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SPAM® Snacks

Everyone knows SPAM® is Hawaii’s favorite canned meat, and Hormel just made it that much more accessible, recently bringing to market a new product called SPAM® Snacks. Which are as advertised on the package, “DRIED SPAM® BITES”, adding that it’s “GREAT FOR ON THE GO!” As if we really need it “on the go”, right? Yet you know what? They just might be on to something’ here!

While it doesn’t list ingredients on the package (that might be a good thing), it does inform you that consuming an entire one provides 230 calories, with up to 180 of that from fat, and 20 grams of total fat, with 7 of it saturated. Just as expected, sodium is astronomical, packin’ up to 750mg for the Bacon flavor if you “pound” the whole bag yourself.

Which I must say, “pounding” an entire bag turned out being VERY easy to do, as these SPAM® Snacks are PRETTY DANG GOOD! Way, way better than I thought it’d be.

SPAM® Snacks Classic

Each bite-sized SPAM® Snacks block measures about 1″ in length x 1/4″ in both width and thickness (+ or – 1/16″). The purchase date of these example packages is December 2015, with a “best by” date on them stamped for May 2016, which I’m actually thankful it’s only a 6 month window, and not 6 years! lol

When you first open the bag, get a “whiff” of it and then look at the tiny rectangular blocks of dried-out SPAM, you kinda’ think to yourself, “Is this for humans to consume, or are they treats for my dog?” Seriously! Then, being the SPAM lover you are — or simply just curious, you take the first bite, and then a second, and then before you know it, you’re halfway through an entire bag! They’re actually quite addictive!

SPAM® Snacks Teriyaki

I was especially surprised how good the Teriyaki flavor turned out, as if you recall, I didn’t really care for SPAM Teriyaki in the can, as it has this really weird mushy texture, while I found the Teriyaki flavor somewhat “artificial” if you will. However these SPAM® Snacks Teriyaki flavor are rockin’ it!

I think the dried-out state it’s in helps give it that pan-fried flavor and texture, which applies not just to that one, but the Classic and Bacon flavor as well.

SPAM® Snacks Bacon

The Bacon flavor is rockin’ a nice smokey accent, and I assume probably the most popular, while I’d say the Teriyaki flavor is a close second in best tasting of the three, at least personally. While the Classic is no slouch either, tasting true to the Classic canned version, and definitely the one for “purists”.

Again, that semi-dried texture (did they cook, then dehydrate them) gives SPAM® Snacks that pan-fried profile, making them “complete”, and not tasting raw, like it does straight outta’ the can. So they really are, well, like small morsels of cooked SPAM to go!

All that said, you knew this was coming on this blog, where, yep, I turned each one into a “cute wittle micro SPAM Musubi”! And? braddah-cuz, WINNAHZ! As you’d expect, they’re essentially the “Popper” or “Slider” version of a full-blown SPAM Musubi, where even though the Snacks version is at room temperature instead of being warm like its full-size Godfather, because they’re so accurate in flavor and texture to the pan-fried canned version, they totally work with rice and nori like this. I can just imagine folks will end up mixing these snack-sized bites with fried rice, eggs and all the other usual suspects you’d serve regular SPAM in a can with.

Let me just reiterate once again the texture, as that’s probably what most of you folks who haven’t tried them yet are curious about. Think of a piece of canned SPAM you had just pan-fried, then let it sit on the counter until it reached room temperature, and that’s kinda’ where these are at, albeit a tad more dry and firm than that, yet not nearly as greasy. I won’t quite say like “SPAM Jerky” hard, firm and chewy, but more like, well, what I just said before that. They’re meaty-salty, which makes them addictive, if that’s what you’re craving at the moment, and ultimately taste truly as advertised and true in flavor to its canned version when cooked.

Other than the relatively high price per ounce, SPAM® Snacks are winnahz! Most fans will likely really dig them!

What? SPAM® Snacks
Where did you get it, and how much was it? 7-Eleven (Kapalulu Avenue location); $3.29 per 1.4 oz. package.
Big shaka to: Being true to the original, taste like SPAM® in the can (not the knock-off brands); fantastic dried, semi-soft texture; not greasy; dried-out texture gives off the impression they’re pan-fried; Teriyaki flavor taste much better in Snacks form than canned form (editor’s opinion); “Micro SPAM Snacks Musubis” make for mighty tasty “poppers”; convenience
No shaka to: High in sodium; overall (obviously) not the healthiest food in the world; relatively high cost per ounce compared to canned SPAM
The Tasty Island rating: 4 SPAM Musubi

Another review of SPAM® Snacks:

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2 thoughts on “SPAM® Snacks

  • December 30, 2015 at 1:22 pm

    Wonder if they going come out with Char Siu one soon?

    • December 30, 2015 at 3:26 pm


      You may recall I (very roughly) rendered a bunch of potential label designs for new SPAM flavors, featuring Hawaii’s favorites. Here they are again….


      Pomai’s proposed new Hawaii SPAM® flavor: Puerto Rican PASTELES! Suggested serving shown with the requisite Gandules Rice and Bacalau Salad. Roughly rendered label design by Pomai.

      Pomai’s proposed new Hawaii SPAM® flavor: Korean KIM CHEE! Suggested serving shown as expected: Kim Chee Fried Rice! Roughly rendered label design by Pomai.

      Pomai’s proposed new Hawaii SPAM® flavor: Flipino PORK ADOBO! Suggested serving shown with Pancit Filipino style noodles, as well as Bay Leaves (to the left) as indicator of the key flavoring ingredient. There also should be peppercorns shown in the final label design. Roughly rendered label design by Pomai.

      Pomai’s proposed new Hawaii SPAM® flavor: Chinese CHARSIU! Suggested serving shown in the form of Charsiu Bao (steamed bun). Roughly rendered label design by Pomai.

      Pomai’s proposed new Hawaii SPAM® flavor: Chinese LUP CHEONG! Suggested serving shown the classic way us locals eat Lup Cheong: with shoyu and rice! Roughly rendered label design by Pomai.

      Pomai’s proposed new Hawaii SPAM® flavor: Hawaiian style PANIOLO SMOKED! Suggested serving shown with Poi, my boy. Roughly rendered label design by Pomai.

      Finally for good measure, why not? Hawaii SPAM® Rainbow Shave Ice! LOL! Rough (‘n tough) rendering by Pomai.



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