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Lost & Found Heroes

This is off-topic of food, yet somewhat related, as it happened while I was shopping for it.

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank whoever you are who turned in my Toyota car key at the KCC Farmers Market yesterday around closing time at 11am. I thank you so, very much for your honesty and compassion to help your fellow man. Due to the particular timing and circumstance, you saved me a HUGE, HUGE headache had I lost my car key for good, which surely would have given me a VERY BAD DAY. As it turns out, you have given me not just a very good day yesterday, but  one I shall remember and cherish for the rest of my life.

The situation was, I was rushing around the KCC Farmers Market, as I got there near closing time at 10:30am (they close at 11am). So somewhere along the way during my frantic grocery shopping spree, I must have somehow pulled my keys out my pocket along with my wallet and just the car key somehow came loose from my main set of keys and fell to the ground, which is why I didn’t hear it drop.

When I got back to my car, I pull out my main set of keys, only to discover at my utter dismay that my car key was missing. I PANICKED and FREAKED OUT. While I still checked, I was 99% positive I didn’t lock my key in the car.  And while I do have AAA,  again, I was under a tight schedule, so that “Plan B” really wasn’t an option I wanted to deal with nor had time for.

So I went running back to the open market, back-tracking every step I took, which was MANY. I basically walked and shopped that entire open market for a full half-hour, and had lots and lots of ground to retrace my footsteps. I asked every vendor I shopped at if they found any car keys, and all said, no, but to check the Lost & Found tent.

I didn’t want to go immediately to the Lost & Found tent, because I knew it would take some time from the time I lost it before anyone might find my key and turn it in. So after retracing my footsteps for about 15 minutes around the entire KCC Farmers Market area, I finally went to the Lost & Found tent, and before I could even finish asking the nice lady working there if anyone found a car key,  I look in the tiny basket on the Lost & Found table, and low ‘n behold, BOOM! There’s my car key!

I swear, at that very moment it felt like the Heavens opened up, with Almighty God and my guardian Angels looking straight down at me with a huge smile on their face. If you seen the smile on my face, you would have seen the happiest, most relieved man in the entire world for that very moment. And to that, again I say whoever you are, HUGE MAHALO! YOU ARE SO, SO AWESOME!

I can’t remember the last time I lost my keys, but it’s been awhile, thank goodness. Ditto for wallet or phone.

I will share another good Lost and Found Heroes moment, when my mom left her purse in the shopping cart in the parking lot at the Iwilei Costco. To my amazement, someone actually turned her purse in to the customer service counter in Costco, and she got it back with not one thing missing, including all the cash and credit cards in her wallet. Wow. To whoever you are, thank you as well! All the blessings to you!

Again, huge, HUGE, HUGE MAHALO! to whoever you are that turned in my Toyota car key at the KCC Farmers Market yesterday. You have great karma coming your way. You truly are an angel and a hero!

Ever lost your phone, wallet, car keys, memory card, jewelry or other item of great personal value and was able to recover it at Lost & Found, or contacted by the person and had it returned? Or were you on the Lost and Found Heroes side of the story and were the one who turned it in or back to the owner? Please share your wonderful story!


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