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AroundHawaii.com v.2.15

It is with great honor to announce that Yours Truly has been invited back as a contributing columnist for AroundHawaii.com, the community voice and portal of Oceanic Time Warner Cable. Yay!

This, after Oceanic has been going through the arduous task over the past year or so of redesigning the AroundHawaii.com template and tools, which is now cleaner, more user friendly and of course, responsive, a.k.a. mobile-friendly. Believe me, I do this type of work myself as my day job, and it’s a lot more complicated than it appears, right on down to the code, and on up to the CMS.

While I don’t have the list of everyone invited back to provide content for Oceanic’s new AroundHawaii.com online portal, past contributors included the likes of  real estate coach Abe Lee, co-owner of Shirokiya Residential Estates, LLC, Peter “Your Computer Minute” Kay, Grant Kawasaki, Ed “World Wide Ed” Sugimoto, BJ Penn, and many more.

AroundHawaii.com: Greens & Vines “No Heat, Just Eat” Licious Dishes

My category at AroundHawaii.com will once again be “Food & Lifestyle of Hawaii”, which in case you’re interested in checking it, here’s The Tasty Island’s past articles :

The Tasty Island @ AroundHawaii.com 2014
• July – The “Ultimate” Filipino Beef Mechado
• May – Natto, Poi, Mango and Ice Cream
• April – Onolicious Grindz at KCC Farmers Market
• March – Greens & Vines “No Heat, Just Eat” Licious Dishes
• February – Nama Ramen
• January – Green for ’14

The Tasty Island @ AroundHawaii.com 2013
• December – Hurry Up and Cook
• November – Smoked Pork a Big Island Holiday Hit

ShAloha’s famous Zataar-seasoned Pita Chips & Hummus, Shawarma Sandwich (top) and Falafel Sandwich

June 5, 2015 is when our new articles will be published, when with that, as what I suggested to reader Lalena, this is my plan:

So what I’ll do in future posts is do progressive style “hikes” through different areas of Oahu. So when I blog my stop at Kaimuki Superette for their Porchetta Sandwich, I’m going to bundle it under a post titled “A Foodie’s Lunch Hike through Kaimuki“.With that, for my appetizer, I’ll have the Pita Chips with Hummus at Shaloha, followed by the Porchetta Sandwich as my main course at Kaimuki Superette, finished with a Currant Cassis & Choco Pyramid dish for dessert at JJ French Pastry & Bistro.

Following that, it will be:
• A Foodie’s Dinner Hike through Kaka’ako
• A Foodie’s Breakfast Hike through Kalihi
• A Foodie’s Lunch Hike through Mo’ili’ili
• A Foodie’s Dinner Hike through Kahala
• A Foodie’s Breakfast Hike through Kaneohe
• A Foodie’s Lunch Hike through Hawaii Kai
• A Foodie’s Dinner Hike through Manoa Valley

And I’ll probably stick with that “Progressive Dining” format for all my AroundHawaii.com contributions going forward, discovering every neighbhorhood on Oahu, starting from one end to the other at different eateries separately for the app, main, and dessert courses.

I’m really excited at this great new opportunity with the new and improved AroundHawaii.com, and want to say huge mahalos to past content manager, Cy Shinkawa, as well as Alexandria Gonsalves, Web Content Developer for Oceanic.

Now it’s off after work to watch some more crystal clear, always-on HDTV, as provided Oceanic Time Warner Cable. ;-)


2 thoughts on “AroundHawaii.com v.2.15

  • May 14, 2015 at 1:04 pm

    I am totally digging the format and look forward to future posts on this.

    This is kinda how I eat when I do visit.  A little at a time, as much as I can, because I can’t take it with me back home.

    Throw in some hill work and pushups and you might even make it a zero calorie adventure.


    • May 14, 2015 at 2:15 pm


      Try walk up St. Louis Heights. That’s a HIKE! I ran up there a couple of times while in high school at St. Louis. Not now!


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