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Pier 21 Lunchroom Hana Hou

Pier 21 Lunchroom Curry Moco, featuring locally-raised Kalei egg

We enjoyed Pier 21 Lunchroom’s no-frills, stick-to-your-ribs dockworkers’ grub so much on our first round of visits, that it’s now become a regular lunch stop for our office. Especially being that we can walk there easily within minutes.

As you know, we only recently discovered this place right in the heart and literally on Honolulu Harbor, who actually has been in business here for 18 years now. Again: WOW laulau!

Here’s da’ latest of what we wen’ stay get, laddat..

Pier 21 Lunchroom Steak & Shrimp Scampi $12

Pier 21 Lunchroom Steak & Fried Rice Plate $11

Now Pier 21’s Steak & Fried Rice is totally IN IT TO WIN IT. Dude. Dude. The steak is SUPER TENDER and seasoned to perfect with what tasted good ‘ole salt ‘n fresh-cracked black pepper, “nuttin’ else”. It was cooked to medium-rare perfection, impressively coming through like an excellent cut of beef, which is really surprising at this price point from a pier-side “grub shack” like this.

Of all the plates I’ve sample from Pier 21, their Steak & Fried Rice is by far my favorite!. Or as we would say, “da’ most best’est’est~best’est. lol

Pier 21 Lunchroom Hamburger Steak plate $7 

Pier 21 Lunchroom Roast Pork with Fried Rice (optional, at no extra charge!) $7

Pier 21’s Fried Rice definitely comes from fresh-cooked rice, and not “day old” rice. It’s seasoned simply with what tastes like Shoyu, as we didn’t taste anything any more complex, such as say, Oyster Sauce. There’s a nice mixture of chopped ham and sauteed chopped onions in it, rounding it to being definitely what I’d recommend over their regular rice, especially being there’s no extra charge for the fried rice. Shoots, hook me up!

Pier 21 Lunchhouse Roast Pork $7

Pier 21’s Roast Pork gravy (you can tell what’s my highest priority) is “interesting”. It’s I suppose what Diner A has described as “Country Style Gravy”. Obviously not the darker brown gravy most folks would expect poured over Roast Pork. That said, the gravy here leans more on the turkey gravy side than a beef or pork-based gravy. The pork itself was super moist and tender, and seasoned well with salt. It also was as advertised, tasting very ROASTED.

Summing it up, I give Pier 21’s Roast Pork (including the gravy) 3 SPAM Musubi, which would be the equivalent to 4 yelp stars. I’d DEFINITELY recommend this dish, especially for just $7 for a full sized plate!

Wheat and flour storage silos from the former Pendelton’s Hawaiian Flour Mill, which closed in 2014 after 50 years in business

Dockside view of the base of the wheat and flour storage silos from the former Pendelton’s Hawaiian Flour Mill, which closed in 2014 after 50 years in business

Dockside view of Honolulu Harbor, adjacent to the former Pendelton’s Hawaiian Flour Mill; what that “floating” yellow-painted pump contraption is, I have NO idea; I’d like to turn it into a “Monster Jet Ski”!!! lol

Pier 21 Chicken Adobo mini plate $5.75

Pier 21’s Chicken Adobo

Pier 21’s Chicken Adobo was certainly moist ‘n tender, however it needed more vinegar, and was missing the flavor of peppercorn and bay leaf, as is protocol for making Filipino adobo properly.

Pier 21 Roast Pork and Chicken Adobo “hacked” combo plate

Pier 21 Chili Frank plate $7 (including TWO hot dogs!)

Pier 21’s Chili certainly ain’t no copy of Zippy’s recipe, being it was definitely on the sweet side. Now get this, Diner E suspects they put guess what in there? Pork ‘n Beans! There was also some interesting montage of veggies in it, from carrots and celery to corn. Definitely lots of ground beef. The two hot dogs (franks) were what Diner E is guessing are the cheap BAR S or Farmer John’s brand. Yet hey, for the price, no complaints.

