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BK’s Spookier “Hawaiian” Halloween Burger

Unless you live not on this rock, but under it, you’ve probably already heard and/or seen and/or tried Burger King’s limited edition “HA1loween Whopper”, introduced this past Monday, September 28, 2015 at all US locations, including here in Hawaii. The Halloween Whopper will be available until Halloween, October 31, 2015, or while supplies last (mainly, the black buns).

Burger King Japan “Kuro” (Black) Burger

And “United States locations” must be stressed as much as the “Halloween” theme itself, as this is actually a spin-off of BK’s introduction of the “Black Burger” made exclusively for the Japan market a few years back, featuring the same totally black bun. Albeit, said bun for that market was supposedly colored with squid ink and Japanese Charcoal, while it also had “black cheese” as well as squid ink-based “black ketchup”. See, why, can’t we get THAT? Way more “scary”!

As for price, here in Honolulu the Halloween Whopper costs $6.39 for the sandwich alone, or $9.39 for the meal. I’ve heard reviewers on the mainland say theirs costs about $2 less. Pretty much always the case with Hawaii vs. mainland prices across the food chain board.

Right out the gate, as you might expect of one of the nation’s largest fast food chains, there are TONS of reviews published online now on Burger King’s novel new black bun colored “Halloween Burger”. And the consensus seems to be pretty much the same: it’s your “normal” everyday whopper, albeit with black-colored bun. The disagreements come more about the A1 Steak Sauce, which I personally am a HUGE fan of. The thing is, Burger King is making claim the black bun itself is infused with A1, yet most folks say they don’t get that when they taste it.

Burger King’s “HA1lloween Whopper”, sans the A1 Steak Sauce

More importantly than the “A1 infused” black bun, many reviewers said they didn’t like the combination of A1 steak sauce, which is also added on the “HA1lloween Whopper” (get it?) as a condiment.

Therefore I decided, as much as I LOVE A1 steak sauce with my steak (when made at home that is), I can definitely see it so not working on a burger. So I ordered my HA1lloween Whopper” sans the A1 Steak Sauce, which is what you see above. See! At Burger King you can still have it “Your Way”!

Some reviewers suggested that Burger King wasn’t creative enough with this “Halloween Whopper”, particularly not making it as “spooky” as it could be. Where one fellah suggested if they REALLY want to make it scary, simply print the nutritional values right on the bun…

OK, I must admit, that is definitely MUCH scarier than even my idea of throwin’ SPAM in it. lol

To prove it’s A1 Steak “Sauceless”, here above you see it deconstructed, where you also get a good look at the underside of the black bun. The veggie toppings include roughly cut Iceberg Lettuce and two fairly thick slices of tomatoes, both of which were of respectable crispness and freshness.

Further deconstructing it, like your typical everyday Whopper, the “Halloween Whopper” also includes sliced onions, dill pickles, melted American cheese and a flame-broiled beef patty that adequately fits the “meat-to-bun” ratio requirements, laddat.

With that, let me say for the record, in the sum of its parts — this really is as advertised — a “Whopper” huge burger. But yeah, the guy in the kitchen at the Beretania Street Burger King (the one near HPD headquarters) was good at directions, not putting ANY sauce on it, including not even putting immersing mayonnaise on it. Obviously a GOOD thing, as my BAD experiences in the past with BK have always been because they TORCHURE my burger with so much Mayo’, I need to reach for some statin pills right after eating it.

Burger King needs to work on their “flame broiled” grill markings.

So I thought, since so many folks don’t like the taste of A1 Steak Sauce on a Whopper, I should try and “Hawaiianize” this so called “Halloween Burger” by making it even more “Scary” in the form of what else? SPAM! Yup, I know all you Hawaii folks are saying “right on brah, hit it!”. Yet all you mainland folks are like, “Dude, now THAT is what I call SCARY!!!” Oh yes all you Hormel SPAM haters, this one’s for you! lol

And where did I get the SPAM and Teriyaki Sauce on a burger concept from? Why, it would be this of course…

Jack in the Box SPAM Teri Jr. Jack (still available at Hawaii JITB locations!)

Running with the JITB SPAM Teri Jr. Jack concept, I topped the SPAM and beef patty with a slathering of homemade Teriyaki sauce, made by reducing Yamasa shoyu with brown sugar and a generous helping of finely minced fresh ginger. Simple-yet-proven Teri’ ‘kine action.

I then put back on the OEM sliced tomatoes and Iceberg Lettuce, while giving it a finishing touch by adding a “sprinkling” of Beni Shoga, which are Japanese tart picked ginger tsukemono; the latter of which, thinking the Shoga would add a nice “zippity-zapp” to compliment porky SPAM. Brilliant, right?!

Notice that I smeared some Best Foods Mayo’ (<—gotta’ be that brand) on the underside of the black bun. As crucial are the condiments, I noticed the bun wasn’t toasted, so I pan-toasted it myself with a little buttah. Oh yeah, baby, the flavah “kick” is in the details!

