivers lunch orders direct to your office or home if you’re in or nearby the downtown Honolulu area (5 plate minimum order for free delilvery)

For more information, please visit KrazyKitchenHi.com


7 thoughts on “Krazy Kitchen’s July ’16 Specials

  • July 10, 2016 at 7:14 pm

    NOBODY ordered the Rueben? What? You crazy? Shoyu Chicken and Roast Beef look really. Good. So does that mango chutney. It would go well with that beef or chops.


    Pomai, that broc needs mayo.

    • July 11, 2016 at 1:36 pm

      pat, I’ll probably order the Rueben on Friday, as it’s a “that kinda’ day” sandwich. lol

      The Roast Beef, made pot roast style, was WINNAHZ. Fork tender ‘n tasty, while the gravy was super savory and deep.

      I didn’t get any feedback on the Monte Christo, so can’t comment on that.

      Never heard of putting mayo’ on Broccoli. A generous heap of butter, salt ‘n pep’ does it for me for steamed broccoli, which is by far my favorite green vegetable.

      • July 11, 2016 at 4:40 pm

        I always love a good Monte Cristo, especially at Cafe Orleans at Disneyland!  As for broccoli, I eat it several times a week. Steamed, then topped with either honey mustard dressing, ranch dressing, or a mayo-shoyu mixture.  Yum!

        • July 11, 2016 at 4:51 pm

          Ooo. Mayo-shoyu is ono on raw watercress also. My mother got us eating mayo on broc. Lots of people on Maui do that. think I will have it tonight.

          • July 11, 2016 at 9:54 pm

            I live on Maui!  Maybe it’s a Maui thing after all?  Like mustard-mayo on french fries!


  • July 12, 2016 at 7:37 pm

    Looks Good pomai,

    my relatives live right off kukui and maunakea so i’ll definitely head over and check this place the next time I’m on the islands.

    • July 13, 2016 at 5:49 pm

      Dan, if you like Filipino food, you also gotta’ try Naty’s Filipino KItchen in the Maunakea Marketplace food court. Their Pancit (the thin noodle version), Pinakbet, Pork Adobo, Pork Guisantes and Dinugan is DA’ BEST!

      Pat and David, Sam Choy’s signature dressing is basically Shoyu and Mayonnaise, along with some Sesame oil and sugar.


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