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Corny Cones SPAM Musubi & Chili ‘n Cheese Project

If you followed the original post on the making of Corny Cones — a unique J-shaped corn puff soft serve ice cream cone treat originally from Insadong, South Korea — then you may have seen my initial attempt at making a SPAM Musubi out of it.

Well, in that attempt I tried stuffing the SPAM and tsukemono inside the very tiny 1/2″ diameter “puka” within the cone’s tube-shaped chamber.

While it was a tough one to pull off because of the limited space to work with, I must say, the combination of the corn puff cone with the salty, porky SPAM and acidic-sweet element from the Takuan (pickled radish) and Beni Shoga (pickled ginger) is FANTASTIC. I’d even go off the limb and say it’s BETTER than a rice-based SPAM Musubi. Seriously!

However I want more freedom in how and what I put within the tube-shaped corn puff cone, so what I did for this new and improved “Corny Cones SPAM Musubi Project”, is I cut the cone in half so it’s more of a 2-piece “shell” than a much more limiting 1-piece tube. Hence we have this ingredients layout…

There you see I first cut the straight part of the cone into a length just a tad shorter than the length of a full slice of SPAM, so the finished piece will show the SPAM sticking out all sides. I then split the tube in half lengthwise, so now I have much more freedom in the shape and amount of ingredient I fill within the cone.

After assembly, voila…

Here you see I was easily able to fit an entire slice of SPAM within, and then some, along with an adequate amount of sliced Takuan on the top, and Beni Shoga underneath the SPAM. I also think it’s a better presentation, being able to see the SPAM sticking out all sides.

I didn’t have any cooked when I did this project, however next time I’d like to try filling it with a little rice, too, just to see if it gives it an even more interesting flavor and texture contrast, substance and authenticity to the original SPAM Musubi.

Kawaii, nei?

You can’t really notice it, but I also wrapped double layers of Nori around it, as the Corny Cone has a pretty substantial flavor profile compared to white rice, so I wanted to make sure the flavor of the Nori stood up to it. And it did!

And? Dude, this is even more AWESOMER than the the first one I made! That corn meal-based cone is such a FANTASTIC marriage with the salty SPAM. It really, really works. On top of that, you get the CRUNCH FACTOR of the corn puff cone, as compared to “mushy” rice.

Thankfully, the corn puff cone “shell” is just crunchy enough to be able to eat the SPAM Musubi, where half of bitten crunchy cone ain’t in your lap. Corny Cones stays intact as you bite through it, regardless of how crunchy it is.

I also must add, the SPAM Hickory Smoke flavor is the bomb! Way better than regular SPAM if you ask me. It’s almost more like Bacon-flavored SPAM, which we can perhaps aptly name it “BAM”!

All I can say is, Corny Cones SPAM Musubi in this new and improved iteration is an absolute WINNAH!. If there’s still time to participate, I hope owners Paul & Ryan consider taking it to the 2015 Waikiki SPAM JAM!

OK, our next challenge is to try and get this can of Chili with BEANS into a Corny Cone. Which as I’ve said repeatedly, the Corny Cones “puka” is very tiny, so I’m going to have to basically liquify the beans and any other substantial chunks of “stuff” in the Chili to get it in there.

And how are we going to liquify the Chili? Well, my handy-dandy Nutri Ninja should do the trick!…





So now that the Chili is liquified, how are we going to get it in the small opening of the Corny Cone?

Well first I heated up the Chili in  a pot on the stove, after all, I don’t know about you, but I like my Chili pipin’ hot. Then before I added the Chili into the cone, I stuffed the cone with grated Mexican Blend Cheese (Cheddar & Monterey Jack)…

What you’re looking at is the Mexican Cheese blend stuffed deep within the cone’s chamber, stuffed toward the bottom of the bend, which I did by pushing it down with the end of a pair of chopsticks. I did this, thinking it’ll be a nice “prize” as you bite down to the bottom and discover this decadently ooey-gooey melted cheese awaits you. Oh yeah, baby, bring it!

Then I used a good ‘ole funnel to pour the heated liquified vegetarian chili with beans into the Corny Cone.

Note that I cut the long end of the J-pipe off, as that’s just way too much product. I sure as heck can’t eat that much.

It did take some coaxing by shaking and jolting the cone, as I’m simply using gravity to get the still-thick liquified chili all the way down into it. but it made its way in there. I’m thinking a modified marinade injector might be better for the task of pushing the hot liquified Chili in there, but for the test subject, the funnel worked.

