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Holy’s Bakery Buttered Peach Pie

Holy’s Bakery Buttered Peach Pie, served with Meadow Gold Vanilla Ice Cream topped with Island Princess macadamia nut halves (ti leaf, red hibiscus and gardenia flower added for presentation)

Yoshio and Miyako Hori, founders of Holy’s Bakery, circa 1930s

Hopefully by now you’re not “pied out” anymore from the Thanksgiving feast, and ready for dessert round three or four… or five or six? Which if you haven’t had a Holy’s Buttered Pie, you’re actually back to square one. Or make that stick one; as in a whole stick of BUTTER, as that’s the magic in Holy’s Buttered Pies!  Specifically seven “chips” at the bottom, and seven more butter “chips” on the top of the filling within each pie. Mo’ buttah, mo’ bettah!

You may remember how much I raved about Holy’s Buttered Apple Pie when I first tried and reviewed it way back in 2008. Well, since I had a relatively “quiet” Thanksgiving this year, I decided what better way to make up for it, than to treat myself with a sampling of Holy’s Bakery Buttered Peach Pie this time around.

The varieties are the same as they’ve always been, available in Buttered Apple, Buttered Peach, Buttered Pear and Buttered Coconut. I read over the Yelp reviews on folks opinions which flavor they like best, and lots of folks mentioned they liked the Buttered Pear Pie. Yet Peach was also a noteworthy contender, and I thought it had a better “ring” to its name, being it’s one of the most popular pies in the south. So yeah, let’s do Buttered Peach Pie. Gosh, that sounds SEXY! lol

You know what’s funny, is I just realized Holy’s (or Times Supermarket) is using MY Tasty Island photo for the sign in their stores. This is the sign currently up in their stores where Holy’s Pies are stocked in the freezer case:

And this is the photo I took back in 2008 of Holy’s Buttered Apple Pie (we actually baked this one in our office lunchroom kitchen), just out the oven, placed back in the box:

Ha ha! Yep, that’s the same photo, for sure! Pretty cool to be honored by helping represent the famous Holy’s Bakery!

On top of that, on Holy’s Bakery’s website, on their ‘About Us‘ history page, they titled it “Named Big Island’s Best”, which is what I titled my original review of their Buttered Apple Pie. Double coolness!

According to the gal at the Times Supermarket S. King customer service counter, Holy’s Pies were just on sale for $13.98 in an ad prior to Thanksgiving. And with that, they had ordered A LOT of inventory to cover what they knew would be a rush for them. Thankfully when I went there on Saturday, they still had plenty of each flavor in stock, albeit at the regular $16.98 price. I asked her if they could give me the sale price, but nope, no can. Hey, at least I tried. ;-)

As you can see, there was a fissure in the crust of the pie I selected, yet I wasn’t worried, knowing that will simply act as another steam vent so the whole crust top doesn’t blow its lid.

Next step is to bake the pie in a preheated oven at 350ºF for 1 hour, FROM FROZEN. Do not thaw it out before baking.

Exactly after one hour baking (non-convection) at 350ºF, then about 45 minutes “rest” to let the “molten” fruit filling cool down and congeal a bit (notice how it’s viscosity is broken down and it’s bubbling out of the break in the crust in the photo above after first finishing baking), voila…

It must also be noted that, right around 40 minutes into the baking time, you begin to SMELL the deliciousness of this pie waft through your kitchen. LOVE THAT!

As gingerly with surgeon-like precision you try to cut one of these shortening-rich pies up, even after it’s cooled down, it’s all but impossible to avoid the crust from crumbling up at the knife’s edge. No matter how sharp, or what technique you use (unless you’re like the “pie ninja” lol). Yet that’s the beauty of it, is its rustic appearance!

Yep, that’s a pretty rustic pie hack job, alright. The first slice is always so hard to get out cleanly, ain’t it?!

Before continuing, to refresh your memory in case you haven’t had any in a while, above is your typical American peach. Which as you know, has a considerably different flavor and texture profile compared to a Pear, and of course makes peaches synonymous with the southern state of Georgia.

Back to the pie, because it’s so “sloppy” (in a great way!), I had to scoop up the first slice by first removing the top layer like this…

Then scoop up all the fruit filling in the pan and plate it down first like this…

And voila, my very first slice of Holy’s Buttered Peach Pie, ready for a photo shoot and sampling…

OK, let’s do this. Hai, itadakimasu! And? Dude. Dude. DUDE!!! Oh. My. GOD!!!!!!! Just like the Buttered Apple, the Buttered Peach is pure “Piegasm”!!!

