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National Pizza Party Day

North Shore Farms “Big Wave” Grilled Neapolitan Pizza, featuring North Shore Farms’ heirloom tomatoes, house-made pesto and mozzarella cheese and fresh basil… voted “Best Pizza on the Island” by Pomai

According to NationalDayCalendar.com, today, Friday, May 15th, is National Pizza Party Day, yet again an “unofficial” holiday that sounds just as silly as yesterday’s National Buttermilk Biscuit Day.  However, no pun intended, I’ll bite. After all, who doesn’t love Pizza?!

North Shore Farms “Big Wave” Grilled Neapolitan Pizza

And like yours, our office has had our share of pizza parties over the years, ordering “pie” from the usual suspects, with our universal favorite being from none other than Pizza Hut. Yet we’ve done others, including, Boston’s and Da’ Big Kahuna’s, to name a few.

While I’m not sure if anyone’s giving away a free slice today, following are pizza pies from a number of places featured on this blog. Enjoy!

Da’ Big Kahuna’s – Meat Lovers pizza:  pepperoni, bacon, kalua pork, italian sausage, ham, portuguese sausage & beef brisket.

Da’ Big Kahuna Pizza – Oven roasted, shredded kalua pork, placed on a layer of our hawaiian sweet & tangy bbq sauce & topped w/green onions.

Da’ Big Kahuna Pizza – Pepperoni, ham, italian sausage, bacon, portuguese sausage, kalua pork, onions, fresh mushrooms, chopped tomatoes, & black olives. this one “broke da mouth”.

Boston’s North End Pizza – “Big Red”: a unique pizza loaded with spinach, garlic, tomatoes and mushrooms

Boston’s Special

Boston’s North End Pizza – “Big Papi”

Boston’s North End Pizza – Mozzarella Cheese Sticks

Boston’s “RMBO”, which would be an acronym for “Roni, Mushrooms, B? and Olives

Boston’s “Roni”

Boston’s Cheese Pie

Pizza Hut’s “Big Eat Pizza”

Hank’s Haute Dogs Chicago style Deep-dish Cheese Pizza

Lox of Bagels Pizza Bagel: Onion Bagel topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella and slices of pepperoni

Aloha Tofu Town‘s “Aburage “Pizza”: fresh-made Aburage, flattened, then smothered with sliced onion and cheese blend, with a “special secret sauce” (I know what it is, but I’m not tellin’!)

Shakey’s Special™ – Salami, Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, Seasoned Ground Beef, Mushrooms and Black Olives. $22 large size ($14.99 medium; $7.99 small)

Powell Street Pizza & Pasta (in San Francisco)

Powell Street Pizza & Pasta (in San Francisco)

Powell Street Pizza & Pasta (in San Francisco)

Powell Street Pizza & Pasta (in San Francisco)

Powell Street Pizza & Pasta (in San Francisco)

Powell Street Pizza & Pasta (in San Francisco)

Bella Mia – Stromboli Pizza Roll

Chuck E Cheese’s Super Combo Pizza

Chuck E Cheese’s Pepperoni Pizza

Costco Food Court Supreme Pizza

Paul’s Poppers Pepperoni Pizza deep-fried Wonton ball “Popper”

J.J. Dolan’s “Drunken Duck Pizza”, featuring Chinatown Honolulu Roast Duck, Maui Onions, Roast Duck Skin “Quacklings” and Duck Egg

Nino’s $1,000 Pizza: this pricey main course — offered by a New York City eatery in 2007 — was just a 12-inch pizza. Why so exorbitantly priced? Because it was topped with six varieties of caviar and fresh lobster. Customers even had to order their pie 24 hours ahead of time so the restaurant could get the caviar.

