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Hawaiian Host® New Tropical Fruit Fruit Bites™

Via an ad agency, Hawaiian Host reached out to me last week, offering samples of their all-new Tropical Fruit Bites™. described as “A perfect pairing of real tropical fruit and premium chocolate to celebrate the island flavors”. Sounds good to me!

The product line includes Coconut, Pineapple and Banana, covered in Hawaiian Host’s highly respected premium chocolate, both in milk chocolate and dark chocolate varieties. Did I say chocolate enough times yet? “Chocolately-chocolately chocolate”, baby! lol

Getting straight to business, above from left to right, we have Hawaiian Host’s Tropical Fruit Bites’ Coconut, Pineapple and Banana, covered in their premium dark chocolate on the bottom row, and preimium milk chocolate on the top row.

And? BROKE DA’ MOUT’ ONOLICIOUS WINNAHZ! And I’m SO not a chocolate fan. Sorry, way too much testosterone running through this man’s veins to love chocolate. Yet that said, I’m totally diggin’ this! While I’m particularly not a dark chocolate fan, I found both the milk chocolate and dark chocolate covered dried fruits here equally DELICIOUS.

If I had to choose a favorite? ALL OF THE ABOVE! I particularly was diggin’ the banana-covered chocolate, as it had sort of an ice cream quality about, in a creamy way, if you know what I mean. And the coconut covered chocolate reminded me Mounds, which happens to be one of my favorite chocolate bars, next to Almond Joy.

On top of the silky texture of Hawaiian Host’s excellent chocolate, the dried fruit within also has a premium taste and texture, and you can really taste the natural flavor of the coconut, pineapple and banana. Almost as good as fresh, I’d say.

I can totally see taking some of these and adding it to a bowl of Vanilla ice cream.

Seriously, next time you go the store where Macadamia Nut chocolates are, look out and grab a bag of Hawaiian Host’s new Tropical Fruit Bites. If you like good quality dried fruits and also chocolate, imagine the both of them combined in one convenient bite. In it to win it! And I’m not saying this because these were given to me. I honestly highly recommend them. Good job Hawaiian Host! Maika’i!

Huge mahalos to Mia Noguchi of Lotus Pond Communications. ;-)

For more information, please visit HawaiianHost.com.

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