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Aloha ‘Oe Honda Tofu

By now you folks who follow local news are probably already aware Honda Tofu out of Wahiawa closed their business doors for good this past weekend, just two years short of reaching their 100 year anniversary. Mighty disheartening.

Reasons are multi-faceted, including the Department of Health not passing their boiler, which already had problems because of age, to the slowing of orders — irregardless of them being a supplier to Costco, to increased competition from mainland brands. The aged and near-broken boiler really was the catalyst though, being they already were ready to pull the plug after reaching their 100 year anniversary, however that would have required replacing that piece of equipment, which would have been financially unfeasible, all things considered.

So that’s it. Aloha ‘oe to Wahiawa’s own Honda Tofu.

The most noble sentiment 3rd generation owner/operator Dennis Honda said, was to support the remaining local Tofu manufacturers, including here on Oahu with Mrs. Cheng’s, and of course the most well known and largest of all, Aloha Tofu.

Honda Tofu sold for just over $3 for two 20 oz. tubs at Oahu Costco locations

Honda regular (firm) Tofu

Honda regular (firm) Tofu

Honda regular Tofu, sauced with Aloha Shoyu mixed with Oyster sauce and minced ginger, garnished with green onion

Paul Uyehara, President of Aloha Tofu, at the Akepo Lane Factory in Kalihi with Pomai Souza ~ 2012

With that, I spoke with marketing guru Noreen at Aloha Tofu this morning (10/01/15), and she says Paul Uyehara, owner and president of Aloha Tofu never got into any detailed discussion with her about the closing of Honda Tofu, being he himself is so, SO busy himself running Aloha Tofu, and its new outlet shop, Aloha Tofu Town @ Dole Cannery.

As stated before in my write-up about Aloha Tofu, I asked Paul why Aloha Tofu wasn’t the supplier for Costco to begin with, and he did say when Costco first came to Hawaii at the Salt Lake location on Oahu, they had approached Aloha Tofu, however for unknown reason — Paul’s grandfather who was running the operation at the time — turned down the offer.

So at this point only time will tell who or if any local Tofu company will replace Honda as the supplier to all those retailers and restaurants who depended on them for nothing but the best, fresh, MADE IN HAWAII Tofu.

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One thought on “Aloha ‘Oe Honda Tofu

  • October 1, 2015 at 11:26 am

    my late father-in-law worked at Honda Tofu as a young man before WWII  sad to see them close


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