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Managers Luncheon

Yesterday our management team held a little mid-meeting noon-time luncheon “catered” by one of the managers himself, who along with his wife, prepared the two main entrees and potato salad. Nothing elaborate, simply good ‘ole home cookin’ at its best.

Diner E.I.’s wife’s Potato Salad is kept simple, without the dreaded “kitchen sink” thrown in, which you know would involve such unnecessary complexities as grated carrots, celery, onions, green peas and spaghetti noodles, cumin, sage, curry powder and/or paprika amongst God-forbid what else. Along with tender russet potatoes, this one’s just got whole olives and chopped boiled eggs in good ‘ole Best Foods Mayo’, salt ‘n pep’. ‘Nuff. Perfect.

Diner S.H. contributed to the cause, bringing tossed greens, dressings, and this store-bought veggie platter…

Of course gotta’ stay get rice, courtesy of Diner E.Y. via Zippy’s…

Back to Diner E.I’s home cookin’, he provided two pans of Hibachi-grilled Guava Chicken…

And this sizeable pot of Garlic Shrimp Scampi, soaked DEEP with buttah (mo’ bettah!), and get this: Velveeta Cheese…

Finally for dessert, Diner S.H. provided a Strawberry Short Cake, store-bought from Sam’s Club…

Plate ’em up…

And? Diner E.I.’s Potato Salad, Guava Chicken and Shrimp Scampi were all FANTASTIC. The shrimp was honestly a bit “rubbery” due to sitting in the hot pot of butter for the entire morning. Other than that, it had a nice balance of garlic, butter and that decadent Velveeta Cheese, which would satisfy all but the most critical North Shore Shrimp Truck enthusiasts.

The Guava Chicken was winnahz, being surprisingly moist ‘n tender, even after sitting for the entire morning (and evening prior since being grilled), with tasty “papa’a” (charred edges) “kissing the skin” from the (charcoal-fired) Hibachi.

According to Diner E.I., the glaze is simply reduced Hawaiian Sun Guava Juice mixed with Oyster Sauce.That said, it didn’t really taste like Guava, just a bit “fruity”, while not being too sweet, especially for the grilled chicken (as compared to pork). The Oyster sauce definitely helped give it a more savory accent if you will. This glaze would totally work for BBQ Pork Ribs as well. If you’re interested, I’ll ask him for the recipe.

The Sam’s Club Strawberry Shortcake was too sweet for my personal taste, not to mention I’m so not a cake fan to begin with (pies rule!), but hey, the entire tub was entirely whacked, so it did the dessert job well.

Until next time time, a hui hou! Ja nei! Toodles! ;-)

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