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Memorable Hawaii Jingles & Slogans


Upon reading about a “massively massive” Laulau a friend recently shared on his FB page, it immediately brought to mind the classic comedy jingle by Rap Reiplinger, “Come we go to Wendell’s, for one hell of a kaukau. It’s a foot-long laulau. Bettah ‘den poi, bettah ‘den pig…”

That said, let’s create a master list of all the catchiest Hawaii businesses & celebrities’ jingles, slogans and taglines that have stuck in your mind, from “hanabaddah dayz”, all the way to today. “Change! Switch on! One! Two! Three!”….

  • Ala Moana Shopping Center "OH WOW!" TV commercialAla Moana Shopping Center – “Oh Wow! A-L-A, M-O-A-N-A”
  • Aloha Airlines – “The Spirit Moves Us“, “Spread a Little Aloha” by Mana’o Company
  • Arakawa’s (Waipa-HU!) – “There’s no store like Arakawa’s, in all Hawaii-nei” followed by a crowing rooster sound bite.
  • Bank of Hawaii – The “That’s my bank!” TV ad campaign
  • The Cab – “4 Tutu Tutu Tutu“, as performed by Frank Delima
  • The Cab "4 Tutu Tutu Tutu" commercialCaesars Cleaners – The “Singing Caesar” as performed by Mel Cabang
  • Checkers & Pogo – Checkers & Pogo theme song, “”Here comes Checkers, Here Comes Checkers, Checkers! and Pogo Poge!”.
  • City Mill – “We got what you need. We got it at City Mill!”
  • Consolidated Theaters – Consolidated Amusement Hawaiian movie trailer by Mountain Apple Records; directed by Gary Baker, formerly of KHON
  • Consolidated Theaters Ancient Hawaiians TrailerConsumer Tire Warehouse – The late Malcolm Love was the star of a series of tire repair shop commercials with the monicker “Go Now Hawaii, Why Pay More?”
  • Cutter Ford Aiea – “At Cutter Ford Aiea, where you make the deals!”, as performed by the late “Lady of Love”, Loyal Garner *contributed by Diner A
  • Creative Holidays with Didi Ah-Yo – “Hi, I’m Didi Ah-Yo, and away we go with another great deal from Creative Holidays”
  • Discount Furniture Warehouse – “Where the prices are so low, it’s INSANE!” – Crazy Mike, the owner
  • Exchange Juice – To the tune of “Round and Round” by Perry Como, “The exchange goes round – round – round, and down – down – down, in your glass – glass – glass. makes your mind, think yum – yum – yum. It’s that Orangeade called Exchange.”
  • First Hawaiian Bank – The bank that says yes. *contributed by Kent
  • Frito Lay – “Granny Goose” did commercials for them in the 70s, ending them with the question, “Would I kid you?” *contributed by J Franc
  • Foodland – “Food, family & friend!”
  • Fujitsu Air Conditioners – “I love my Fujitsu” *contributed by LH
  • George Ariyoshi – former Governor of Hawaii’s campaign slogan was “He’s working quietly and effectively, to do what is best in Hawai’i.”; also “Quiet & Effective”, which later got used for a certain type of flatulence referred to as “The George Ariyoshi”, meaning “silent, but violent”. lol
  • Granny Goose – What you got in the bag, goose? *contributed by Kent
  • Hawaiian Electric – 1980s TV commercial theme song “Hawaiian Electric” by jazz-fusion band Hiroshima
  • Hawaii Five-OOriginal opening theme song, reboot opening theme song
  • Hawaiian Tel "Far Away and Out of Touch" TV commercialHawaiian Tel (GTE) – TV commercial song “Far Too Wide for Me” by the Peter Moon Band
  • Honda Windward – “We’ll make a believer out you!” *contributed by LH
  • House of Adler – “If you are not buying your diamonds at the House of Adler, you are paying to much.”
  • Island Getaways – TV commercial, “Why should the tourists have all the fun?” *contributed by Kevin
  • Island Movers – their radio jingle, “Moving’s more than a business, it’s our responsibi-li-teeeee… Island Movers! Island Moo-ooo-vers, your total transportation services com-pa-neeee!” *contributed by Leslie
  • J. Akuhead Pupule (Hal Lewis) – “On the Coconut Wireless”, tagline for his KGMB radio show
  • Joe Moore, newscaster for KHON 2 News – Joe’s newscast sign-off line is usually, “Finally, did you know…” followed by some trivia fact, e.g. “Did you know, to this date, Hawaii has consumed enough cans of Hormel SPAM to circle the earth 1000 times”. That’s not exactly true, but a good example of his trivia topics.
  • Kapiolani Bakery – TV slogan from the 80s was, “We like to see a happy, smiling face.” *contributed by J Franc
  • Kenny’s Coffee House – “Meet your friends… at Kenny’s, in the Kam Shopping Center in Kalihi”, sung as “Ken-neeeeeez (Kenny’s), in the Kam Shopping Center in Ka-leeee-heeee (Kalihi)” *contributed by LH, whose father was the original chef