The crust is every so delicately toasty ‘n flaky, having just enough body to compliment the gelatinous fruity peach filling. Of which the peaches themselves have just enough tartness, yet lean more on the sweet side, and while I’m not sure if they’re canned or fresh, come across as “nicely macerated”. Then you get that BUTTAH, all melty rich ‘n decadent. I swear, butter is like one of, if not the greatest culinary inventions EVER.

No question though, the amount of butter, combined with that toasty ‘n flaky crust is Holy’s Pies claim to fame. Especially noticeable when you pair it up with the creamy coldness of vanilla ice cream served with it, as I did with this review.

The Macadamia Nuts certainly added even more life the party as well, where if you have some around, definitely add it to your pie and ice cream, as it was totally rockin’ it with the exotic nutty crunch factor that you know Mac Nuts will provide.

Summing it up, I give Holy’s Bakery Buttered Peach Pie 5 SPAM Musubi. I’m still in favor of the Buttered Apple, only because I like the added flavor dimension of the cinnamon and nutmeg in that pie. However you’d definitely be totally floored by Holy’s Buttered Peach Pie as well, and find it totally worth the asking price. Winnah, winnah Buttered Peach Pie aftah dinnah!

Here again is another shot at Holy’s Buttered Apple Pie…

Oh snap. Wait, we’re not done yet! Let’s try Holy’s Bakery Buttered Peach Pie, Cheese Ala Mode style….

Like it goes well on an apple pie, I tried adding a slice of good ‘ole American KRAFT brand cheese on this Buttered Peach Pie… and? TOTALLY, TOTALLY ROCKIN’ IT!

Just like how melted American Cheese works in flavor and texture contrast with an apple pie, it’s totally the same with a peach pie. Albeit, I did have to add my own dash of Cinnamon to give it that spicy “twang” that it needed. Which really is what I should have done even without the cheese, and what I think Holy’s should do as well, straight out the box. But oh yeah, the melted American Cheese on Holy’s Buttered Peach Pie, along with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side and dash of cinnamon on all of it? ROCK.IN.IT.COM!!!! Totally, totally give that a try!

Holy’s Bakery Buttered Peach Pie, served with Meadow Gold Vanilla Ice Cream topped with Island Princess macadamia nut halves (ti leaf, red hibiscus and gardenia flower added for presentation)

So which Holy’s Buttered Pie should I try next? Coconut or Pear? I’m leaning towards the Coconut!

What? Holy’s Bakery Buttered Peach Pie
Where did you get it and how much did it cost? Times Supermarket, Oahu (S. King Street location); $16.98 regular price (it occasionally goes on sale for $13.98 each)
Big Shaka to? THAT CRUST! ALL THAT BUTTER! Fruity, gelatinous ‘n tasty authentic (albeit canned) peach filling. Bakes perfectly according to directions within 1 hour, with no burning issues. KILLER with Vanilla Ice Cream. Even more killer when you add Macadamia Nuts! Made in Hawaii, with a very long and storied history of the business. Pies rule! Fruity, flaky, buttery pies rule even more!
No shaka to? Relatively high price @ $16.98 per 9″ pie. Cakes suck.
SPAM Musubi rating: 5

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5 thoughts on “Holy’s Bakery Buttered Peach Pie

  • November 30, 2015 at 4:15 pm

    LOVE Holy’s Pies!  Glad they have them at Times.  The last I heard that carried them was Star which is no longer in business.

  • December 1, 2015 at 2:25 am

    Pomai, nothing better than fresh hot pie from the oven.  I do make pie but Holys

    pies crusts that buttered the best.

  • December 1, 2015 at 3:38 am

    @ Kelike – I know it’s a hard sell, buying a $17 frozen uncooked pie in a bakery takeout box, that’s been sitting in that store freezer for God knows how long. But believe me, after that 1 hour of bake time (plus 30 minutes rest), and that first bite — all the way to the very last crumb, you WILL BE SOLD on HOLY’S BUTTERED PIE!!! The “Fresh factor” is totally there!

    @ Kerri – I just found out from a fellow Yelper that Safeway on Oahu is selling Holy’s Pies.

  • December 1, 2015 at 12:44 pm

    Pomai, loved all kind of sweet treats during the holidays.  Mom want to get a

    coconut Holy pie for the buttered crust.  Even she know how to bake well

    she like to save time.  Wonder why not much on German Sollen Bread?

    I learn it in high school cooking class in making it and also cream cheese


  • December 4, 2015 at 11:51 am

    Thank you Pomai for maintaining this great website with so many awesome pictures, descriptions, and commentaries! Yours is my favorite place on the web, a fitting representation for my favorite state in the union, if not place in the entire world!


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