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2015 Hawaii Hispanic Heritage Festival

The 2015 Hawaii Hispanic Heritage Festival took place on Saturday, October 10, 2015 at the Honolulu Hale Frank F. Fasi Civic Center. Following is The Tasty Island’s photo coverage of the event, taken between 2pm to 4pm. Enjoy. :-)

The lovely ladies of Linaka’s Catering, serving THE BEST Pasteles, Pasteles Stew, Gandules Rice and Bacalao Salad on the island!

Bread + Butter Executive Chef Arnoldo Masa Gushiken & restaurateur Hide Sakurai

BREAD + BUTTER Chef Arnoldo Masa Gushiken shows off his signature take on the classic Loco Moco

Buho Cocina Y Cantina (Waikiki) Executive Chef Arturo Silva

Chili in Hawaii appears regularly at the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet; call (808) 945-7070 for more info’

Lupe’s South Pacific Collection makes appearances at the Fort Street Mall Farmer’s Market, University of Hawaii at Manoa, NFX Road Show and Downtown Nuuanu Ave. “First Fridays”; call (808) 497-5374  for more info’

Lupe Steffany, owner of South Pacific Collection holds up one of her prized pieces

The beautiful Lupe with Pomai at her South Pacific Collection booth/tent (BTW, she’s half Western Samoan, half Chinese… wow!)

The Tasty Island got much more detailed photos this year compared to last of the displays in the Hispanic cultural heritage tent

2015 Miss Latina Hawaii April-May Smith and her younger sister December, who will be running for the same crown next year

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Ahi estas tú (You are there)*

by Chambao (Spain)
Spain, Spanish, Songs, Lyrics, translated into English, Latin Music
Ahi estas tú (You are there) by Chambao (Spain)
Translation; Anonymous

Dejate llevar, por las sensaciones
Lose yourself in the sensations
Que no ocupen en tu via (1), malas pasiones
Don’t let bad feelings come into your life

Esa pregunta que te haces sin responder
That question you ask yourself and that you don’t answer
Dentro de ti está la respuesta para saber
The answer is inside you (to know)
Tu eres el que decide el camino a escoger
You are the one that chooses the way
Hay muchas cosas buenas y malas, elige bien
There are many good things as well as bad ones, so make a good choice
Que tu futuro se forma a base de decisiones
Your future is based on these decisions
Y queremos alegrarte con estas canciones
And we want to make you happy with these songs

Y ahí estás tú, tú…
And you are there

Y es que yo canto porque a mi me gusta cantar
And I sing because I like to sing
También tú bailas porque a ti te gusta bailar, tú…
Also you dance because you like to dance
Y es que yo canto porque a ti te gusta escuchar
And I sing because you like listening
lo que yo canto porque así se puede bailar, tú…
what I sing, because you like this, it is possible to dance

Estribillo (Refrain)

Y ahí estás tú
And you are there
Y a mi me gusta como bailas, tú…
And I like the way you dance
Tú a bailar, tú a bailar
You go to dance, you go to dance

Y ahí estás tú, tú…
And you are there
Y a mi me gusta como te mueves, tú…
And I like the way you move
Tú a bailar, tú a bailar
You go to dance, you go to dance

Canto por el día, y en mañanas da alegría
I sing in the day time and in mornings of joy (happy mornings)
Canta tú conmigo si quieres conmigo canta
Sing with me if you want with me sing
Canto por las noches, cuando el lorenzo (2) se esconde
I sing in the night time when “El Lorenzo” hides (the sun)
Canta tú conmigo si quieres conmigo canta
Sing with me if you want with me sing
Canto pa (3) los pobres que temprano se levantan
I sing for the poor people that wake up early
Canta tú conmigo si quieres conmigo canta
Sing with me if you want with me sing

Estribillo (Refrain)

(1) vida = Life
(2) Lorenzo is a name given to the sun. I guess it comes from a children song that goes like this: El sol se llama Lorenzo, la luna Catalina…. (The sun is named Lorenzo, the moon is named Catalina…).
(3) pa = para

Chambao´s music use to be known as “Flamenco Chillout”.

*Source: Learning by Singing Spanish blogspot


4 thoughts on “2015 Hawaii Hispanic Heritage Festival

  • October 13, 2015 at 11:40 pm

    A few notable comments on this year’s Hispanic Festival:

    1.) Parking was very convenient and FREE, with plenty open stalls available right there in the (below street level) basement structure of the grounds of Honolulu Hale Frank F. Fasi Civic Center.

    2.) Crowd turnout was good, though I’m not sure how it compared to last year’s event at Kapiolani Park, since it looked to be in a more concentrated area at this year’s venue on the Civic Center grounds in the center of “Hawaii’s Capital District”.

    3.) Costumes/traditional Hispanic outfits: I spent about the same amount of time this year as last from 2-4pm, and compared to last year at Kapiolani Park, this year there was hardly anyone (actually nobody) I could find on the entire grounds dressed in traditional Hispanic costumes, whether it be Mexican, Columbian, Puerto Rican, Cuban, or other South American country. So from a photographer’s perspective, I was a little disappointed. In comparison, the Hawaii Prince Oktoberfest that took place just the night before was EXCELLENT, costume-wise!

    4.) Food: OMG, Linaka’s Puerto Rican Pasteles, Pastele Stew, Gandules Rice and Bacalao Salad. RULES! Seriously, that is by far THE BEST Puerto Rican I’ve had in a long, long time. I spoke with Linda Linaka, the owner and head cook, who told me at this time they only take orders by phone, and are still looking for a regular venue and perhaps brick and mortar restaurant. You can call them up if you have an order of 10 complete plates or more, and they’d be happy to prepare it for you. Call them at the number on the banner for more info’. Seriously folks, THE BEST Pasteles and all else! And I have no affiliation with them whatsoever, I’m just sincerely in LOVE with their Puerto Rican food!

    No shortage of Mexican food, however I’d like see vendors featuring more unusual stuff like authentic Cuban (Soul De Cuba was absent this year), Argentinian (Bread + Butter does fusion dishes of that), Peruvian, Columbian, etc..

    Other note: a couple of guys in my office attended (and participated in) the Portuguese Festa in Kailua, which took place the same day and time as the Hispanic Festival (albeit shorter), and they said the crowd turnout for that was very low (around 300?). They just don’t get together enough resources to attract vendors and advertising to promote that event. As someone half-Portuguese myself, I feel almost obligated to help them do that for next year. I feel bad not going to this year’s event, but didn’t feel like driving “all the way” to Kailua for it (not to mention having already been busy covering the Oktoberfest and Hispanic Festival). They seriously need a better location to hold the Portuguese Festa (used to be at Ala Moana’s McCoy Pavillion, which was great!). Also, don’t hold it on the same weekend as two other cultural festivals! Too much going on at the same time!

  • October 14, 2015 at 5:10 am

    Thanks for the coverage.  Just saw my classmate Linda (furthest on the right in the Linaka’s picture).  I’ll post this link to my HS class page and get you a few more followers, too.

    • October 14, 2015 at 7:46 am


      The younger Linda must have been named after Grandma Linda Linaka; the elder of whom I spoke with, in the photo at the far left, holding the ladle of Pastele Stew. Super nice folks. Seriously, if you like “local style” Puerto Rican Pasteles, you MUST try Linaka’s… da’ best!

      Find Linaka Catering on Facebook here.

      • October 18, 2015 at 8:15 am

        Yes, you are right.  She and her mom have the same name!  I’ve known her Stevenson Intermediate.


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