Pomai’s take on the BK “Halloween Whopper”: “Eighty-six the A-1 Steak Sauce, replaced by Teriyaki Sauce, along with 2 slices of pan-fried SPAM. SPAM!!! 

And voila. There you go, Pomai’s very own “Hawaiian Halloween Burger”, featuring Teriyaki Sauce and, of course the even scarier than the black bun, SPAM! Muah. Muah-ha. Muah -ha-ha. Muah-ha-ha-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!!!!

Hey, you gotta’ admit, that does look even more onolicious than the OEM BK “Halloween Burger”, right? Me thinks so! I actually LOVE the color of the black bun, especially with the constrasting color of the white sesame seeds on it, along with the Halloween-themed orange cheese. Totally rockin’, color-wise.

Holding it in situ, you can see how Whopper-huge this bad boy is in my hand; even more so now with two thick slices of pan-fried Bacon SPAM in it. Then you get the “drippinz” of the homemade Teri’ sauce makin’ a hot mess of it all. Gotta’ love that visual.

Par for The Tasty Island course, you know da’ rules, where we always get the cross-cut “money shot”. There you can see that black bun is black-as-black can be, from the inside out. This ain’t no “coconut” colored bun, that’s for sure. lol

Let’s hit it…

First of all, the bun: it’s pretty much what most reviewers say, being a black colored bun. I certainly don’t taste “A1 infused in it”, nor do I detect any smokey flavor as some claim there is. If there’s any difference, I’d say this black bun is a tad more glutenous and sweet, however very, very subtle in that regard, compared to a standard white bread-based hamburger bun. Really, also, the burger and all its condiments and add-ons pretty much drown out the bun anyways.

The good thing I can say about this more glutenous black bun, is it seems to hold up better than what I imagine the white “cracker” version can when eating through this huge burger. Just get over the visual that it’s black, because like people, it ‘s only a color, otherwise it’s the same pair of buns. lol

As for the Hormel Bacon SPAM and Teriyaki Sauce, along with the Beni Shoga, how did that work? “She go”. I won’t say great, as the Bacon SPAM was WAY TOO SALTY for this burger. I’d say next time, try doing it with the 25% less sodium SPAM, and cut it thinner. Also I’d remove the dill pickles, as that was conflicting with the asian flavor theme of the shoyu-based Teri’ sauce.

My biggest gripe is the “beef” burger patty itself, being pretty much way overcooked and overall, “lifeless” and “meh”.Yet hey, it’s fast food. What do you expect?

All said and done, should you try make your own Teri SPAM Halloween Whopper? Nah, don’t bother. Should you try BK’s OEM “HA1loween Whopper”? Sure. Why not? It may will take about two days to maybe two weeks off your entire lifespan, but hey, at least you can say you tried a burger with a super cool lookin’ black bun. That alone should be worth it. Ya’ think?

6 thoughts on “BK’s Spookier “Hawaiian” Halloween Burger

  • October 3, 2015 at 11:01 am

    I wonder if a couple slices of Portugese sausage might be better than Spam. Speaking of which I finally found some Silva’s here on Kauai to try.Never had mainland.

    Re the BK mayo. I know you love mayo as my family does. But we dislike BK. It is because they do not use Best Foods or a brand that taste so close you can’t tell. There are some for institutional use. The BK mayo tastes like the dreaded Kraft. Which makes my wife, son and I nauseous thinking of. LOL

    • October 3, 2015 at 11:50 am


      Actually, The Shack (Hawaii Kai, Mililani and Kailua; NOT Waikiki, which of whom (HK and Waikiki) I was the webmaster of has what’s nicknamed “The Shack Burger”, featuring a slice of grilled Portuguese Sausage on it. I’ve never tried it myself, so can’t comment further.

      I will say, The Shack (Hawaii Kai’s) Swiss ‘n Shroom Burger OWNS IT!

  • October 20, 2015 at 7:32 am


    You shoulda made it “scarier” by putting wasabi or a wasabi-mayo as another “green slime” layer on it instead of just plain mayo.

    • October 20, 2015 at 9:22 am


      As far as I recall, I’ve never had a burger with any type of Wasabi condiment on it. Now I’m curious how that would taste. I’ll give it a try soon!

      As far as I’m concerned, when it comes to Ahi Sashimi and Nigiri Sushi, LOAD da’ WASABI! The whole tube! lol

      • October 23, 2015 at 9:14 am

        I think the “horse-radishy” kick of wasabi would go well with a burger.  Chains like Arby’s and Hardee’s (before merger with Carl’s Jr.) on the East Coast have offered horseradish sauce with roast beef sandwiches. I always put it on my hamburger when I could. So a wasabi mayo wouldn’t be that big a reach. Jus’ try’um!


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