I then added more grated Mexican Cheese blend to both ends of the Chili-filled Corny Cone…

At this point, I had a “Podagee moment”, as here I was, “Dr. Souza”, thinkin’ my travel-sized fold-up blow dryer (as if I need one, right?) would be hot enough to immediately melt the grated cheese. But nope, what did it do? Of course, blow the frickin’ grated cheese right off both ends and all over my kitchen counter. LOL!!!! Frickin’ Podagee too da’ max!

So I said, eh, eff it, added more grated Mexican Blend cheese and just ripped that bad boy in the microwave for about 5 seconds,turning it molten hot…

And voila, a Corny Cones Chili ‘n Cheese…

Dude, isn’t that AWESOME? It IS AWESOME! And it FEELS awesome! It feels so, so good in the hands. It’s warm, it’s stiff, it’s got heft. It feels kinda’ like my, oh, never mind. lol

OK, I gotta’ try this…

And? DUDE! DUDE! AWESOME SAUCE! I’m tellin’ ya’, this Corny Cones Chili ‘n Cheese so IN IT TO WIN IT!  Absolutely DELICIOSO! Muy beuno!

Being it’s a corn-based cone, it’s kinda’ like eating good ‘ole Chili wrapped in a handy-dandy tube-shaped tortilla chip, if that gives you any idea what both the texture and flavor profile is like.

It does get a little messy, as the crispy cone softens up as you eat your way through it because of the heat from the Chili. So the Chili oozes out more and more as you bite through it. But hey, that gives it the “fun factor”, right?

But I tell ya’, that melted Mexican Blend cheese is the “money” here. Getting that ooey-gooey rich and creamy element blended in with the zesty, hearty Chili as a “prize” —  first at the top, then the bottom of the Corny Cone — is so, so satisfyingly good!

This ain’t going to win any beauty contest awards, but as an absolutely delicious, fun-to-eat, portable meal-of-a-treat anyone at a fair would love, Corny Cones Chili & Cheese is once again, IN IT TO WIN IT!

Now that I know Chili turns out well after being blended smooth, next time I’m going to try Corny Cones New England Clam Chowder and Corny Cones Portuguese Bean Soup. And back to the Corny Cones SPAM Musubi, next time I’ll try adding some rice in it.

And I sure have no shortage of Corny Cones to experiment with, as Paul gave me a huge bag of broken piece remnants from a recent event Corny Cones took part of.

Speaking of which, here’s Paul Coffman, owner of Corny Cones (and One Wave Designs), with his business partner Ryan and Ryan’s (super duper!) cute girlfriend Kailani, at the recent Honolulu Music Arts & Food Festival at Aloha Stadium…

Here, Ryan proves that Corny Cones Dole Soft Serve Ice Cream is up to the task of holding its swirl, even in the hot Hawaii sun…

Upside down…

What’s funny about that is, Paul got his purple G-string all in a twist after I told him his soft serve ice cream couldn’t hold a swirl, throwing a sh$t-fit, making Ryan prove to me it could be done. OK! OK! I get it! Sheesh, Paul! LOL!!!

For more information, please visit:
The making of Corny Cones – The Tasty Island
One Wave Designs

3 thoughts on “Corny Cones SPAM Musubi & Chili ‘n Cheese Project

  • April 7, 2015 at 8:55 am

    Pomai:  Awesome idea! I was thinking you might also use finely ground taco seasoned ground beef (or chicken) in place of the chili (I would think it would be less messy). plug the ends with cheese and accompany it with taco or nacho cheese sauce to dip in. maybe even fill the whole thing with nacho cheeese, also in different levels of spicyness! It might also be a candidate to be filled with cannoli filling, pastry custard (like in a long john) or a cream puff. Serve with chocolate or caramel sauce as a dip!

    • April 7, 2015 at 12:22 pm


      Actually, I liked the flavor of the pureed kidney beans that were in the Vegetarian Chili, which kinda’ tasted like refried beans. But yeah, your taco seasoning with ground beef could work too, although it would still have to have a liquified consistency to get all the way into the cone. I’m wondering how that would taste after running it through the blender.

      That’s an idea too: just pump it with Nacho Cheese, although that really would be one heart attack of a cone! lol

      Paul actually has a high tech computerized soft serve machine that automatically injects different flavors into the vanilla ice cream as its being dispensed, from “bubble gum” to coconut, pineapple, strawberry, orange, you name it.

      Caramel sauce was the first thing that came to mind when I first tried this type of Ice Cream cone at Snow Factory.

      I also wanna’ try making a California Sushi Roll out of the Corny Cone, similar to how I made the SPAM Musubi, except filling the cone with avocado, cucumber, immitation crab, Kewpie (Japanese) Mayonnaise and goma, then wrapping the entire cone with Nori like a Maki Sushi Roll.

      Ooh, and I know what! A Spicy Ahi Corny Cone Sushi Roll!


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