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KONA DEEP™ Drinking Water

If water is the source of life, drinking GREAT water must translate to a greater quality, healthier life, right? Still, some might think “Water is water, as long as it’s clean, I’m good.” However that’s like saying “salt is salt”, when every chef and experienced cook knows there really is an impact on the final outcome of a dish, depending on the source, production method, and ultimately quality of the salt used to prepare it.

Enter KONA DEEP™ Drinking Water, who after being available in the asian market since 2008, this past December finally was brought to market in Hawaii, now available at over 150 stores locally, while also beginning distribution on the mainland.

The good folks at Ro-Bro Marketing out of Chicago contacted me recently, asking if I’d be interested in trying out the new KONA DEEP™ Drinking Water and do a Tasty Island review on it, sending me not just a few bottles to sample, but an entire 24-bottle CASE! This, having been shipped direct from the KONA DEEP™ bottling facility in Kailua, Kona.

Right on the case, as is described on Kona Deep’s website, this is the description of the product:

KONA DEEP™ Drinking Water
Deep Hydration from the Sea®
Naturally occuring deep ocean electrolytes
Total dissolved solids (TDS) 250mg/L
Bottled at the source: Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
BPA free

“Kona Deep comes from the ocean waters of Hawaii, over 3,000 feet below the surface where cold, pressure and darkness combine to create an exceptionally high quality water.

we utilize a unique method to bring this water to the surface to offer you an extraordinary taste and hydration experience.

In the process, we add nothing.”

Sounds FANTASTIC. That’s some nice “hype” writing, right there! Yet, it’s really just stating the facts, which upon tasting it, I’m definitely a BELIEVER in KONA DEEP™! More on that shortly.

I’d give you the nutritional numbers, however like most bottled water, it’s mostly 0% of everything except Sodium, with 20mg (1% daily value) per serving. Not surprising being this came originally from deep down below the sea off the Kona Coast, desalinated via reverse osmosis.

This FAQ answer from the KONA DEEP™ website is pretty much this water in a nutshell:

“In 1974, The State of Hawaii established HOST Park (Hawaii Ocean Science and Technology Park), a site for exploring emerging renewable and ocean based technologies. HOST Park is administered by NELHA (The National Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority). As Wikipedia states, “HOST Park is perhaps the largest single green economic development project in the world solely dedicated to growing a green economy.” At HOST Park, NELHA built a special pipe that reaches 3000’ underwater and pumps cold deep ocean water to surface. Also located at HOST Park, Kona Deep accesses that mineral rich deep ocean water and desalinates it using reverse osmosis while preserving its natural mineral and nutrient content.”

So all you local folks know the Rap Reiplinger “Mr. Okada Soda Secret Taste Test” skit. Well, I did just that with this, except instead of soda, it’s water….

First I chilled water A and Water X in the freezer until ice cold, then poured the entire 16.9 oz. bottle of each one into unmarked (except underneath) identical tall drinking glasses, as depicted above. Then  the glass of water A and water X were switched around “blindly” to the point of confusion of which was which. Not exactly the most scientific method, but hey, for a quick blind (“secret”) taste test, it works.

Notice, just like Rap’s Mr. Okada used as a palate buffer, I also included “da crackah” (the crackers), except instead of Diamond Soda Crackers, which I didn’t have any on-hand at the moment, I instead used low-sodium baked Lentil Chips from Whole Foods. Because you know, “I like da’ crackah!”… “I love da’ crackah…” LOL!!!

Before taking a sip of each one, I first thoroughly inspected them for any visual difference in clarity and color or smell, and there was NO difference. Both were crystal clear, absent of any particles (as expected of bottled water), with no variance in hue or scent off the top. Especially noteworthy, being I used BRAND NEW drinking glasses (made of real glass, not plastic) for this comparo’.

To which you might be wondering which water did I compare KONA DEEP™ to? You know that canal that runs the length of Waikiki with Talapia in it? Got it “fresh” from there, unfiltered. LOL J/K, it’s that very common brand you find locally in the stores that rhymes with “Ryan’s Miles”.

And? Both taste 100% clean, soft and pure, as expected of most bottled water. However I could DEFINITELY FEEL the KONA DEEP™ had a quicker absorption rate in my body, where I felt a, well, DEEPER quench. Much deeper quench! My guess is due to the naturally occurring deep ocean electrolytes that are in KONA DEEP™, which helps the system absorb it much more efficiently and quickly. That said, I simply felt more invigorated drinking KONA DEEP™ vs. “water X”. And I say that in blind taste test mode, hopefully providing an unbiased, non-psychological opinion.

As another example, I went on a brisk walk on my regular exercise route, tagging along a cold bottle of Kona Deep, and it was noticeably enhanced thirst quenching BLISS after I was finally exhausted and drained, quickly rehydrating and reinvigorating my body, having me eagerly ready to pound the pavement again!

Seriously, if there’s any sports teams looking for a great way keep your athletes better hydrated than even that “alligator aiding” stuff, get hooked up with Kona Deep®. And I”m not saying that because I was given free samples, I really do mean it and believe this water is superior, noticeably enhancing athletic performance (even after a brisk walk), particularly in hydration recovery.

Oh, and “Da Crackah” (Lentil Chips) didn’t really do anything for palate cleansing in this water A vs. water X comparison. All it did was make me drink more water to chase “Da Crackah” down, not to mention rinse da’ crackah crumbs stuck on my goatie. LOL

KONA DEEP™ Green Tea prototype concept (product doesn’t currently exist) ~ c/o The Tasty Island

While I was at it in experimental mode, I tried brewing Ito En Japanese Green Tea using Kona Deep® Drinking Water for it.

