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Murphy’s St. Patrick’s Day Party 2016

The 29th annual Murphy’s Bar & Grill St. Patrick’s Day Block Party took place once again yesterday, Thursday, March 17, 2016. This is by far THE LARGEST St. Paddy’s Day party in Hawaii, being an EPIC event packed with thousands of folks dressed in green, along with lots of Irish beer ‘n spirits, pub grub, live music and good times!

Located within the heart of downtown Honolulu, Murphy’s Bar & Grill St. Patrick’s Day Block Party occupies the entire makai end of Nuuanu Avenue from King Street, fronting Murphy’s Bar & Grill and O’Toole’s Irish Pub right across the street, along with one city block of intersecting Merchant Street, as well as the main part of the event, being the entire municipal parking lot on the Makai side of O’Toole’s (across the street of Murphy’s), right at the corner of Nuuanu Avenue and Nimitz Highway.

Following are photos I took of Murphy’s St. Patrick’s Day Party in the afternoon yesterday between 4:30 and 6pm, right before the actual block party itself with live music kicks off, which is when I assume the place REALLY goes off. Enjoy. :-)

Corned Beef ‘n Cabbage Sandwich

Dublin Steamed Clams

Galway Shrimp Scampi

Fresh-caught and shucked Oysters air flown in the night before from  just don’t get any better than this!

Lots ‘o Cocktail Sauce, Tobasco ‘n lemon wedges for them fresh Hammersly Islet Washington Oyster Shooters!

Guinness Pupu Style Fried Calamari Steak with Lemon Caper Butter and Guinness Oyster Shooters flown in fresh from Hammersly Inlet, Washington. Photo courtesy of Charley (Pomai’s Kaneohe bud).

Calamari Steak, fried pupu style with lemon caper butter

Guinness Oyster Bar tent

“Black and Tan”: 1 part Guinness new Nitro IPA (the lighter color beer on the bottom; other versions use Harp for the lighter color beer) to 1 part Guinness Stout on top, laddat

Pomai with Charley, an old school friend from Kaneohe dayz!

ICE-COLD pints of Guinness & Harp “Black & Tan” and a Guinness Nitro IPA, $7 each (plus FREE Uber ride home if it’s your first ride! *up to $20 value)

Murphy’s Bar & Grill dining room & lounge

Murphy’s Bar ( YOU ARE HERE)

“Ye’, I’ll even accept Peenk Hartz ‘n Yillow Moonz ‘fer tips!” lol

Priscilla Luong reports live for KITV News (as one of her greatest fans walks past! lol)

Harp Beer colored with green dye “Leprechaun style”

This dude looks kinda’ like Tom Petty with that “do” lol

Pomai with “Diner Dave” (I used to work with this cool cat!)

Mrs. Murphy’s Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sauce, Whipped Cream, Green Clovers, Peenk Hartz ‘n Yillow Moonz lol

Mrs. Murphy’s Irish Whiskey Cake (to be topped with Whiskey Sauce and Whipped Cream upon service)

That’s about all I’ve got from Murphy’s St. Patrick’s Day Block Party 2016. Sláinte mhaith! ;-)

P.S. Later that evening rockin’ out in Waikiki at Kelley O’Neil’s…

Bud Light St. Patrick’s Day Limited Edition bottle, Kilkenny Irish Cream Ale and my fave on the right, Killian’s Irish Red!

KELLYO tells all! {{{{{{{ Willies! }}}}}}}

Trying to get my last-minute St. Patrick’s Day spirit on, the shirt has enough green within the pattern, but the lime green hat makes me look WAY TOO “HULA’S Bar & Lei Stand” (heavy on the liSp). lol

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11 thoughts on “Murphy’s St. Patrick’s Day Party 2016

  • March 18, 2016 at 4:10 pm


    According to an old Murphy’s web page, Guinness Brewery of Dublin, Ireland ranked Murphy’s Bar & Grill St. Patrick’s Day party the largest single bar party on St. Patrick’s day in the United States of America located in Chinatown, Honolulu, Hawaii. Who would have thought an Irishman (James Parker) jumping ship in 1778 would bring Irish tradition to the kingdom and the isles.

    • March 18, 2016 at 5:18 pm


      I’m not surprised with Hawaii being the “largest of” anymore. We constantly get awarded that, especially in the retail sector. Home Depot, Walmart and Costco in Honolulu either were, or currently are (try look it up) the highest grossing stores in sales in the NATION in the same given demographic region. Something to that effect. The Louis Vuitton store in Waikiki was (or is still is) the highest grossing location in sales in the WORLD. The latter of which thanks to the Japanese tourists who shop there like it’s ROSS Dress for Less! A Nihongin friend of mine once bought a purse and matching coin purse from Louis Vuitton in Waikiki for nearly $1000 and thought nothing of it, saying it would cost her 3 times that much for the same 2 items in Tokyo because of their (unfair) trade laws.

