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Ju-Mui New Package Design by Yours Truly

Ju-Mui Hawaiian Li-Hing Mui Ice Pops new logo and packaging design by Pomai

Earlier last year Ju-Mui Hawaiian Li-Hing Mui Ice Pops owner Randal Yee contacted me, asking if I could bring awareness of their new frozen local style treat, which I was more than happy to feature here on The Tasty Island. With that, being in advertising and marketing myself, the very first thing I noticed about their product is that it REALLY needed a catchy logo.

So the very first thing I did along with featuring their lip-smackin’ tasty Li-Hing Mui Ice Pops, was draft an initial logo prototype that looked like this…

Ju-Mui logo rendering version 1 by Pomai

Randal really liked, it, where after some discussion over font usage (he likes this font called “Hemi-Head”) and design of the mascot itself, I came up with this…

Yep, I can totally see a live “Ju-Mui” mascot dressed like that walking around handing out these treats at parties and events.

As for the design as a whole, round is always a good shape to stick with for a logo — no pun intended — as you can, well, stick it just about anywhere, like oh, say on the pops simply like this…

Which I must humbly admit, is WORLD’S better than this…

Yet of course, just the logo by itself isn’t going to be enough for a product label. So after discussing and going further over the design with Randal, this is the final Ju-Mui Li-Hing Mui Ice Pop package design I created that he was happy with that got the OK to go to press…

Here’s the back of the package, or what in the ice pop world are called a “bag” (white panel dropped behind for rendering purposes)…

And voila, as spotted in the freezer chest just last night at my local 7-Eleven on the corner of Atkinson and Kapiolani Boulevard, my graphic design work, now in commercial distribution, on store shelves!…

Ju-Mui Hawaii Li-Hing Mui Ice Pops (4.6 oz.) are available at 7-Eleven Hawaii stores for $1.97 each

Does that not look COOL or what?!!!! I LOVE IT!!! I swear, holding my artwork in my hand for the first time in the store like that felt like what it must holding my own newborn child at birth, I was so touched. LOL!

Note, the only Ju-Mui flavor currently sporting the new package design by Yours Truly (me) is Strawberry, which just hit store shelves at 7-Eleven and Times Supermarket locations around Hawaii this past month (September 2015).

I’ve just forwarded Randal the artwork for the new logo packaging for the Vanilla flavor, which you can see sitting next to the Strawberry in turquoise blue color, still using the original black and white text-only labels (sigh).

Ju-Mui Li-Hing Ice Pops feature a whole sweet Li-Hing Mui seed (with seed) in each one

If you missed the original feature of this product on The Tasty Island, Ju-Mui Hawaiian Li-Hing Ice Pops are essentially what it is, with a twist. Namely that each one includes a whole Li-Hing Mui Chinese style preserved plum seed, a.k.a. “Crack Seed”, acting like a hidden “prize” as suck through the pop. Add to that, the artificial fruit flavoring is laced with Li-Hing powder, along with, get this: CREAM. Yep, the cream is what gives this ice pop a unique, very, well, “local” taste.

Left to right, top to bottom row: Green River-Mui, Vanilla-Mui, Strawberry-Mui, Orange-Mui, Lychee-Mui and Pineapple-Mui Ju-Mui Hawaiian Li-Hing Ice Pops

Think Li-Hing flavored Guri-Guri style Ice Cake, and there you go, that’s a Ju-Mui Ice Pop. Ono stuff for sure! My favorite is the Lychee flavor, which is only available by special order, yet the Strawberry flavor available in the stores rocks, too.

Frosty Li-Hing Onoliciousness! Ju-Mui Hawaiian Li-Hing Mui Ice Pops are available in Strawberry and Vanilla at 7-Eleven and Times Supermarket locations around Oahu for about $2 each

So next time you’re in a 7-Eleven or Times Supermarket on Oahu, pick-up a Strawberry Ju-Mui Hawaii Li-HIng Mui Ice Pop, and give it a try. Then save the package with their new logo design by Pomai on it… and ah, what the heck, give me a call, and I’ll come personally autograph it for you. LOL!!!!

Pomai Souza, designer of Ju-Mui’s new logo and ice pop packaging – September 2015

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4 thoughts on “Ju-Mui New Package Design by Yours Truly

  • September 24, 2015 at 6:54 pm

    Nice job!

    (Isn’t Da Ala Cart good?  If he has the Bacon-wrapped shishamo, try it!)

  • September 25, 2015 at 7:04 am

    Congrats on getting your design commercialized! That is great news. I will have to go find some when I’m there! They sound yummy!

  • September 25, 2015 at 9:07 am

    @ Su-Lynn – Nah, no need wait. Just make ’em  yourself, sistah: concentrated juice syrup, a dash of sugar, water, canned cream, li-hing powder and a Li-Hing Mui seed in each tray/cup/whatever your vessel is. Adjust flavor profile (mainly sweetness and tartness) to your liking. Freeze until rock hard, then enjoy.

    @ Debbie-Chan – Daniel-San (Wang Chung’s owner) actually caught me off-guard last night, texting me that event just hours prior. I really could have made it, but wasn’t inclined to, due to “tiredness” (I tell you, I’m getting OLD).

    @ Hawaii Island Gourmet – I have yet to see a Lychee Cookie. Dude, SO DO A HAWAII ISLAND GOURMET LYCHEE COOKIE.



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