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2015 Waikiki Great Hawaiian Food Truck Festival

The 2015 Waikiki Great Hawaiian Food Truck Festival took place this past Saturday, August 15, 2015, taking up the greater part of Kalakaua Avenue, starting from Lewers Street, ending well past Kaiulani Avenue, just one street beyond the Hyatt. In other words, it was an EPIC food truck, arts ‘n crafts and entertainment event!

Following are photos Yours Truly took at this event, using my “new” Samsung Galaxy Note 4, that I had just got earlier that same day. Of which let me take a moment why I got a Galaxy Note 4, and not the new Note 5. Reason being A: Samsung totally ALIENATED us Note “power users” by dropping the user-replaceable battery and Micro-SD card. And B: I don’t like the new design and specs in general AT ALL. The Note 5 to me is a total step BACKWARDS, not FORWARD. In contrast, the Note 4 is almost — stress ALMOST — smartphone PERFECTION. That said, I LOVE my “new” (actually now about 1 year prior model) NOTE 4, and plan on keeping it until Samsung WAKES UP and makes the Note 6 for us REAL Note users.

That said, I took most of these photos in full “auto”, with HDR turned off, so I won’t say they turned out the best (apparently ISO gets cranked-up high in that mode in less than perfect lighting), however not bad. Pretty good actually, and the internal optically-stabilized front-facing camera is DEFINITELY a HUGE improvement over my previous Note 3 (I owned every Note since I and II). Give me a a bit to learn the Note 4’s camera settings, and I’ll be crankin’ out some great shots for “sho’ah”!

Here’s the 2015 Waikiki Great Hawaiian Food Truck Festival photo coverage by Pomai, c/o my “new” Galaxy Note 4. Enjoy. :-)

Franny’s Hawaiian Mini Donuts 

Franny of Franny’s Hawaiian Mini Donuts (mahalo Franny for da’ supah ono, supah fresh, pipin’ hot mini donut samples!… I ‘wen whack ’em ALL!!!)

About to devour Nani Kore’s Mochi-wrapped Bacon Stick nearby their street booth at the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center in Waikiki

Nani Kore’s BRILLIANT Teriyaki-glazed Grilled Bacon-wrapped Mochi, a.k.a. “The Mochi Baconader®”

Nani Kore’s Pork Belly Kimchi Yakisoba

Liv Smart

Liv Smart Green2O

Liv Smart founder, formulator (lead chemist) and President, Jeff Tuttle

Mahoe’s Hawaiian Delights Seared Ahi

Mahoe’s Hawaiian Delights Smoked Meat plate

Mahoe’s Hawaiian Delights Garlic Shrimp plate

Diamond Head Hawaiian Saltwater Taffy Co.

Diamond Head Hawaiian Saltwater Taffy Co. – Lilikoi (Passion Fruit)

Diamond Head Hawaiian Saltwater Taffy Co. – Lilikoi (Passion Fruit) sample

Diamond Head Hawaiian Saltwater Taffy Co. – Li Hing Mui 

Diamond Head Hawaiian Saltwater Taffy Co. – Li Hing Mui sample

Garlic Shrimp $12  (sorry, name of vendor wasn’t notated)

Ahi Katsu $12.50 (sorry, name of vendor wasn’t notated)

Ronnie’s Express Lunchwagon: Kiawe-smoked Beef Brisket with Asian Slaw, 1/2 Pulehu Chicken with Guava Glaze, Ahi Poke Bowl (Spicy or Shoyu), “Bbali Bbali” (Hurry-hurry) Bi Bim Bap, Hawaiian Style Patelle with Gandule Rice – your choice, $8

Why’z Lunchwagon & Catering

Hi Cravings Powered by “Jess Da Best”

Hi Cravings Powered by “Jess Da Best”

Go Nuts Sports Team Logo Kukui Nut Lei Collection (awesomeness!)

Go Nuts UH Warriors Kukui Nut Lei

Go Ducks! Go Titans! Go Crusaders! Go Mariota! Go Nuts!

Go Jets! Go Bows!…err, Go Warriors! Go Nuts!


8 thoughts on “2015 Waikiki Great Hawaiian Food Truck Festival

  • August 19, 2015 at 8:44 am

    Is this something new?

    What are the upcoming events?

    Is that li hing lemonade?

  • August 19, 2015 at 12:53 pm

    Ahi Katsu I think. But where the rice?

  • August 19, 2015 at 1:10 pm

    Food trucks are great for people who to start own business. No landlord and rent to deal with and low overhead.  My cousins in San Francisco like to have one too.

  • August 19, 2015 at 3:53 pm

    @ Amy – Lunch Trucks are also really difficult to business, not only in finding a spot, but also because of the limited space and cooking equipment. By law, if your truck isn’t certified to have its own cooking equipment, you’re supposed to prepare all your food in a commercial kitchen. One of them being available in Kalihi on Umi Street. I know a guy who used to run a wagon who did all his cooking there. Pain in the okole, however it’s how he did it.

    @ Pat – I think that Ahi Katsu is meant as an appetizer. Alan Wong does Ahi Katsu “Pops” just like that, served with a Misoyaki sauce. Broke da’ mout’! Next time you fly to Oahu, if you got some extra kala for splurging, take your wife to Alan Wong’s. Pacific Rim/Hawaiian fusion cuisine just doesn’t get any better than AW’s! Best of the best!

  • August 20, 2015 at 7:18 am

    I bought the Kokeshi Rice shirt at Spam Jam.  Wore it to the Palo Alto Obon matsuri and got many compliments!


    • August 20, 2015 at 10:47 am


      Similar reaction, I shop frequently at the Don Quijote Kaheka Street location, where there’s PLENTY of Nihongin tourists who also shop there. And I always use my Foodland SPAM Musubi reusable Eco Bags for my groceries there, and the Japanese LOVE it! I’ve received many “kakkoii!” and “sugoi!” compliments from them over that bag. ;-)


      • August 20, 2015 at 11:39 am

        Yeah, I have one, and I always get compliments on it, too!


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