  • KGMB NEWS – “One of the good things, about Hawaii. Is wonderful… KGMB”
  • KHON 2 NEWS – “Kaliponi Slack Key” by Keola & Kapono Beamer, the ending credits theme song showing local folks doing the “shaka”.
  • Kia Hawaii – “See Ya’ in a Kia!” (the cute gal who originally did those TV commercials used to be a waitress at The Shack Hawaii Kai)
  • Kikaida – The popular theme song: “Denryu hibana ga karada o hashiru. Jiro Change Kikaida. Dark robot mukae ute. Jinzo ningen Kikaida. Change Change. Go Go Go Go. Go Go Go!”
  • Kilgo’s – “Hawaii knows you’ll find it at Kilgo’s. Go go go to Kilgo’s!”
  • KIKU-TV – “Honolulu no K-I-K-U… Nihongo Terebi desu” – the voice of Joanne Ninomiya, matriarch of “Generation Kikaida”
  • Let’s Go Fishing (with Harry Kojima) – Theme song, “Let’s Go Fishing, come along with me. Let’s Go Fishing, feeling fancy-free. No matter if you’re young, or if you’re old. Just grab some bait and a fishing pole, and Let’s Go Fishing today.”
  • Lex Brodie – “Thank you, very much” *tap-tap-tap-tap-tap*
  • Lippy Espinda – 1970s era used car pitchman and TV personality David “Lippy” Espinda popularized the words and gesture, signing off his commercials with “shaka, brah!”; also “Hele on Bruddah”.
  • Local Kine Grindz theme songLocal Kine Grindz – The theme song for the hit Oceanic TV food show “Local Kine Grindz”, as performed by the hosts themselves, Bruddah Sam and Lina Girl: “Local Kine Grindz. Local Kine Grindz. With Braddah Sam and Lina Girl is one of a kind. Local Kine Grindz. Local Kine Grindz. No need cook dinnah, we bring you da’ winnah! Local Kine Grindz.”
  • Longs Drugs – “Make Longs a part of your day, in each and every way. There’s something special, whatever you need at Longs” (something to that effect) *contributed by LH
  • Magoo’s Pizza – “No hu-hu, call Magoo’s!”
  • Muhi-Us Anti-Itch Cream – “If you get bit upon your knee, by a mosquito or a flea, do not scream, Oh, no, not me! You tell your mother, Muhi me!” / by Frank Delima
  • Oceanic Cable –  “Digital”, a one-liner by an attractive model
  • Pali Ridge Bread – Danny Kalekini did a commercial for them in the 70s *contributed by J Franc
  • Ponderosa Pines (Montana) – TV commercial transcript: “Hi, I’m Kalani. Come and be my neighbor at Ponderosa Pines. Call now, for sure!”. The boy’s name was Kalani Doroen.
  • Primo Beer – “No can hear… Get beer in my ear!” “Chance um!” *contributed by Anello Grande
  • Redondo’s – “”Redondo’s Sausage Turns Me On”, voiceover by Ted Sax
  • Security Diamond & Conrad Jewelers  – 1980s TV commercial slogan said, “Put some sparkle in your life … Security Diamond and Conrad Jewelers.” *contributed by J Franc
  • Slim’s Power Tools – “Slim’s Power Tools… when it comes to power tools, there’s Slim’s, then there’s none!”
  • Star Market – “It’s a Five-Star Experience”
  • Sunstar Toothpaste – “There’s Sunstar – Strawberry, There’s Sunstar – Banana, With less foaming action, And more cleaning power, Children love – Sunstar”; sung by a very young Sydette Sakauye, later in the Liz Damon & the Orient Express line-up; this TV commercial used to air frequently during the hit Hawaii children’s variety show “Checkers & Pogo” on KGMB *contributed in part by OceanPacific and Diner E
  • Times Supermarket – ‘”When it comes to savings, it’s about Times”
  • The Used Car Salesman, as played by Rap Reiplinger – Regarding his used car lot business hours, “I tell you what, you just come on down. We stay? We stay. If we not here? We not here! OK? OK!
  • Victoria Ward Center – “Always Your Style”; also “Victoria Ward Center… centers around you!” *contributed by SurfingFarmBoy of HT fame
  • Wendell’s Laulau – as performed by Rap Reiplinger: “Come we go to Wendell’s, for one hell of a kaukau. It’s a foot-long laulau. Bettah ‘den poi, bettah ‘den pig. Wendell’s laulau’s frickin’ big”
  • Wigwam store – “Your dollah buys more at the Wigwam store. WIGWAM!” *contributed by Jan
  • Woolworth’s – “We’re Woolworth’s… Hawaii’s favorite store”
  • Wrestling HawaiiPampero “The Missing Link” Firpo used to say: “Portions of tonight’s Wrestling Hawaii have been paid for by Mid-Pacific Promotions…. Ohhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh” (in a rugged caveman-like voice) *contributed by Ra-Di-Oh!
  • Yick Lung Seed Co. – “Yum, yum. Yick Lung. Yum, yum. Yick Lung. I love the flavor of Yick Lung!”; 70s era commercial *contributed by Lalena
  • Zippy’s – “The Chili’s good”, the open 24 hours commercial, “Next Stop, Zippy’s”