Being I didn’t want to kill any health benefits of this special drinking water by heating it up to the boiling point, I put a 10 oz. coffee cup with the KONA DEEP™ water and tea bag in the microwave for about 12 seconds to get it right around lukewarm-hot; just enough to release the green tea’s essential compounds, flavor and color. To my surprise, even at Lukewarm temperature, the cup turned almost immediately GREEN with the essence of the green tea. Ultimately, it tasted FANTASTIC. Again, like drinking KONA DEEP™ in plain form, when brewed with the high quality Japanese green tea, it felt much more penetrating into my system, almost instantly if you will, being super crisp, pure and clean, loaded with full-bodied green tea flavor, while texture wise, silky-soft. I really don’t think instant bag-brewed green tea can get any better than this.

That said, being in advertising and marketing myself, my new product suggestion for them is bottled KONA DEEP™ Green Tea! And make that buggah DEEP GREEN TEA in color and flavor!

Price-wise, of course this premium Hawaii-sourced and bottled KONA DEEP™ is going to be relatively pricey, where last I checked Foodland in Market City Shopping Center this past weekend, the same 12.9 oz. bottle sold individually was $1.49 each, making it a whopping $35.76 per 24-bottle case. This, compared to “Water X”, which was selling for 79 cents per 12.9 oz. bottle, and of course much MUCH cheaper than that when purchased on sale locally by the case.

Summing it up, I’m LOVING this KONA DEEP™ Drinking Water, readily noticing its superior quality and quick, efficient absorption rate into the system. Highly recommended!

What? KONA DEEP™ Drinking Water
Where did you get it and how much does it cost? free sample (and then some!) direct from manufacturer c/o Ro-Bro Marketing; $1.49 per 12.9 oz. bottle at Foodland
Big Shaka to: Naturally occurring Kona coast deep ocean electrolytes are noticeably much more absorbent into the body; crisp, pure and fresh taste; noticeable quality upgrade from standard purified bottled water; brews a FANTASTIC cup of Japanese green tea (and I bet coffee too!); nice label and logo design; catchy name great for marketing to sports franchises!; sourced and bottled in Hawaii
No shaka to: Price (yet a given, considering the quality and exclusivity of the product)
The Tasty Island rating: 5 Musubi (this blog’s BEST rating!)

For more information, please visit KONADEEP.com

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Nā Pali Coast, Kauai. Image courtesy of KONA DEEP®

6 thoughts on “KONA DEEP™ Drinking Water

  • February 14, 2016 at 5:17 pm


    Does the KonaDeep water bottle have a PET #1 stamp on the bottle because if it does I will not purchase it and endanger my health.

    • February 14, 2016 at 5:26 pm


      It does indeed have the PET #1 stamp on the bottom of the bottle (1 encircled by the triangle recycle arrow logo). I couldn’t find any controversial health side effects from PET plastic bottles on the Wikipedia page about it.

  • February 14, 2016 at 5:57 pm


    See their page about cancer causing agents from plastics (PET #1) leaching into the bottled water from the plastic.


    • February 14, 2016 at 6:08 pm


      While I admire your excellent health for your age (being honest), do you really think a plastic bottle would cause cancer? This, after all the MEAT you’ve consumed all your life? Some, not knowing exactly how that was processed, or the source (farm)? Shoots, half the Maine lobster you ate could have likely contained PCBs, mercury, radioactive matter and/or other poisonous chemical compounds floating around the Atlantic ocean. Of course, cooking them is said to rid them of this, yet what if they weren’t cooked long enough?

      We’ve all seen so many people who’ve lived their life to the fullest, eating whatever they want, bacon, steak, hamburgers, hot dogs, you name it. Even smoking and drinking. And they lived long, full lives well into their 80s and 90s.

      And we’ve also seen people who’ve stuck by strict diets and “healthy” lifstyle, neither drinking or smoking, who have been struck by some tragic health problem that took them. Steve Jobs is a shining example of that.

      I really simply think, “damned if you do, damned if you don’t”. A water bottle with a PET #1 label isn’t going to discourage me from drinking from it anytime soon. Who knows? The naturally occurring electrolytes in Kona Deep water might actually counteract any detrimental effects from the bottle itself.

  • February 14, 2016 at 6:52 pm


    When I worked for my state health department, I was in charge of the high pressure steam distillation system to produce distilled water for all the public health laboratories. My water was the standard for chemical analysis and I maintained a 99.7% purity which was the best I could get out of the system without blowing the place up! lol All of the chemists and toxocologiest were amazed at the purity I was getting which made their job easier. The whole system was stainless steel piped throughout the building.

    The PET #1 plastic problem has been known all the way back to 2008 leaching chemicals from the plastic into the bottled water. FDA has no real rules governing bottled water. As a matter of fact the warter company can claim anything on the bottle and not back it up with documentation whereas your public water source has a higher FDA standard to meet than the bottle water company.

    BTW PET #1 plastic is also used in food wrapping in the grocery store and meat markets but even though tests have shown the leaching of chemicals into food products FDA has done nothing.

    I asked the question about PET #1 to see what type of people are running Kona Deepak and how much they cared about their product and people purchasing it. Now I know, thanks for the answer.


    • February 14, 2016 at 7:27 pm


      Well, all I have to say is, I’ll forward your concern to Kona Deep, and let’s see what their rebuttal is to your case regarding PET #1 recycled bottles.


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