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National No Dirty Dishes Day

According to NationalDayCalendar.com, today is National No Dirty Dishes Day.

“May 18 celebrates a fun holiday, National No Dirty Dishes Day.  This is a day that gives us all a break from the normal daily routine.   There are two options for this day: you can eat all meals out, which, if that is possible, would be a fun treat or use disposable paper plates, cups and silverware.  To stay earth friendly, choose ones that are biodegradable.

Here is a recipe our research found for No Dirty Dishes Chocolate Cake” 


Go out to lunch or dinner with friends or have a barbeque and serve everything on paper plates with disposable utensils.


We were unable to find the creator and origin for National No Dirty Dishes Day, an “unofficial” National holiday.”

~ NationalDayCalendar.com

Hmmm, that’s funny. I actually left the house this morning for work with dirty dishes in my sink. One dinner-sized plate I used for my Naan and Hummus late-night snack last night, a bowl from the ice cream I ate earlier, and two drinking glasses. And just to honor National No Dirty Dishes Day today, I’m going to leave them in the sink until tommorow, damned it!

That said, I’m curious how this unofficial “holiday” affects dish soap sales in the industry. Perhaps it will remind folks that they’re running out of dish soap and in turn will have it on their shopping list today. Being I do advertising for a living, I think adding a “May 18th is National No Dirty DIshes Day” bug to dish soap, paper goods, plastic utensils and disposable chopsticks products featured in a retail ad would be a great catchline!

I also think people who work as dishwashers in restaurants should have a paid holiday off today. Either that, or get paid double-time today in observance of their very important work! Let’s petition for that! ;-)

Easy Cheesy Soufflé, image courtesy of Jono & Jules Do Food & Wine

Staying on-topic, as dishes are just as important as the food it’s served on or in, today is also National Cheese Souffle Day. Which I can’t really relate to, as no one in my family made this dish, nor have I sought it out myself.

But hey, I do love cheese, no matter how it’s used or served. So with that, here’s archives of notable cheese dishes featured on this blog. Say “Cheese”!

Stonemill Kitchens Spinach & Artichoke Parmesan Dip

Foodland Ala Moana Gourmet Cheeses

Safeway Kapahulu gourmet cheeses

Safeway Kapahulu Gourmet Cheeses

Safeway Kapahulu Gourmet Cheeses

Safeway Kapahulu Gourmet Cheeses

Safeway Kapahulu Gourmet Cheeses

Fromager d’ Affinois – a French double-cream 

Hank’s Haute personal-sized Chicago Deep Dish Cheese Pizza and Truffle Mac ‘n Cheese

Eat Honolulu’s Caprese Panini, featuring fresh tomato, basil and Mozzarella cheese on Country Sourdough Bread

Kahai Street Kitchen’s Rustic Tomato and Mozarella Caprese Salad with Sliced Black and Green Olives and Chiffonade of Fresh Basil

Bagel Lox, featuring homemade “smoked” Gravlax, Philidelphia Cream Cheese, Kamuela Tomatoes, Sweet Ewa Onions, Fresh Dill and Fresh Crack Black on a Einstein Bros. Bagel.

Diner EB’s scrumptious Raspberry Cheesecake

Diamond Head Market & Grill’s Blueberry Cream Cheese Scones

Today, May 18th is also National HIV Vaccine Awareness Day and National Visit Your Relatives Day.

Tomorrow, May 19th will be National May Ray Day and National Devil’s Food Cake Day.


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