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32 thoughts on “Memorable Hawaii Jingles & Slogans

  • April 30, 2015 at 9:02 am

    Didn’t Yick Lung Seed Co. have a commercial back in the ’70’s? All I remembered was, “Yum, yum. Yick Lung. Yum, yum. Yick Lung. I love the flavor of Yick Lung!”

  • April 30, 2015 at 8:45 pm

    I must say I love the Consolidated Theatres trailer. Very well done and memorable.,

    • May 1, 2015 at 7:28 am


      That’s the only reason I’m going to the movies this weekend to see Avengers: Age of Ultron. Is so I can get “chicken skin” watching the always AWESOME Consolidated Amusement “Ancient Hawaiians” movie trailer. After that’s pau, I’m leaving… and I’m getting my free popcorn refill on the way out, damned it! LOL!

  • April 30, 2015 at 9:05 pm

    Wow, impressive! What a comprehensive list! A current jingle I like is the radio jingle for “Island Movers” — “Moving’s more than a business, it’s our responsibi-li-teeeee… Island Movers! Island Moo-ooo-vers, your total transportation services com-pa-neeee!”

    • April 30, 2015 at 9:20 pm


      Me too! I like that CURRENT one by Island Movers!  Added to the list!  ;-)


  • May 1, 2015 at 9:20 pm

    Hoo dat takes me back.  When I was a small kid I truly believed 50th State Wrestling was true and real. I watched it every Saturday and just go nuts in front of the t.v.  Sorta like how dudes go nuts watching football these days. And Da Thing, oohhhhh yesssssss.  Then weird Johnny Barend going Mr. Francis this, Mr. Francis that.  I think I recall reading that he married a local gal and they moved to New York.  Got curious so found this on Barend, RIP dude.  http://slam.canoe.com/Slam/Wrestling/2008/08/04/6349696.html

    It was a sad day when I learned that wrestling was just shibai. Broke my young heart.

    I like to watch the old Hawaii 5-0 cuz can see the 70s Hawaii, where Ward Warehouse was, it was all used car lots which I think then moved to the current airport row. Lippy Espinda had a lot on the corner of Kalakaua and Kapiolani where the Chevron(?) gas station is before that condo with all the err..hmmm “massage parlors” are now housed (per Craigslist),  which use to have Forbidden City there before.

    I grew up behind then Kapiolani Drive Inn, then Holiday Mart…there was a whole bunch of cottages behind there where a short condo is now.  An automotive repair was behind on the Waikiki side which then became Holiday Mart gas station.

    Those days it was busy traffic but it was still a place where a kid could go exploring and play.