Fook Lam’s “Chinese Pizza”

Inferno’s Italian Sausage & Pepperoni Wood Fire Pizza (build your own). $10

Inferno’s Pepperoni, Italian Sausage & Mushrooms Wood Fire Pizza. $10

Inferno’s All Meat Wood Fire Pizza – Pepperoni, Sopressata (Italian dry-cured Salami) & Italian Sausage. $10

Inferno’s Margherita Wood Fire Pizza – Basil, Tomato and Mozzarella. $10

Inferno’s Veggie Fire Wood Pizza – Mushrooms, Red Onion, Olives & Tomatoes. $10

Inferno’s BBQ Chicken Wood Fire Pizza  – Spicy BBQ Sauce, Roasted Chicken, Red Onion, Green Onion. $10

Extract Bar‘s “Humdinger” Pita Bread Pizza

Extract Bar‘s “The Blend” Pita Bread Pizza

Extract Bar‘s “Fire Alarm” Pita Bread Pizza

Extract Bar‘s “Field of Dreams” Pita Bread Breakfast/Dessert Pizza

BTW, today is also National Chocolate Chip Day, while here’s the list for tomorrow:

Saturday, May 16th

P.S. Speaking of Italian, here’s a photo I recently dug-up of me when I was a small keed in the 1st grade at Heeia Elementary in Kaneohe…

Pomaika’i Robert Souza – 1st grade at Heeia Elementary in Kaneohe

Didn’t I look kinda’ Italian? I was too small to remember, however my mother told me that her and my dad were once in a bar in Italy with me when I was a very little boy, when someone had “stolen” me, taking me to the bar next door. When my parents went there to look for me, they found me sitting atop a piano, surrounded by a bunch of Italian folks drinkin’ it up, singing a song “Bambino” to me. How cool is that?! Anyways, now I look full-on Podagee. lol


19 thoughts on “National Pizza Party Day

  • May 15, 2015 at 7:26 am

    Best pizza I ever had was in Medford Oregon. Shakey’s much like the own shown here, however in addition it was covered with raw but room temperature red ripe sliced tomatoes lightly peppered and salted. Incredible. When we order we add that at home. Unfortunately good tomatoes are rare here since the Med. Fruit Fly went nuts.,

    • May 15, 2015 at 7:33 am


      As I’ve mentioned a number of times in comments on this blog, Kaneohe used to have a Shakey’s Pizza Parlor back in the 70s, which was located on the corner of Lilipuna Road (across Kahuhipa Street) and Kam Highway (<— I said it… ha ha!). That was when Shakey’s was like a “warehouse”, being very old school and rustic, with long wooden communal bench seating, a window in front where the kids could watch the pizza guy spin the dough (we loved watching that!), a video game room in back, and live banjo player. The new Shakey’s in WaipaHOO! is NOTHING like Shakey’s Pizza Parlor back in the day.

      There’s a Korean Yakiniku restaurant on “Koreamoku” Street across Walmart/Sam’s Club called Sorabol. Well, that very same building used to be Shakey’s Pizza. A bit of Oahu trivia there.

  • May 15, 2015 at 12:18 pm

    Pomai, I am glad you wrote of Blondie Pizza on Powell St San Francisco..

    New York style and size of slice.  I head there when in San Francisco for the

    pizza not cable car ride for it long wait  and rode on it many time.

    • May 15, 2015 at 12:21 pm

      Amy, not Blondie Pizza. The name is Powell Street Pizza & Pasta…


      There’s pizza joints all over the place in San Fran’.

      • May 15, 2015 at 4:37 pm

        Yep, my one of my most favorite pizzas in the world – Little Star Pizza in SF.  http://www.littlestarpizza.com/

        Deep dish, with a corn meal crust.  Yum!

        I’ve also had deep dish in Chicago – Lou Malnati’s.  Very good but there’s something about the corn meal crust that add just a little more to the pizza.

        • May 15, 2015 at 4:39 pm

          Also forgot to mention, we stopped by one of the most famous pizza joints in the US, Mystic Pizza in Mystic, CT, but for some reason we didn’t get any, not even a slice.  Guess it was because when we got there it was just between lunch and dinner.

