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Da’ Big Kahuna’s Pizza Party

Twas time yet again recently for another tasty office luncheon, this time with da’ ono ‘kine grindz provided by Big Kahuna’s Pizza ‘n Stuffs, located near Honolulu International Airport. That, plus an oishii salad prepared by our very own Diner DB, along with Old Fashioned Ice Cakes for dessert provided by Samurai Inc. out of Kalihi, a.k.a. “God’s Country”, a.k.a. “The Center of Hawaii’s Food Universe”.

Following are foodie photos and commentary from the event. Enjoy. :-)

Diner DB’s House Garden Salad with Oriental Dressing from Y. Hata

Da Big Kahuna Garlic Cheese Balls topped with 5 Cheeses

Banzai: Teriyaki Chicken on a Teri-glazed Crust, topped with Fresh Mushrooms and Green Onions

White: Ricotta Cheese and Sliced Tomatoes top our Five Cheese Blend, sprinkled with Italian Seasoning, drizzled with Garlic Butter and Topped with Fresh Basil

Kanaka (Kan-na-ka): Oven-roasted Shredded Kalua Pork on our Sweet & Tangy Hawaiian BBQ Sauce and topped with Green Onions

Pepperoni: America’s favorite… lots of Pepperoni & lots of Cheese

Da Sumo Special: Pepperoni, Ham, Italian Sausage, Bacon, Portuguese Sausage, Kalua Pork, Onions, Fresh Mushrooms, Chopped Tomatoes and Black Olives… this one “broke da mouth”

Vegetarian: Fresh Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Onions, Green Peppers and Black Olives

Spinach, Garlic & Tomato

Samurai® Old Fashioned Ice Cakes: Strawberry, Green River, Orange, Banana and Vanilla (6.25 oz. cup each)

Plate ’em up…

“Oh brother, I just had dinner at CPK last night. This is enough pizza for me for the next MONTH!”

“Forget all the other pizza varieties on this spread. I KNOW this one’s the bomb, so it’s two of the same for me.”

“I’m pretty sure I can fit an Ice Cake on the same plate with my salad. I hate getting up again for round two.”

“Pfftt. Green Salad? Screw that. That’s so YESTERDAY California.”

“This reminds, it’s Two-4-Tuesday at Mai Tai’s tonight”

“Huh, man, here you go takin’ pictures of everyone’s food again… now hurry before my pizza get’s cold!”

“I need to go back in line and get that White Ricotta Pizza everyone’s talkin’ about”

“OMG, this Y. Hata Oriental Dressing is DA-BOMB.COM!”

“Dang it, my eyes are always bigger than my stomach…”

“Da’ Big Kahuna’s in da’ ha’youse… right on, Cuz!”

And how was da’ Big Kahuna’s Pizzas? Big ‘kine shaka brah winnahz! My favorite was the Kanaka and the Vegetarian. The Cheese Balls are, eh, OK. I think they would be WAY better if they stuffed the Mozzarella Cheese inside the dough ball instead of just drizzled over it. Then again, you could stuff my shoes with Mozzarella Cheese and I’d eat it. Oh yes.

Samurai Old Fashioned Ice Cake

Time to cool off with some Ice Cake for dessert, which for those of you who don’t know what “Ice Cake” is, it’s essentially artificially-flavored juice syrup combined with water and cream in a somewhat very sweet and and creamy concentration. That mixture is frozen in a disposable cup, and usually eaten by popping the frozen “ice cake” out and putting it back in the cup upside down so that it sticks out the top for some tasty lickin’. Ice Cake is the perfect, super economical treat for this HOT, HOT weather! Get the classic Hawaii style Ice Cake recipe here!

Samurai Green River Old Fashioned Ice Cake

Samurai Banana Old Fashioned Ice Cake

Samurai Strawberry Old Fashioned Ice Cake (Kinda’ Tasaka Guri Guri-‘ish!)

And? The Strawberry is da’ winnah, where while being far different, texture-wise, tasting very similar to Tasaka Guri Guri! Second place would be the Green River, while the Banana was, meh. While I didn’t try it, I bet that Orange flavor rocked, probably tasting like a Creamsicle.

Samurai frozen treats are available at Long’s, Don Quijote and various other retailers around Hawaii, while you can get all their stuff (see fundraiser menu below) at their factory outlet in Kalihi.

Big Kahuna’s Pizza ‘n Stuffs
Airport Trade Center
550 Paiea St.
Honolulu, Hawaii  96819

Tel. (808) 833-5588


Samurai Inc.
738 Umi Street
Honolulu, Hawaii 96819

Tel: (808) 833-4779
Fax: (808) 833-6790


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3 thoughts on “Da’ Big Kahuna’s Pizza Party

  • September 12, 2015 at 8:24 am

    So I’m going with pizzas two and three. However I must say that is the best vegetarian I have seen. Needs a bit of pepperoni tho.

    • September 12, 2015 at 8:48 am


      Have you tried Brick Oven Pizza (way out towards Waimea) in Kalaheo, Kauai? They opened two locations here on Oahu in Kapolei and Kaneohe, and I hear they’re pretty good. Diner A raves about Brick Oven’s Kapolei location.

  • September 13, 2015 at 8:28 am

    I am not a huge fan of Brick Oven, but they have a following for sure. They specialize in the very thin crust, which frankly all I saw in Italy. I think America has had a huge effect on Italian pizza in Italy, because it is now quite different than a mere thirty years ago.,


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