    I think I was very fortunate to grow up when I did….when Zippy’s King St. was the only one and they made da bombz corn chowder (huge bowl for cheap – a meal for a kid with not too much money) – Pee Wee Drive Inn, the Spencecliff restaurants were affordable and all over, not to mention Flamingo’s. Lots of okazuyas (my g/f’s parents owned one) and they were REAL Japanese food, not like Gulick Deli kine. Dat drive inn by the old stadium that after the games we would go eat our ‘burgers, and Alex’s drive inn had the best french fries EVER. I ate it daily after Kaimuki High.

    Of course small kid time, never have all those eating out places. My family was poor so we could only afford Chinese restaurants on Mother’s Day, that was it. We went to the original Golden Duck all the time. I remember circling the block over and over again cuz they were packed. When I was outta high school it was McCully Chop Suey’s wor ton mein, broke da mouth. Course as the income got higher we could then afford eating at all the different places.

    BTW that toothpaste commercial, Sadette or whatever her name is, I so wanted to be her! I looked like her and I thought she was “soooo famous” lol.

    Golden memories,golden times gone by.

  • May 2, 2015 at 9:33 am

    Ten hula girls can’t be wrong. Wendell’s get the biggest in town. Something like that. RIP Rap!

    I remember the day I shot the Banzai Pipeline-San Miguel Beer. I haven’t seen this commercial, but my husband will say this phrase in a fake deep voice and it never fails to make me smile.



  • May 2, 2015 at 11:55 am

    @ pat – your link went to a Yahoo! search results page without the story. Here it is:
    Consolidated movie trailer combines the best of Hawaii  – Honolulu Star Advertiser

    Note once again, Gary Baker of KHON 2 news room fame directed that one (not mentioned in the article).

    I believe Gary also did the Hawaiian Tel GTE “Far and away and out of touch” TV spots, as that sounds like Gary’s voice-over at the end about how cheap it is to make inter-island phone calls. Seeing those old school land line phones sure makes me chuckle. It’s kinda’ like seeing someone use the original “brick” cellphone. lol

    @ L – was “The I shot Banzai Pipeline” the tagline in the San Miguel commercial? I don’t recall that one at all, nor could I find anything online about it. Shucks. Sounds interesting!

    @ Stormy – If you liked those old school Hawaii wrestling days, you gotta’ check out this website: http://www.50thstatebigtimewrestling.com/ I bet the only reason “professional” wrestling (for TV entertainment) isn’t big in Hawaii anymore is because of all the legal red tape, hence, cost. Same for us not having a race track. No race track on Oahu? Now that’s just Sad, sad, sad. RIP “campbell’s” Hawaii Raceway Park.

    The condo where Lippy’s car lot was is Century Center. Actually though, I believe Lippy’s was right on the corner, which is still an empty lot. Century Center is the property next to that. And  yeah, I remember when a bunch of “massage parlors” in C.C. were getting busted and making the news. “Hula Hands”. lol

    Whoah, you remember when Holiday Mart>Daiei>Don Quijote on Kaheka used to be Kapiolani Drive Inn Movie Theater? Awesome! What more do you remember about that drive-in movie theater? I know it was a consolidated theaters operation, and that’s about it.

    The old Holiday Mart>Daiei property in Kailua is now a Target store.

    Pee Wee Drive-In at the corner Punahou and S. King Street is now a Subway sandwich shop. Right across the street used to be Cinerama Theater, which is now an O’Reilly (formerly Checkers) Auto Parts store. I watched all the original Star Wars movies at the old Cinerama theater. Never forget waiting in a line WRAPPED AROUND THE BLOCK to see Star Wars there as small boy.

    It sounds like you remember lots of old school places from the Makiki to Moi’ili’ili area. In other words Stormy, you’re what us Kaneohe/Windward-side boys would refer to as a “Towny”. lol The “country” boys drove souped-up VW Bugs and Ghias, and the “Townies” drove souped-up Toyota Corolla’s and Supra’s. Then when that fad wore out around the mid-80s, EVERYONE drove dropped mini-trucks. I was one of those. Mazda B2200 King Cab, dropped, to be exact. My first “ride” out of high school.

    Back to old school grindz “towny” spots, you mention Dat Dat drive inn by the old stadium and Alex’s drive inn in the Kaimuki area. (you’re a Bull Dogs alumn, eh?). How about Wiki-Wiki Burger? Do you remember that place? Wiki-Wiki Burger is said to have been at where is now Market City Shopping Center at the junction of Kapiolani Blvd and Waialae Ave. They were said to have been a classic burger joint with a terrific neon sign featuring a smiling, winking burger sitting on a wall while other burgers scampered below.