        • May 15, 2015 at 4:58 pm


          I checked out Little Star Pizza’s website. Dang, their deep dish looks INCREDIBLE. Pretty pricey too, at $20 for 9″ pie. I’d go for the Vegetarian, as that has all the things I’d want in mine. Or I’d go with the Little Star, hold the onions and garlic, which for me does not work with pizza.

          Travel Channel did a segment at Lou Malnati’s in the pizza episode of their Food Paradise show. Hank’s Haute Dogs deep dish was highly praised in the media when he first brought his take on deep dish to his special of the week menu. Makes sense, being Hank Adaniya used to be a well known chef in Chicago before moving back home to Honolulu to open his gourmet hot dog stand. Which is why he has the classic Chicago Dog on his menu, using all ingredients shipped in from Chicago. You should check him out next time you’re in Honolulu. Hank’s Haute Dogs is on Coral Street, right across the Volvo dealership.

          I hear you on the corn meal crust, as that’s why I prefer the Star brand English Muffins, made right here in Hawaii, as that’s the only brand I know of that puts corn meal on theirs. Adds fantastic texture and a roasted, slightly nutty flavor.

      • May 16, 2015 at 2:12 am

        Pomai, my wrong and been to Powell Street and Pasta also good pasta. My

        Mom when she lived in San Francisco on Bush and Powell St. live above a

        Pizzeria called Uncle Vitto.  They make hand toss pizzas and hot sandwiches.

        Her regular was hot roast beef or pastrami. Mushroom pizza to share .


  • May 15, 2015 at 3:29 pm


    Hands down, the best pizza is at L’Osteria del Forno on Columbus Avenue in San Francisco’s North Beach District. Their Pizza Margherita is phenomenal. Their pasta dishes are divine.

    I’ve had Blondie’s pizza many, many times while I lived in SF. Not the best pizza, but it was cheap. Same for Powell Street Pizza, it was alright. Needed something to absorb the alky-hol after getting “dusted” at the old Gold Dust Lounge.

    • May 15, 2015 at 5:13 pm


      I checked out the Yelp reviews of L’Osteria del Forno. Looks good! Prices are really good too for SF. Their Insalata Caprese looks amazing with them thick slices of fresh Mozzarella ‘n all. Margherita is one of my favorite styles of pizza, which is why I love the North Shore Farms spin on it.

      We went club hopping in the Union Square area near our hotel (downtown Hyatt), but never paid attention to the names of the bars, just focusing on wherever we could actually get in, as they were all PACKED. Powell Street Pizza & Pasta was a favorite place of our SF tour guides at the time (local Hawaii transplants), which is why we chose that place.

      On another night, they also took us to have some pastries at Bob’s Donut & Pastry Shop in SF’s Nob Hill district where they lived.

      • May 15, 2015 at 6:09 pm


        The Margherita is my favorite, too. I hate it when it’s topped with, ahem, one of my most despised food in the world, raw sliced tomatoes. *There are no sliced raw tomatoes on a Margherita, people!!! It’s just sauce, mozzarella, and fresh basil, that’s it!!!* L’Osteria also makes a mean, mean Pasta Carbonnara, my most favoritest pasta dish in the world (hold the green peas)…which I very liberally season it further with coarse ground black pepper from the pepper mill. I only eat this dish once a year, on my birthday.

        I forgot about Bob’s Donuts in the Polk Gulch neighborhood. I lived within walking distance from there back in the day (1987-2004). Used to peruse the bookstores that lined up Polk Street, which sadly, is no more. Maybe one or two left? Don’t like donuts, but Bob’s is a popular place. Always a small crowd in there every time I walked by weekend mornings.

        My favorite restaurants on Polk Street are Swan’s Oyster Depot and Crustacean (both were featured on a Food Network show some years ago). Swan’s for their oysters on a half shell and Crustacean’s for their Drunken Crab and Garlic Noodles. I would *kill* for their Garlic Noodle recipe!!! Never had anything like it ever since.

        What I miss about SF more than anything: Food. Food glorious food.