      Oh yeah, Hawaii also consumes the most Hormel SPAM in the world. lol

      As for Irish and English Pubs, I LOVE them! Mainly the rustic wooden decor and “Everyone’s your drinking buddy” kinda’ vibe you’ll always find in them. Kelley O’Neil’s can get rowdy when too many military are in there. However for the most part, even then, everyone is SO COOL. How many times I’ve had both guys (straight with their GF) and gals (hot ones too!) who were complete strangers just minutes prior buy ME a round! Awesome sauce!

  • March 19, 2016 at 6:34 am

    Aloha Pomai, good thing I wanted to save our juices feom corned beef and cabbage dinner, for use em as beoth for chuk!
    If hadnt looked for ratio of rice to broth online I would not have found your cool site, love it.

    So some sites say 8 to 1 ratio, some say 9 to 1 and one even says 14 to 1, I know it depends on how soupy or thick you want it but what is the cup by cup measure?

    Look forward to reading all your food and recipe and tips on island food,
    and you really should look up napua stevens, you too young is right, plus she was from kaneohe too, as I am, from 1952 when had no freeways,
    thats when kaneohe was the bomb!! LOL
    Aloha, monchong

  • March 19, 2016 at 6:56 am

    w.I. estrella,

    At first I didn’t know what you were talking about, but NOW I get it. You mean, save the corned beef broth to make JOOK, a.k.a. Congee, the Chinese style rice porridge. “Chuk”. lol You know what’s so funny, is my grandmother used to always call it “Chuk”.

    I don’t know though: a corned beef Jook sounds like it would taste weird, especially with the texture of the softened rice. How is it?

    Wow, you lived in Kaneohe way back in 1952? That’s before I was even an idea. I didn’t “land” in K-town until the very end of the 60s. By the time I was old enough to remember back, Kaneohe was beginning to become modernized with new subdivisions popping up all over, how Ewa Beach is going through now. Honey’s got razed to make way for Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlor. Across the street where it was once all overgrown tall grass became Windward Mall. By the time I grew up, H3 was just completed and Omega Station in Haiku Valley would be no more. What’s interesting is, even if you drive through Kaneohe today with all the new stuff, it still FEELS like the same Kaneohe 20 years ago (or more). If I were house hunting, I’d seriously consider moving back there.

    Is “Monchong” your nickname? Just asking, as that’s one of my favorite fish! Saute or steam ’em with ginger and garlic, nuff!

  • March 20, 2016 at 5:05 am

    Pomai, in the 70 my grandmother made a mock char siu manapua with canned

    corn beef.  She seasoned it with char siu seasons and wrap and steam it.

    My dad enjoyed it.

  • March 20, 2016 at 2:04 pm

    Looks like fun!! That guy really DOES look like Tom Petty, albeit a seriously metro version with those waxed eyebrows and the ombred hair!

    • March 21, 2016 at 8:28 am


      I had to Google what “ombred hair” is, and STILL don’t get it.

      He said he also gets people say he resembles Kirk Cobain of Nirvana. Before he bleached his hair, people said he resembled illusionist Criss Angel.

      • March 21, 2016 at 10:06 am

        What don’t you get about it? It’s hair that starts one color, and then gradually deepens/lightens to end with another color. Brown at roots to blonde at the bottom, white at the roots to pale blue to dark blue at the bottom.

        • March 21, 2016 at 10:28 am


          As a straight man proudly sportin’ the bald look, the LAST thing I know or care about are hair styles. So EXCUSE ME! lol

          What’s funny is, there’s this guy we drink with at Mai Tai Bar who still sports an 80s style “Mullet“. We always give him S#%t about it. lol

          • March 21, 2016 at 11:10 am

            But ombre was a thing before it was a hair thing. Art, textiles… design themes, kind of like a color gradient.  As a hair thing, I think it’s pretty tacky, but I’m not really one for stylish hair color. When you’re born with jet black hair, there’s really no much to do without ruining your hair.

            Yikes RE: the 80’s mullet. I have horrible memories of that hairstyle. I can’t believe anyone still wants to wear it.

          • March 21, 2016 at 11:21 am


            Your hair is JET BLACK, like without even a tinge of brown in it when you look at it the sun? Wow, that does sound challenging as far as coloring it. If that’s the case, you should be like me and simply shave it all off. Sport that “Jewish GI Jane” bald-headed chic look. LOL!

            My hair looks black in regular light, but in the sun it looks brown. When I used to work in the ocean being exposed to the sun all day, my hair on both my head and body turned totally “ehu”, which is the Hawaiian slang term for sun-bleached hair (many surfers here have naturally sun-bleached hair). So even the hair on my arms and legs looked almost blonde.

            A challenging thing for me when I was young and did have all the hair on my head, was my hair was voraciously STRAIGHT. It was really hard to style. I had to use hair spray or gel, which I hesitantly would use.

            So funny, when I was a little boy, my grandmother would sometimes give me a “rice bowl” hair cut, which looks as it sounds, where your hair is shaped like a bowl turned upside down and stuck on your head, with VERY straight bangs cut about midway right across the forehead. Looks totally silly, but not that I cared as a young kid.

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