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Corned Beef Beyond Cabbage: Kiawe-Smoked Pastrami & Musubi

Backyard Kiawe-smoked Pastrami, using brine-packed corned beef brisket


On behalf of St. Paddy’s Day today and ‘yer luck o’ the Irish, some of you may be trying to think of interesting dishes to make beyond the traditional American-Irish dish, Corned Beef ‘n Cabbage. Either with the leftovers, or with whole uncooked cuts of brine-packed corned beef you bought extra of this past week at a great sale price. Oh yeah, you know who you are.

Kiawe-fired “Big Island style” smoked pork and smoked corned beef brisket (Pastrami)

Digging through the T.I. archives, by far the most memorable and unique dish I’ve ever done with production brine-packed corned beef brisket (the type in the refrigerator section you have to cook, not canned stuff), is make backyard Kiawe-smoked Pastrami out of it.

Backyard Kiawe-smoked Pastrami made from corned beef brisket, fresh-sliced out of the smoker

The key ingredients you will need to make your own homemade smoked pastrami are: corned beef brisket, a mustard rub, along with a spice blend of ground coriander seeds, garlic powder, black pepper (fresh cracked pepper even better) and brown or cane sugar. And of course smoking wood and a smoker you know how to use. Learn more here!

Kiawe-smoked Pastrami from corned beef brisket (note: DO NOT slice it along the grain as depicted — slice it AGAINST the grain of the fibers for the most tenderness)

After you go through the entire process of preparing your own home-smoked Pastrami using brined corned beef, you thinly slice it, then steam it in a pan with just a little water for enhanced flavor and moisture.

‘Den me laddies, bust out ‘yer peenk hartz ‘n yillow moonz, it’s time to makes some magically delicious Kiawe-Smoked Pastrami Reuben Sammies!…

Homemade Kiawe-smoked Pastrami Reuben… with Dill Pickle spear to get ‘dat lucky green in ‘derr, me ladz

Another great sandwich you can make with your homemade pastrami made from your homemade smoked corned beef brisket (Pastrami) is a Vietnamese Banh Mi…

Kiawe-Smoked Pastrami Banh Mi

For the complete step-by-step D-I-Y on how to make it, see this post on Backyard Kiawe-Smoked Pastrami.

Diner E’s Corned Beef Hash Musubi


Seemingly obvious, yet as it turns out not so much, for using leftover corned beef brisket, you might want to consider Diner E’s creation, a Corned Beef Hash Musubi.

L&L Corned Beef Musubi Eating Contest (just corned beef, sans the “hash” potatoes)

A downright simplistic Corned Beef Hash Musubi may sound like something you probably overlooked a hundred times at the local convenience store or Okazuya in Hawaii. However, at least at the time Diner E had made it same time last year, neither of us had ever seen one done before.

Diner E’s Corned Beef Hash Musubi

It really is a uniquely local and oishii way to use up leftover St. Paddy’s Day cooked corned beef brisket and potatoes you’ve got sitting in the fridge. Give it a try!

For more details, check out this T.I. archive on Diner E’s Corned Beef Hash Musubi.

Murphy’s Bar & Grill St. Patrick’s Day Party in the Pacific 2015, Honolulu, Hawaii

Irish pubs across Hawaii will naturally be the place to be this Tuesday evening for St. Patrick’s Day, where the Murphy’s Bar & Grill block party in downtown Honolulu is by far the largest place in the Pacific to celebrate and get ‘yer green on. Also around Honolulu, there’s Kelley O’Neil’s, O’Toole’s, The Irish Rose and Anna O’Briens. With that, as always, celebrate responsibly. :-)

Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

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