        • May 16, 2015 at 9:32 am


          Here’s what Wikipedia says about the origin of Margherita Pizza:

          A popular contemporary legend holds that the archetypal pizza, Pizza Margherita, was invented in 1889, when the Royal Palace of Capodimonte commissioned the Neapolitan pizzaiolo (pizza maker) Raffaele Esposito to create a pizza in honor of the visiting Queen Margherita. Of the three different pizzas he created, the Queen strongly preferred a pie swathed in the colors of the Italian flag: red (tomato), green (basil), and white (mozzarella). Supposedly, this kind of pizza was then named after the Queen as “Pizza Margherita”, although recent research casts doubt on this legend.

          I believe once you add sliced tomatoes as a topping (the red sauce is tomato-based of course, which already represents the red of the flag), then it becomes a Neapolitan Pizza, hence North Shore Farms’ aptly named Neapolitan Grilled Pizza.

          Assagio’s Hawaii Kai location made us a kick @ss Carbonarra one time when we ordered it.

          Ah, you lived in the Polk Gulch neighborhood too, aye? Our friends had a (very nice) one-bedroom apartment right off Polk, within a stone throw of Bob’s Donuts, where they were paying almost $3,000 rent/month. OUCH!!! Then again, they were paying almost the same price for an executive 2-bedroom unit in the Moana Pacific (where Stage and Amuse is near Ala Moana). They’ve since moved across the bay to Oakland to save some money.

          We had dinner at Crustacean on Polk, which you can read all about here! Yeah, speaking of that Garlic Noodle recipe, I remember looking for it online. It’s out there. Good stuff for sure!


          • May 16, 2015 at 11:33 am


            Wow, didn’t know that a Margherita becomes a Neopolitan pizza if sliced tomatoes are added. Still hate that, blech! Then I have to carefully lift it off the slice so there’s no tomato guts (seeds) left behind. (Man, I eat like a five-year old!)

            Actually, I lived nearby Polk Street in a neighborhood called Cathedral Heights. (Past Van Ness Avenue, near the old Cathedral Hotel, which was next to Tommy’s Joynt, one of my many fave places to eat. Love their Lamb Shanks over egg noodles!) Which even native San Franciscans didn’t know what that area was called; even they said it was Japantown. A fourth-generation SF native cab driver confirmed that I lived in Cathedral Heights, not J-Town.

            As far as I was concerned, I lived in Japantown (aka J-Town and Nihonmachi). I was literally a hop, skip, and a jump away from Nihonmachi. Loved the location, hated my apartment (thin walls, electric stove.) But then I was only paying $550 a month rent, all utilities included. I kinda miss my 350 sq. ft. one-room cracker box, actually. And miss my fav ramen-ya  there, Tampopo. Can’t find any authentic ramen here in Sin City :-( Not bad, but not authentic.

            Next time I eat at Crustacean, I’ll try their Roasted Crab, though the Drunken Crab was superb. (I ordered it based on the name of the dish!) And two orders of the Garlic Noodles – one to go to eat later ;-)



  • May 15, 2015 at 4:37 pm

    Undoubtedly the best ever margarita pizza I’ve ever had was at Al Forno Restaurant in Fox Point section of Providence, RI: http://www.alforno.com/ where Chef George Germon created the one and only “Grilled Pizza” trying to duplicate Italian pizza he tasted in Italy without a pizza oven in the restaurant. Al Forno is ranked one of the best pizzas in the U.S.A. by Food & Wine Magazine and Food Network.
    The 2nd best pizza I’ve ever had was the “white Clam” pizza at Pepe’s Pizza 157 Wooster Street, New Haven, CT as they use a coal-fired old brick oven.
     Now long closed my go to local pizza joint was Mezza Luna Pizzeria, Park Square, Woonsocket, RI. They had a Yelp 5-star rating. Their sauce was outstanding!! They even named a pizza after me because I ordered it all the time “The Williamson Special” which was a monster but soooooo good!
    Best pizza I’ve had in Hawaii so far is at the new Valentina’s Ristorante, Waianae, HI. Yelp gave them  overall 3.5 stars out of 5 stars. Their pizza is New York style thin crust but their sauce is amazing and their pepperoni has the proper bite and spicy taste!