    Stormy, if you haven’t already, check out the “Oahu Eateries Memorialized” post. It sounds like you have lots of great memories of old school Honolulu eateries to add there!

    • May 2, 2015 at 5:07 pm

      Yeah. Was trying to get that video in. My computer is showing its age.

  • May 4, 2015 at 10:34 am

    No forget Lucky Luck’s jingle: “Lucky, lucky, lucky me; I’m a lucky son-of-a-gin; I work 8 hours and sleep 8 hours, that leaves 8 hours for fun”.

    Arakawa’s had a jingle to the tune of “Shuffle off to Buffalo”: “Let’s go out to Arakawa’s; Arakawa’s in Waipahu; For good buys galore; Save, save, save, save at Arakawa’s; Arakawa’s Dry Goods Store”.

    I’ll also add my earlier posted Primo ad to the tune of “Cockeyed mayor of Ka’unakaka’i: “Kane and wahine underneath a tree; Don’t forget the company; shoo those birds back into the blue; and save the Primo Beer for you”.

    Holiday Mart: “Holiday Mart, Holiday Mart; Shop at Holiday Mart; It’s Smart!”

    The Hawaii-themed TV shows had recognizable theme songs, too, like “Hawaiian Eye” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=poPStK93MEQ) and “Adventures on Paradise” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgYDzoSgRXY)



  • May 4, 2015 at 11:04 am

    Oh yeah, the KOHO theme (also parodied verbatim by Frank DeLima): “K-O-H-O, K-O-H-O, K-O-H-O, K-O-H-O, K-O-H-O, KOHO, In Honolulu!” In a clip I found, he also does the Longs jingle: Make Longs a part of your day; we try and help in every way; you’ll always find the very best at Longs”

  • May 21, 2015 at 11:59 pm

    Puuuuka-lani supperette your easy does it store!

    • May 22, 2015 at 6:48 am


      Is that as in Pukalani in “up-country” Maui?

  • May 25, 2015 at 10:15 am

    Oh my gravy all over my two scoops rice (that’s OMG! in my world)

    Many of these memorable spots were done by my Father!

  • July 14, 2015 at 2:59 pm

    Hi Pomai!!

    I was wondering if I can borrow the Rap Replinger photo for a blog I’m doing on Sunday. I will credit you and link back, of course!!

  • December 11, 2016 at 11:16 pm

    A 1980s TV commercial slogan said, “Put some sparkle in your life … Security Diamond and Conrad Jewelers.”

    Kapiolani Bakery’s TV slogan from the 80s was, “We like to see a happy, smiling face.”

    Granny Goose did some Frito Lay commercials in the 70s, ending them with the question, “Would I kid you?”

    Danny Kalekini did a commercial in the 70s for Pali Ridge bread.

  • August 5, 2017 at 11:45 pm

    Wigwam. Wigwam sore. Your dolla buys more at the Wigwam store. WIGWAM!

  • December 12, 2017 at 8:10 am

    Granny Goose: What you got in the bag, goose?

    First Hawaiian Bank: The bank that says yes.

  • December 16, 2017 at 11:46 am

    Somehow, I recall the Kenny’s Coffee House jingle going as follows: “Meet your friends… at Kenny’s, in the Kam Shopping Center in Kalihi”. My dad was the original chef there. The book of matches they gave out had a caricature of him wearing his toque.

  • December 18, 2017 at 11:17 am

    “I LOVE my Fujitsu”

  • December 19, 2017 at 9:48 am

    “Make Longs a part of your day”

    • December 19, 2017 at 1:48 pm

      Oops… Longs already posted

  • December 19, 2017 at 9:52 am

    “Honda Windward…We will (We’ll) make a believer out of you”

  • December 19, 2017 at 1:47 pm

    Primo Beer “PRIMO! Chance ‘um”

    “If you’re not buying your diamonds from the House of Adler, you are paying too much”

    • December 19, 2017 at 5:11 pm

      LH, those two are already listed. Your other contributions have been added. Mahalo!

  • May 4, 2019 at 11:43 am

    does anyone know how i can find an Ala Moana holiday season commercial from the the late ’70’s?


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