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Kmart Iwilei

What about Kmart Iwilei? There’s also a Kmart at several other island locations, including another adjacent to Aloha Stadium, where Castle Park used to be. Remember Castle Park?! Well, if you remember Castle Park, chances are you were on Oahu when Kmart first opened their doors here in Iwilei way, way, WAY back in 1992, where prior to that, it was a Pay and Pack Home Improvement store.

Gosh. 1992? If you graduated high school in 1992, you’re now 41 years old. as in you’re now considered OLD!!!  Which sounds crazy, right? Tell me about it. And I’m WAY older than you!

Anyways, in case you’ve been hiding under a rock, the latest news is Kmart in Iwilei will shut its doors this March, due to an expiration of their lease, and the landowner not wanting to renew it. Which seems sort of a strange deal, as Sears Holdings Corp. sold the 77,452-square-foot retail building for about $11.3 million in July to New York-based Seritage Growth Partners. According to Pacific Business News, a source tells them they’re likely to break up the space and have it anchored by a Ross Dress for Less. That’s cool. Better than a dang storage facility, that’s for sure!

Not surprisingly, once word got out that Kmart Iwilei is closing, suddenly people started coming out in DROVES to either hunt for deals, or make sure they get a piece of the memory before it slips by.

Speaking of memories, I swear I made eye contact with “Aunty Da’ ‘Kine” in the parking lot upon this visit here yesterday afternoon. However that’s another story for the next lifetime. ;-)

And speaking aunties, nothing is as iconic and branding of this neighborhood besides, oh, Dole Cannery, City Mill, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Costco, Best Buy, Salvation Army and who else? IHS. Yep, right across the street from Kmart in Iwilei. Always a fun crowd! Tee-hee!

And speaking of fun, while I’m not a Kmart shopper at all, I definitely LOVE their in-house Pizza joint, Little Caesars! “Pizza Pizza”. LOVE their pizza, greasy ‘n all! By far ZI’ BES’ crust and sauce of the cheap Pie eats genre. Muah!

I also love Kmart Iwilei’s Popcorn, especially when it’s popped fresh, just like the movies. That is definitely something I’ll miss when they’re gone, kinda’ giving me that “I miss Woolworth’s!…and Sears Ala Moana!” somber kinda’ mood. You da’ kine’ eh? LOL!!!!

Back to Little Ceasar’s @ Kmart Iwilei, the one very thing I’m gonna’ miss of ERRR’DING @ this place is their Crazy Bread with Marinara dipping sauce. OMG! The best! Mui Bueno! Delicioso!

Just looking at that fragrant, herb-laced marinara makes me wanna’ dive in and take a bath in it!

Wait, what were we talkin’ ’bout now? Bread Sticks? Marinara? Kmart in Iwilei? Who? Huh? Where am I? LOL!!!

Thankfully, at least we’ve got until March to conveniently get that Little Caesar’s “Pizza Pizza” groove on, or whatever hugely discounted shopping groove you’ve got goin’ on @ Kmart in Iwilei.

P.S. Back at Sandy’s this weekend, gettin’ more much needed Vitamin UV-D….

8 thoughts on “Kmart Iwilei

  • January 16, 2016 at 1:17 pm

    There was not service in the Calif. Kmart I went with my cousins shopping.

    Got a push cart for my mom and ask if they could put together for me.  One

    worker was going to but another worker stop him saying “No you do it home

    yourself. ”  I said last time we had things we brought put together here.  She

    just did not any workers to help us in doing so.  I call the manager there and he

    said no problem for us and did it for us.

    • January 16, 2016 at 1:32 pm


      Probably because we’re there in office attire, clean-cut and well-spoken, both Diner A and myself have been approached several times at this Kmart by customers asking “Excuse me Sir (or “Mr.”) or (“Eh!), are you the manager here?” Flattering, I guess. I guess.

      Seriously though, have you ever been to the Iwilei Kmart, like before 8am? VERY interesting. Ask anyone who works there.

      • January 17, 2016 at 9:19 am

        Pomai, there still some racist tension around on mainland.  Even we spoken

        English some people see us as Fresh Off the Boat.  My cousins saw

        certain jobs goes to certain race (I shall not mention).  This worker just

        did not want service for us even in past had it by other workers.

  • January 16, 2016 at 2:28 pm

    Only now did I notice the assessed value of the property the Kmart Iwilei Kmart is on is $19.5 million.

    Puts the $80 million penthouse suite at the Waiea into perspective, where I’d rather invest $20 million for the former, vs. $80 million for the latter.

  • January 16, 2016 at 3:30 pm

    I graduated in ’92. I am old. :(

    Incidentally, I haven’t had Little Caesar’s pizza since ’92.

    • January 16, 2016 at 3:40 pm


      Your “parallels” to our numerous conversations here never fail to amuse me.

      As for Little Caesar Pizza, before them, most locations here on Oahu were known as 2-for-1 Pizza. Which was essentially DIRT CHEAP pizza (like $5 for a large x 2!), that was actually pretty good! Just like Little Caesars!

      Here’s my proposition:


  • January 17, 2016 at 12:01 pm

    Hi Pomai:

    Seeing this post’s pics reminded me, with shock & horror, but in a deja vu way (ie: I knew this all along and over again) y’all pay approximately 25-35% ++ more on “brand name” items than in the mainland.

    Location location location.  All my Little Caesars charge the “going” $5 per ready to eat cheese or pepperoni large pizza to go, plus tax.  The “Detroit” style deep dish that your pic shows charging $11 each, is only $8 here in Cali, currently, ongoing, not a special price.

    A couple months back they did have a special promo on the deep dish which lasted a couple months: $6 each full sized deep dish hot ‘n ready. That ended right before Thanksgiving, IIRC.

    I even recall, last year out of nowhere, they quietly raised their hot ‘n ready large cheese and/or pepperoni to $6 each.  However a few months ago, they lowered it back to $5 each.  Trial and error.  I guess they found people aren’t willing to regularly pay that extra $1. Go figure.  Still a bargain.

    Moral of the story, Hawaii prices are consistently marked up.  Understandably, yet, a hard pill to swallow. Gas, milk, brand restaurants/food, err’thang.  Horror of all horrors: milk is shocking! Your price per gallon versus our usual $2.99/gallon.  =:0  The price of living in paradise.

    • January 20, 2016 at 12:29 pm


      If you think Oahu is overpriced for basics, try any of the neighbor islands. Some things are as much as $2 higher than Oahu! If you shop at to places like say, Foodland on Maui, the prices are usually the same as Oahu, but not in all cases. Usually only the featured ad items. Gasoline, forget it. You get REAMED on the neighbor island.


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