    • May 15, 2015 at 5:26 pm


      Now that’s one I never tried before is a White Clam Pizza, which looks to be the hit at Frank Pepe’s in New Haven. I’ll have to search Yelp Honolulu for who might offer that here!  I still gotta’ hit the Royal Hawaiian for that Lobster Tempura Roll. Maybe this weekend I can squeeze in lunch there.

      Next time I drive out to Waianae and have lunch with you, let’s make it at Valentina’s.


  • May 15, 2015 at 6:11 pm

    I heard about Frank Pepe’s “White Clam” Pizza through the grape vine and I vowed we’d try it out one day so on a Saturday I drove 3 hrs. down to New Haven, CT. found the place and stood in a line for 1 hr. to order the pizza. It was heaven and was absolutely fantastic, briny with sweet fresh clam taste; just the right thickness to pizza crust. Perfect!!!! Then there was the 3 hr. drive back home with lingering taste in my mouth!!! They finally opened a satellite Frank Pepe’s Pizza in Hartford, CT. which is about 1 hr. from my old house but now I’m in HI.
    OK—lunch at Valentina’s Ristorante it is! Just remember they are not open on Mondays.

    • May 16, 2015 at 9:46 am


      Upon scouring Yelp, it looks like JJ Dolan’s in Downtown Honolulu (1147 Bethel Street) will be your best bet to find something similar, if not the same as the White Clam Pizza from Frank Pepe’s. I’m sure the owner is familiar with that pizza, based on what they offer at JJ’s (check out the Yelp photos). So even if it’s not on the menu, I’m sure they could make it for you if you call ahead. After all, they are the ones who did the fancy off-the-menu “Drunken Duck” Pizza for Adam Richman.

      JJ Dolan’s Menu

      For the purist in all of us. $16.25
      A New Yawk Classic. $16.25
      Sauce, mozzarella, tomatoes and fresh basil. $18
      A Jersey Shore favorite. Mozzarella & ricotta. $17.25
      Get your greens and ward off vampires. With ricotta. $18




      An East Coast vacation for your tastebuds. With Italian sausage, roasted red bell peppers, onions and garlic. $18.5
      Just say “jack-o-mo”. Close enough. With Sausage, pepperoni, salami, and olives. $18.5
      Get your shrimp on. With bay shrimp, mushrooms, and J.J.’s scampi sauce. Sub chicken for shrimp if you must. $18.75
      Off-the-charts cheesy. With six varieties: Havarti, brie, gouda, fontina, mozzarella, and parmesan. $18.75
      It ain’t kosher, but it is delish. With sausage, capicola, salami, and ham. $18.75


      Build Your
      Own Pie

      Limit Four Toppings:
      Bell Peppers
      Black Olives
      Fresh Basil
      Italian Sausage
      Portuguese Sausage
      $16.25 + $1.50 per toppping.

      Individual Slices

      Cheese or Pepperoni
      Single slice. $3.5

      Take-out is $1 extra for “fresh flavor containment device” (aka, “box”).


  • May 16, 2015 at 12:35 pm

    Arancino’s has a pretty good pie.

  • May 16, 2015 at 2:00 pm

    Inferno’s wood-fired Pizza: http://infernospizzahawaii.com/ makes a white clam pizza but they add mushrooms which Frank Pepe’s “White Clam” Pizza does not have also at Frank Pepe they shuck the clams right as they are making the pizza! JJ Dolan’s in Downtown Honolulu is a New Jersey pizza mimicking New York style pizza which is totally different from CT style pizza. When Frank Sinatra was in New York City he was famous for sending his driver up to Wooster St., New Haven, CT to either Sally’s for red sauce style pizza or Frank Pepe’s for white clam pizza.


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