Summing up, having tasting it myself, it’s good, not great.

Pier 21 Lup Cheong Omelette $6

Pier 21 Lup Cheong Omelette

The Lup Cheong Omelette certainly had no shortage of what it’s advertised as, yet it certainly could have used some “jazzing up”, with I’m thinkin’ the addition of sauteed onions, green onions and bell peppers in there. It would also be nice if they served this with Mac Salad for that added decadence. Tee-hee!

Pier 21 Lunchroom 1/4 lb. Hamburger with Bacon and Cheese and side order fries $7 (total)

Pier 21 Lunchroom 1/4 lb. Hamburger with Bacon and Cheese

Pier 21 Lunchroom 1/4 lb. Hamburger with Bacon and Cheese

According to Diner E, the patty itself was very tasty, and had a nice combination of that local style breading mixed in with the ground beef. All-in-all a satisfying burger, yet not one he’d likely order again.

As for the fries, surprisingly they lacked enough seasoning, while could have used some improvement in how they were cooked, being they just didn’t  have the right texture, both inside and out. No probs, as he remedied it by doctoring with house salt and pepper and a quick blast in the office toaster oven. Aftah ‘dat, she go.

Pier 21 Lunchroom owners Mr. and Mrs. Siu (Cantonese)

Pier 21 Lunchroom Curry Moco featuring locally-raised Kalei egg $6

Pier 21 Lunchroom Curry Moco featuring locally-raised Kalei egg

Pier 21 Lunchroom Curry Moco featuring locally-raised Kalei egg

How was the hamburger curry with sunny side up egg on top? WINNAHZ! I never did have curry before with an egg on it, yet OMG, perfect marriage of the two.

The curry itself tastes like a combination of the typical local plate lunch style beef curry, with a hint of the S&B type Japanese curry mixed in there. That said, like many of their other dishes, the curry has an edge of sweetness to it, while being very mild and not spicy at all. It was seasoned perfectly, and the generous chunks of carrots and potato in it were cooked perfectly al dente. There was also certainly no shortage of tender ground beef in the mix. I’d definitely order this Curry Moco again!

And if you think all this is local style comfort food is making me gain weight? Nope. Pretty stable at 170, thanks mainly to staying ACTIVE, via swimming, walking and running a lot…

Pomai on Kapahulu Avenue (literally) at the 100th Annual King Kamehameha Day Parade ~ 6.11.16

Pier 21 Lunchroom
705 N. Nimitz Highway
(turn makai on Kukahi Street either Diamond Head or Ewa-bound, and drive or walk all the way to the end of the pier)
Honolulu, Hawaii  96817

Tel. (808) 599-7715
Open Monday – Friday 5am to 2pm

The Tasty Island rating:

(3) Very Good/excellent. Considerable of another visit or purchase. (Ono!)

P.S. A few weekends ago, braddah Reece (a fisherman I met there) had just hanapa’a’d (hooked-up) this beautiful baby Omilu….

Omilu caught off Diamond Head

And guess how he caught this Omilu? A strip of Aku, with the skin on, so it looks and acts like a lure…

As you can see, this Omilu was too small to keep, so he caught and released it, like every good fisherman should do


2 thoughts on “Pier 21 Lunchroom Hana Hou

  • June 25, 2016 at 9:21 am

    that sear on the shrimp though…!

    im not a big fan of bar S, the only way i can eat them is after they’ve been charred on a grill or pan. any other way and its nonono.

    i’d take on that curry though. still havent tried making curry with ground beef. maybe that should be lunch today…

  • July 7, 2016 at 3:46 am

    Gunfunnit, Pomai! Another place to hit next time I’m home!!  You know I gotta try the curry, steak and rice and roast pork plates! (With fried rice, of course!) OK, eat one and take the other two for later… maybe pack one on the plane for the flight home… so much food, so little time…


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